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DatPiff Promotion Services

DatPiff promotion services: how to promote as a musician

As we’ve said in the title, we’ll be talking about DatPiff promotion services and how they can affect the career of beginner artists. However, due to how unusual and complicated this topic may be, let us have a little background.

Back in the day when the word "digital" had only a mathematical meaning, and a music disc was closely associated with a big vinyl record, there were American truckers. Everything seemed to be going quite well: they had big wide highways, cheap fuel, and tire services every 3-4 miles. But in the slow paced life of a driver measured by the numbers on the speed counter, there was not enough fun and harmony. And the reason for that was simple: radio stations changed from state to state taking away their favorite music, which they had to find with such difficulty. Meanwhile, they could buy their favorite hits only as part of an album.

As we know, not all tracks are equally good. Fortunately, compact cassette players have been invented. However, even these most advanced sound devices of that time were sold only as copies of vinyl albums. But it’s not easy to intimidate tough cowboys, so in their free time from working towards a promotion, they began to compile their own compilations. Those were tracks and their favorite songs, music for a certain mood or a route section. The product of this, you could say, artistic creation has been simply called a "mixtape".

A lot of time has passed since then, but the love for making amateur compilations is still here. On the contrary, it became much popular with the arrival of digital, since the process itself has become much easier. We mentioned digitalization, now let’s talk about the Internet. Not surprisingly, these two technologies were combined with the popular hobby of music lovers. In 2005 the music world finally got a cloud storage of mixtapes called DatPiff. The service quickly found many followers. This makes sense since to each his own. But in fact, their preferences largely coincide most likely due to the main character traits which there are not so many. The site became popular, and the developers introduced new cool features. As a result, we got an interesting and promising service for promotion of beginner musicians. That is why you can find more and more people talking about DatPiff promotion services. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

What is DatPiff and what are safe promotion services

DatPiff is a service for storing and sharing mixtapes. Recently, the platform's audio content focus has shifted towards Hip-hop, Urban, and R&B.

The DatPiff mobile app is the world's largest mixtape library. You can either stream music or download it. You can find new releases and exclusives daily from all popular artists, who became famous thanks to promotion services, but more on that later.

The key feature of DatPiff is that unregistered users are allowed to download any mixtape to their device for free. These mixtapes are sponsored and hosted by the authors or the label.

  • Sponsored Mixtape is a kind of natural promotion service of your music. The artist officially pays a small fee to DatPiff so that even unregistered users would listen to or download his tracks.
  • Unsponsored Mixtape is all other audio content uploaded by songwriters free of charge.

Registered music fans are allowed a limited number of unsponsored mixtape downloads per day. Paid premium accounts have unlimited downloads for any mixtape.

Users can register as “artists” or “fans”. The main difference is that artists can upload their content to the site, while fans can only listen to it.

Why you need promotion services and how they work

DatPiff promotion services are a boost of an artist’s profile or a mixtape for better ranking in recommendations.

As we already said, DatPiff is a great starting platform for aspiring musicians. Promotion services are simple and straightforward here. That depends on the quality of your content though. You can create your own mixtape or make your debut track a number one hit. Then, you’ll get access to all the tools and services for promotion. The first is the aforementioned way of sponsoring your mixtape. However, it’s not as efficient as it might seem. The thing is that there is a lot of “paid for” content by the authors on DatPiff and the chances that yours becomes popular is small. The second is professional promotion services from MRPOPULAR. Here’s what it’s about:

DatPiff has a front page. This is the first thing people see when they open the website or the app. You can find very interesting sections on this page: “What's Hot Now”, “Latest Exclusives”, and our favorite “Top of the Month”. If a mix is included in this section, then it is heavily promoted, as well as its author's name. MRPOPULAR has everything you need to ensure that your song is included in the "What's Hot" and "Top of the Month" sections. Promotion services help boost several indicators, such as the number of plays and downloads. And if you thought that you could buy cheap DatPiff promotion, then you are very mistaken. Their mighty security system will immediately stop naive enthusiasts, which will negatively affect the further artist promotion.