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Buy TenChat likes

How to promote your services or products by buying likes on TenChat

What is the first thing social media users look at when they see someone's posts? That's right: how many likes there are on them! After all, the amount of hearts and whether they are there at all depends on how people perceive a publication. If there is 1 like on a post that was put by its creator, no one will read it. But if a post has collected hundreds or thousands of real likes, this suggests that many people found it interesting. So, it is worth spending your time on it. And the majority adheres to this logic.

Is it worth investing in promotion on TenChat

Given that this social network is a Russian analogue of LinkedIn and is mainly used by business people, the answer is obvious. However, TenChat is made exclusively in the format of a mobile app, and only residents of the Russian Federation can install it. It is not available in other countries.

Furthermore, TenChat does not approve of explicit promotional posts and does not allow pages to be called with commercial names. That is, names like “Lawyer in Moscow” or “Hairdresser in Ivanovo” are banned. Meanwhile, regular human names are allowed to be used. But all these are just small shortcomings, nothing more.

If you provide any services or sell products, you have the opportunity to attract many potential customers to your page almost for free. What do you need to do this? First, write some expert posts where you share useful information from your personal experience or your friends’ experience of with readers! Then keep track of how many people read them and whether they get into the news feed. If they don’t, you can speed up this process by buying real likes and other stats.

By spending several hundred dollars on promotion, you are guaranteed to receive traffic from tens or even hundreds of thousands of people. Moreover, these people will be interested in your services, goods or other commercial offers. Some of them will become your clients, some will simply follow, while some may even offer a business partnership with market expansions, range of services and increase in sales.

What benefits you will get from buying likes on TenChat

Likes affect 2 factors:

  • Create an imitation of activity: when users think that thousands of other people have read and liked these posts before them. However in fact, this is just promotion services, the results of which made them think so.
  • Promote posts into the recommendation feed: the TenChat ZEUS algorithm takes into account many indicators, among which there are likes. If everything suits it, it posts publications in its news feed.

In the first case, when users see a large number of hearts next to a post, they most often join the majority and also like the post. In addition, if they like it, they will dedicate their time to reading other posts. And if the author indirectly advertises something on his page, they can buy it from him.

In the second case, when a post is added to the recommendation feed, it attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of people. Some of them go to the author's profile, subscribe, show all kinds of activity and may order something. Some may even offer a cooperation that would be beneficial for both parties.

Since TenChat does not yet have as many users as more popular social networks, you still have the opportunity to break into the TOP and capitalize on your position. Even if you need to spend a couple hundred dollars for this, your future profit can exceed these expenses hundreds of times and make you a successful entrepreneur.

Where you can get likes for posts on TenChat

MRPOPULAR is the only service that provides this service. Perhaps soon there will be offers from other sites, but for now we are the only ones.

You can order likes from us in 3 categories: low, medium and high quality. To place an order, provide a link to your post on TenChat, indicate the number of likes you need (at least 10) and buy the promotion service!

Promote yourself on TenChat with MRPOPULAR!