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Buy Viber promotion services

How promotion on Viber affects communities

Viber is a well-known messenger around the world. It is used by more than one billion people, of which over 820 million are real and active. The app interface has been translated into 40 languages, and posts published in communities and groups can be translated into a language the user can understand in just one click.

Entrepreneurs and bloggers who start communities in order to attract new customers or subscribers get decent features at their disposal. They can post, moderate chats, use VR masks, schedule messages, track stats, and more. Viber also offers several types of advertising that can be used after the initial promotion services.

What kind of Viber promotion services you can buy and why

All the main stats can be boosted:

  • Post views.
  • Post likes.
  • Post shares.
  • Community members.

Why should you artificially improve these statistics? Let's say you created a channel where you post something interesting, maybe even original content. It can be hardly found through the search somewhere (this can be improved). People go to the channel and see that it has one subscriber, and that is its creator. No views, no likes, no shares. What will they do? They will just lose interest and leave. To prevent this from happening, you need to buy promotion services. Then channel visitors will feel that the channel is popular. They will stay, read posts and be active.

Another reason to buy promotion services is to break into the TOP of Viber search results. The more members a community has, the higher its position in the search results will be.

At the same time, real followers or likes are not required at all. The algorithm takes into account everything, even those from bots. Once a community is at the top of the search, it will be able to attract additional attention of real users and thus increase their number. If this is a commercial channel, it will get a sales growth, more orders and offers.

Who can buy promotion services to earn real money or prizes

  • Online stores.

Gone are the days when the site was the main source of sales. Now, the scale has shifted towards social networks and instant messengers. They already advertise and sell all kinds of goods through Viber nowadays. It can be cosmetics, accessories, plumbing supplies, electronics, clothing, food and much more.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to promote their community so that it makes a profit. To do this, you first need to boost the stats (subscribers, likes, views, reposts), then make ads, and wait for an increase in search positions. After that, potential customers will start entering a channel or a group. They will place orders and thereby increase sales.

  • For bloggers.

How do bloggers make money? With ads in their communities! In order to attract those who want to buy an ad post, there should be a lot of subscribers on the channel or in the group: at least several tens of thousands of people. User activity in the form of views, likes and shares is also important. If all these steps are done, even with promotion services, many companies or other communities will want to cooperate with the blogger and will be ready to give thousands of dollars for advertising integration.

  • To contestants.

On Viber, as in other mass media, there are many contests with prizes. In some, the winners are determined by the number of votes, and in others, by likes. If you participate in one of these events and victory depends on the number of people who like your comment or your photo, you can buy promotion and win!

Where you can buy a safe and fast promotion in Viber

The best option is to increase the stats using MRPOPULAR.

You will be able to choose the service quality. To place an order, you just need to indicate a link to a community or a post, indicate the amount you want to buy, and make a payment.

The promotion will be completed quickly in compliance with the security limits within this messenger. Promote on Viber with MRPOPULAR!