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Flipagram Promotion Services

Flipagram promotion services: promotion where popular content is born

Flipagram became popular in such a quick pace that not many social media startups could boast. A year after its launch, the app was getting 30 million new fans per month. And this is many times more than the social networks of the first five. This fact alone disproves the opinion that Flipagram is just a decent photo/video editor. Of course, it is much more. How much? Let's figure it out.


Flipagram is a unique service that allows you to easily create short clips (like stories) from photos and videos from both the phone’s memory and from accounts on other social networks. Then they can be posted anywhere, even on the same resources from which the original material was taken.

Flipagram was developed in 2012, launched in late 2013 by Farhad Mahit, a well-known American developer of social platforms.

However, you shouldn’t consider the app as just a secondary tool for promotion on Facebook or Instagram. Flipagram has all the resources and tools to be called an independent social network. There is everything: private servers where created flips, accounts, reflips (shares), subscribers are stored. And the recommendation feed of course, where the content with a large number of likes and views ends up. With this state of things, Flipagram promotion services are possible. We will, in fact, discuss them in this article.

How it works and the app’s features

In order to understand the capabilities and whether you need Flipagram promotion services at all, you need to learn about the unique features of the app. It’s because of them the service has become extremely popular. And we know that promotion brings much better results if the reach is wide and the audience is active.

The free app installed on a phone allows you to create photo stories, slideshows, colorful collages from a series of photos, and mix it all with your favorite audio track. Also, you can add a video shot with a phone camera to the clip. After that, your work can be easily posted on various resources, including Instagram, or you can leave it on Flipagram itself.

As you might guess, such a format is a real find for a social media promoter, since short clips better demonstrate the product. And if necessary, they can reliably hide ads behind the entertaining content. This is the main reason why more and more people of the mentioned profession are interested in Flipagram promotion services. This interest fuels a variety of tools, most of which are aimed at a close integration with leading social networks that can be used as an additional means of popularizing the product.

Flipagram features list

- Breathe new life and dynamics into photo content that lied forgotten in your phone’s memory, in Instagram and Facebook albums.
- Find the right soundtrack for your video from: your own playlists or the free and paid Flipagram libraries.
- Select the time format you want: 15 seconds, 30 seconds.
- Add captions, annotations, and subtitles written in text of any font and color.
- Instantly view a created flip and make the necessary adjustments before posting it.
- Share a clip on most social networks or get a simple link.

What Flipagram promotion services are and how they work

Flipagram promotion services are the process of promoting an account or a flip by increasing the number of followers, likes and views in order to get it on the recommendations or in the top 10 list under a theme hashtag.

The promotion services are done only from active Flipagram accounts and different IP addresses. Otherwise, the security algorithm may ban a promoted product by identifying cheating.

Flipagram promotion services are implemented to dramatically increase the community reach. In other words, if your video hits the top, most Flipagram users will see it. And as a result, millions of people will get to know your idea or advertisement. Speaking of account promotion, you can say almost the same thing: you get more followers who not only watch your content, but also like and reflip it among their friends, in doing so attracting more new members to your audience.

Community activity and Flipagram promotion services by MRPOPULAR

Regarding the audience activity, its level is skillfully maintained by the administration. They constantly hold competitions where the best flips on a given topic are chosen. The voting process is simple: the video that gets more likes ends up in the top ten under the thematic hashtag. Isn't this the goal for an ambitious social media promoter? However, this place at the top, although determined by talent for creating viral clips, is not 100% guaranteed by it. Only competent Flipagram promotion services can give such guarantees, and MRPOPULAR will be happy to help you. On our part, we guarantee security and the speed of our services. The small amount you have to pay for this service cannot be compared with the benefits of its implementation.