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followers Viber

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followers Viber

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Buy Viber members and followers

How to promote your community by buying subscribers on Viber

Viber is used by a lot of people. Every year their number is steadily growing. New features appear, communities are created, new VR masks are added in the messenger. In other words, the app is evolving. Real subscribers is something that online stores, bloggers and other owners of Viber channels or groups who want to earn money from them cannot do without.

Getting real followers is possible, but you need to have a starting point. We are not talking about the financial component, but about other subscribers and their activity. What does it mean? If you want to know more about it, check out the entire article!

How promotion will help your community on Viber

Most people follow the herd instinct. This is when they look at society and do the same, even if previously they were not sure what to do. The same principle works in social networks, as well as instant messengers. If a person enters a channel or a Viber group and sees that there are no members, likes, and other stats, they will simply leave. They do not want to waste their time for nothing. However, if there are several thousand subscribers in the community, the posts have likes, some are even shared, the visitor will not want to leave so quickly. They will read the posts and subscribe. Since this was done before them, they will gladly do the same as the others.

That's why it's so important to buy followers for your community before selling official advertising.

Then, the percentage of joins will be much higher, and the cost of a visit or subscription will be much lower. This will allow you to save your advertising budget and get more targeted subscribers for the same money.

But keep in mind that if there are a lot of subscribers in a group or on a channel, but there are 0 likes and shares, this may seem suspicious. Therefore, we advise to also buy activity stats along with subscribers. That is, likes, views and reposts. Then everything will look organic, and real users will not suspect you of buying promotion services.

Is it possible to make money on buying promotion for other people and businesses?

Our service does not prohibit you from playing the role of an intermediary. If you are a novice social media manager who does not yet know all the promotion mechanisms in Viber or does not have his own database of workers, you can use our services.

How does it work? Perhaps you have been contacted by a customer who wants to gain subscribers for several of his pages. You may be able to help him with some social networks, while others are not within your competence. Should you refuse the entire offer because of this, which could bring you a lot of money? Of course not! Explore our packages, rates and conditions, then add your markup, and offer it to the client!

The above percentage can be anything, even 100%. The main thing is not to scare away the customer with too high prices and not to work without profit. Therefore, we advise you to make an extra charge within 50%. This will be a sufficient fee for providing mediation services by you.

Who may need to buy members on Viber

Most often, it is some business. For example, an online store or a blogger. There are also cases when those companies whose activities are not included in the list of those allowed for official advertising resort to promotion services. It is forbidden to advertise gambling or escort services on Facebook. Similar rules apply to Viber. In order to somehow get promoted through the Internet, the owners of such a business buy promotion that helps to break into the TOP of search results within social networks and instant messengers.

If your or your customer's community on Viber is in a prohibited topic, you have the opportunity to promote it in the search results using promotion services. To do this, you need to buy followers and activity indicators. Then, a group or a channel will be at the top and will be able to naturally attract the target audience.

Where can you buy subscribers for Viber? We bring to your attention the MRPOPULAR service! You can select several categories of promotion, and subscribers are divided by quality (low, medium, high) and type (offers / real). Specify a link to the community, indicate the number of subscribers and pay for the order!