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Buy TenChat promotion services

How to attract new customers and establish business connections by buying promotion and boosts on TenChat

What is TenChat? It is a social network implemented as an app for mobile devices. If we draw parallels, then TenChat can be compared with LinkedIn or WeChat from China. But unlike them, no one can block or restrict the Russian version, since it is not subject to the authorities of other countries.

Entrepreneurs, directors and employees of large companies, freelancers, opinion leaders and other interesting personalities sign up here. They can establish real business connections, publish expert posts, attract subscribers and even new customers with quality content. To boost the process they buy all kinds of stats, such as views, likes, subscribers, etc.

What features TenChat offers its users

  • Creating a personal page: you can indicate your full name, city of residence, place of work, skills and experience there; upload your photo and write posts.
  • Establishing business connections works the same way as adding friends on Facebook. When the subscription is mutual, a business connection is formed.
  • Getting in the news feed: posts that the TenChat algorithm decides to recommend to other users appear there.
  • Searching for clients through the “Business.Tinder”: the principle of interaction is similar to the regular Tinder. You simply swipe right to follow apotential client, or swipe left to go to the next one.
  • Communicating in the messenger: you can discuss work with colleagues, arrange a meeting with a friend or receive an application from the marketplace through the messenger. By the way, its design strongly resembles WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram.

Why people buy TenChat promotion services

TenChat has a smart algorithm called Zeus. It takes into account many different publication criteria and, based on its analysis, decides whether to place a post in the recommendation feed or leave it visible only to its author.

The most important condition for getting a post into the recommended feed is high-quality content without advertising and filler text. If your posts are professional, useful and able to attract a wide audience, they are destined to succeed.

To boost the promotion of your content, you can buy likes, subscribers, views, shares, and comments. The more of them you get, the higher your chances of being in the smart feed and getting huge reach are. And with them, you can attract a huge number of subscribers, because today TenChat has several million registered people. Every month, this number increases by 500,000 real users, each of which can become your client, employer, employee, business partner or like-minded person.

If in addition to buying promotion services you are also active on other people's posts, this will provide you with an additional boost of visitors. Since TenChat is not yet as popular as LinkedIn, your comments will not be lost among thousands of other opinions. So, you can use this trick to attract target audience to your profile.

Where you can order promotion for TenChat

There is no official advertising system or targeted ads on TenChat. Therefore, the only available option apart from publishing quality posts and waiting for them to appear in the news feed, is buying promotion services using MRPOPULAR.

As we wrote above, you can buy up to 5 different indicators:

  • Views.
  • Shares.
  • Followers.
  • Likes.
  • Comments.

To make everything look natural, it is worth buying all the metrics at once. However, you should follow certain limits, which our service employees know about. For example, you can add no more than 15 likes, subscribers, shares, etc. per day.

So far, all the stats can be bought only for the profile, that is, the personal page. There are no groups on TenChat, but they may appear in the future. Then separate promotion methods will be implemented for groups and business pages.

Since TenChat can only be used from a smartphone or a tablet, and there is no desktop version, the cost of promotion is not very low. But for a push to organic promotion, a few tens, a maximum of hundreds of views, likes or comments are enough. This is why you definitely won’t go broke on ordering promotion services, the costs will be small, and the effect will exceed all the expectations.

To buy a promotion service, choose what exactly you want to buy, then decide on the quality level. After that, specify a link to a page or a post, indicate the number of stats to be added and pay for the service! The promotion starts within 24 hours after we receive your payment on the MRPOPULAR account.