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Buy TenChat comments

Can you promote your profile on TenChat by buying comments?

TenChat is a place where professionals can demonstrate their professionalism, and employers can offer them decent jobs. But it is not so easy to be on the list of those who get noticed, because there are several million people registered on this social network. To avoid getting lost among the hundreds of thousands of candidates, you should order social media promotion. With its help, you can stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of getting the job you want, or improve your reputation as an expert or freelancer.

What buying TenChat comments can give you

Let's say you’ve already signed up on this social network, you’ve created and filled in your account, published some interesting posts. What's next? There is no official advertising on this site yet, while you still need to attract the attention of the target audience. You can do this by buying comments to your posts.

The fact is that TenChat has an algorithm called Zeus. It takes into account various stats and, based on its findings, decides whether it should promote a post into the recommendations. You need to increase visitor engagement to influence its decision. To do this, you'll need to buy comments, likes, views, and other indicators.

The more you boost the stats, while following the limits, the sooner your post will end up in the recommendations of other users. When that happens, the author will get a wave of real traffic some of which will be converted into friends, followers, and simply interested readers. A few visitors may even offer you jobs, projects or business partnerships. Such an arrangement will allow you not only to become popular within TenChat, but also to find a source of permanent income.

In addition to being featured in recommendations, comments can affect how visitors perceive your posts. If there is not a single opinion on a post, this may indicate that it does not arouse any interest among its readers. But if there are comments on it, it means that other people are interested in the publication, and they can stay a little longer to read it more carefully and be active.

What kind of comments can be bought on TenChat

It all depends on the topics of your publications. If you write about business, the comments should be consistent with that topic. If it's about piloting a helicopter, the same principle applies. You can't buy opinions that have nothing to do with the essence of the post. This will be perceived by real visitors and the TenChat algorithm as buying promotion services that are not worthy of attention. If Zeus realizes that the comments have been bought, your page may get in trouble up to a permanent account blocking.

Now that we’ve talked about the topic of comments, what should they be in terms of length, grammar, and who can leave them without negative consequences? It's best if there are short, medium and long comments. That is, they should vary in length. Since one person may devote a couple of seconds to writing it, while another may take 10-15 minutes to write one paragraph after another to fully express their opinion.

The grammar of comments can be relative, but not absolute. It is possible and even necessary to make mistakes, especially in terms of punctuation. Almost all ordinary people do this, with the exception of philologists and school teachers.

The profiles of those who post comments should resemble real accounts. That is, they should not be completely empty without a user pic. Otherwise, there will not be enough trust towards what such pages write for promotion. When an account has no photo, it is by default associated with fakes and bots.

Where you can buy comments on TenChat

We advise you to turn your attention to the MRPOPULAR service! You can buy and boost as much comments as you need here. The reviews can have with random texts or they can be custom. That is, designated by you personally.

To place an order, specify the link to the post and the number of comments! Then add the service to your cart and pay for it! The promotion starts within 24 hours.