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Buy TenChat followers

How to promote your account by buying TenChat subscribers

What is TenChat? It is a Russian analogue of the American LinkedIn. However, for the time being, this platform has been implemented only in the form of a mobile app. There are millions of real registered users from Russia who want to show their expertise in a particular field and find a good job. And the same goes for the employers. There are also quite a few of those who simply want to communicate and promote their page for the future.

Like other social networks, TenChat provides followers, likes, views and a recommendation feed that can attract hundreds of thousands of people to your profile. To make this happen as quickly as possible, the accounts owners in this app buy subscribers and other stats. Thanks to this, their content gets recommended by TenChat. This, in turn, helps to promote their services, products or other offers.

How followers affect your TenChat account

Real followers are always a good thing, but it’s especially good when there are a lot of them and they are active. It is quite realistic to achieve this by buying promotion services. To do this, you first need to buy a few thousand, or at least hundreds of subscribers. Also add to them a little bit of activity in the form of likes, comments and views. Then the law of engagement will come into effect, and people who visit the page will join the majority.

Let's look at an example! You come across two profiles dedicated to the same subject. That is, both people write about something you are interested in. How to choose one and which of them will suit you better? Often the positive decision is made in favor of the one that has the most followers. So, in order to get ahead of the competition, you will simply need to boost the number of your subscribers. As a result, it should exceed the number of followers on other accounts with the same topic.

In addition to engagement and social proof, the amount of followers increases the chances of a TenChat profile to get into the recommendation feed. Once you’re there, you will automatically attract crowds of people who are interested in your posts. This is how you can promote your account very quickly.

Which audience can be attracted by buying promotion services

We are not talking about bought followers, but about those who will show genuine interest in your page after buying promotion services. TenChat has a predominantly business contingent. What does it mean? Entrepreneurs, heads of large and small companies, specialists from various fields of activity, freelancers, officials and opinion leaders reside there.

Communication within this social network is most often of a business nature. Yes, there are also users here who may just say hello and ask how you are doing. But usually in this place people make business connections, find new business partners, find jobs or employees, look for someone to offer their services or goods. In the end, such interaction is beneficial to both parties, and no time is wasted.

So if you have a TenChat account or want to register one, remember that it may not be quite suitable for simple communication. But when it comes to business communication, it is the best!

Where you can buy followers for TenChat

At the moment, the only site that fulfills such orders is MRPOPULAR! We are the first to include such promotion in the list of our services.

You can buy 3 types of followers from us:

  • Low quality.
  • Medium quality.
  • High quality.

The cost corresponds to the quality indicator.

To place an order, select a category, then insert the link to your TenChat profile in the corresponding field, indicate the number of followers you want to order and pay for the promotion service!

The minimum number of subscribers in one order is just 10 people. Social network limits allow you to get up to 15 followers per day.

Now you know how to promote your account in TenChat, what it will give you, and the attention of which people you can attract to yourself and your services.