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Facebook Promotion Services

Facebook promotion services open up great opportunities for you

Today, the very concept of a “social network” is most closely associated with Facebook. Therefore, promotion on the social network attracts many people. Being the second most visited resource after Google, the brainchild of Zuckerberg is trying its best to push its competitor off the world pedestal. A lot of search, news, and other useful tools were introduced on the platform to do this. They all represent a worthy alternative to the all-knowing “god” of the Internet. People could care less how much the two digital mastodons’ shares cost. But according to the laws of capitalism, a fierce struggle between giant companies ultimately benefits regular consumers.

In our case, this resulted in an introduction of many interesting features that make Facebook promotion services very efficient for you or your products. We’ll talk about them a bit later. Now, let's get impressed with the blue-white community’s scale in the context of the project’s history. This will help us better understand what opportunities Facebook promotion services open up for a user who has decided to introduce his new ideas or products to as many people as possible through the platform.

Like most breakthrough innovations, Facebook Inc. was born by a team of young students from a necessity that had long existed in their minds. The problem lied in communicating, in the exchange of academic information with selected people and the quick response from respondents. Yes, the idea of creating interest groups and following the posts of their friends has already existed by that time. But no one except Mark Zuckerberg and his team had succeeded in creating effective rules and algorithms that make communication really simple and effective. So in 2004, the Facebook site was launched, which brought together Harvard students and teachers. Promotion services became more relevant day by day and since 2006 the service has become publicly available. Then, due to an incredibly fast audience expansion, Facebook promotion services were first introduced as a way to promote ideas to as many people as possible.

Since then, Facebook has been developed at an incredible pace. And the thing is not only in the huge influx of new members. The platform itself has developed, providing more and more new features.

It is difficult to determine which one of the aforementioned phenomena was primary. Perhaps, it is the wide range of features that caused the significant influx of people. But if you take the volume of active users as a success indicator, then you can only wonder how Mark didn’t faint from it. Facebook promotion services have a strong base, which is expressed in the impressive numbers below.

Facebook’s popularity

Indeed, no other social network has approached over the past ten years the indicators that Mark can boast of. This is why promotion within the community he’s created becomes more relevant every year. So, the numbers. Facebook is:

  • Second place in terms of traffic.
  • An audience of more than 2 billion people.
  • About 800 million users visit the blue-and-white page or use the mobile app daily.
  • Every day there are 7 billion responses in the form of likes and comments, as well as 400 million photos on Facebook’s servers.
  • The daily number of video views on the social network has reached 9 billion.

The dynamics are interesting as well. Zuckerberg's team has managed to double its audience over the past three and a half years. In 2015, there were “just” 1 billion fans of the service. Such success brings huge financial revenues that are successfully spent on acquiring companies that may threaten just a bit the Internet giant’s dominance. Instagram and WhatsApp stand out among its biggest purchases. We mention the popular brands by no coincidence, since promotion on Facebook is closely related and significantly accelerates the same process on the “subsidiary” platforms. So if you are interested in promotion services, Facebook should become the main point of your strategy.

Is Facebook self-promotion possible?

It’s already become a good tradition from MRPOPULAR to introduce its visitors with the methods, which make promotion services and self-promotion work faster. We honestly tell you how to become popular without using Facebook promotion services. But we also try to evaluate the efficiency of these methods in comparison with the service we provide. So, let's go...

  • Targeted advertising. We specifically bring up a small description of this internal service first. So you can quickly understand that, as in the real world, the best and most efficient costs money. Promotion campaigns on the social network number one are no different from those on competing platforms: self-promotion and use of various services get significantly boosted. It works like this: you select an audience by interests and geographical location, pay money, and your post will be periodically displayed in the feeds of people matching the criteria. Such advertising will certainly make Facebook promotion more dynamic. However, as you probably already know, ad posts are annoying people more and more. Therefore, in terms of the price/performance ratio, Facebook promotion makes much more sense. And speaking of the price. In this regard, the network is considered the most expensive. Which is not surprising, since the price list among companies of this kind depends on the number of its users.
  • Cover, profile image. Internet users love with their eyes. In the virtual world, the saying “Looks are everything” makes even more sense, getting a special meaning. Therefore, for the fastest promotion on Facebook, you should make what your visitors see first as attractive as possible: the cover and the profile image. Images should be catchy, attractive, and in high resolution. If you are more interested in promoting a product on Facebook, then it will make more sense to place a decent photo of the product right on the cover. Your page promotion without using promotion services will noticeably improve if the visitors are “hooked” by your profile image. You can use a graphic editor or several specialized services to experiment on the cover and profile image. You can even create animated graphics using them. Your promotion without using the services will speed up. Go for it!
  • Address. You need to make your Facebook page easy to find in order to speed up the promotion. The URL address is an important factor here. The network provides decent tools for this. You need to select a word after the main domain that perfectly matches your product. You shouldn’t neglect the well-known rule “the shorter the better” here as well. So, make it so your address is easy to remember at a glance. The promotion will go a little faster.
  • Template. For a more effective promotion on Facebook, attracting covers and profile image will not be enough. You need a nice and simple interface. Fortunately, the platform provides a large number of templates to choose from. Use the one that is closest to your activity. You can choose from the following categories: services, company, non-profit organization, restaurant, politics, etc. Customize the interface by removing or adding tabs. Your work without using Facebook promotion services will certainly work (just kidding). Let's move on.
  • Button. Let’s talk more about creating a convenient environment for your visitors. Do not forget to insert the “buy” or “contact” button. According to all the laws of marketing, it is better to place it immediately after the call to action. Facebook promotion services have little to do with such a useful feature, but your product’s promotion and sales will only benefit from it.
  • Information. Fill out as many “information” sections as you can. This will make your visitors much more trustful towards you. Moreover, this text field is perfect for a small advertising slogan.

As you can see, promotion on Facebook is not such a simple endeavor, especially for a beginner. MRPOPULAR will resolve not only all the issues above, but will also use all its tools to accelerate your page promotion. Our toolkit contains everything you need: increasing the number of followers, buying Facebook visitors, increasing the number of post views. Only with us will the promotion become truly effective. Contact us, the results are guaranteed.