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Buy Facebook Comments

Buy Facebook comments: Facebook approves of it

Facebook is the social network number one on the planet. And this place of honor is justified not only by its huge audience. The colossal figure of 2 billion (!) active users is amazing. And the readers who care more about numbers than words, having already been satisfied with the data above, can skip the first chapter, since it will focus on more abstract achievements of the blue and white team of Zuckerberg.

Facebook is more of a separate Internet universe. Such a bold statement is easy to justify. Its originality is expressed in cultural differences of its community and is validated by copying and replacing the “big” Internet tools with their own. Let's talk more about them.

Facebook audience’s culture is supported by a unique atmosphere created from unusual, inherent only to this social network, news, achievements, and myths. Perhaps those pragmatists who haven’t stopped reading after the first paragraph will reasonably object, saying how can this be correlated with promotion on the virtual spaces of this public platform, and what does buying Facebook comments have to do with all of it? To which we respond with Olympic calm: before you start something, you need to try to predict the results and to do decide whether it’s worth the effort. And in this case, we should talk more about characteristic features of the Facebook community. Since the better you know the soil you plant seeds in, the richer the crop may be. And what can more accurately explain all the nuances of the average psychological profile of the huge army of Facebook fans than the most interesting facts, which you can surprisingly find a lot of in the social network’s relatively short lifespan. Of course, we will also talk about how to buy comments for your Facebook posts, but we will do it a bit later. Only when you are completely imbued with the community’s true spirit.

Interesting facts that formed the Facebook community

  • Mark. Speaking of Facebook and any promotion on this service will be pointless without mentioning Mark Zuckerberg. Many have heard about his genius in programming and of his business acumen. But not everyone knows that his ability to write complex code while creating the network was secondary. By profession, the founding father is a psychologist. Knowledge in this area helped him form a concept of the very principles of a social network. The only thing left was to translate this concept into a programming language. And again, we hear the pragmatists’ shouts: “How can knowing this fact help buying Facebook comments?” Dear readers, the thing is that the desire to leave your resume under a post is explained exactly by psychology. Therefore, it is not surprising that the developers included the number of comments under posts in the ranking algorithm as an indicator of interest.
  • Pirate jokes. Since this text is about buying comments in the context of the Facebook community’s special spirit, we can’t help but talk about some funny options because these very things make up the special atmosphere through which this spirit is formed. In the language settings of the interface you can find a “pirated” version of English. When you select it, instead of the usual news feed and posts, you will be able to keep a “captain’s journal”, like your favorite posts with the “yo-ho-ho” emoji, and so on. The funniest trick may be the option to flip the text of the entire interface by 180 degrees, and the words tilted upside down are not that easy to read. This fun trick can be a great prank for an unsuspecting newbie of the community. Despite the social network’s seriousness, these small things add a number of characteristic features to the audience, as if hinting at a mood that people will like in the process of buying Facebook comments.
  • Facebook is a laboratory for social experiments. As the motives of actions and relationships between people on the virtual spaces of the network are almost indistinguishable from real life, Facebook is an excellent testing ground for sociologists to test their new theories. This will also help us better understand the significance of buying comments. You’ve probably heard of the theory that all people on Earth know each other through a chain of friends of their friends. With the advent of such a large social network, it became possible to confirm this theory mathematically. And it was successfully done several years ago. And if you haven’t lived locked up by the will of fate on an isolated island since your childhood, then yes — everyone is acquainted through friends with any person living on earth. Friend connections appear faster on social networks. And as you’ve probably guessed, this fact also correlates with the topic of buying Facebook comments, as this process also forms friendships.

However, there are still doubts about the quality of friendships on social networks, as well as in real life. Some sociologists tried to study this idea. So, for example, scientists from Oxford found out that the average number of friends of a Facebook user is 155. Each of the 3300 students who participated in the experiment turned out to have no more than 4 real close friends. Dr. Robin Dunbar agreed to shed light on this phenomenon. At a press conference, he said:

“A social network certainly helps reduce the natural level of deterioration in the quality of relationships until we can finally meet friends face-to-face. But in the long run, no social network will stop a friend from becoming “just another acquaintance” if you don’t see him from time to time in real life.”

Buying new Facebook comments is an efficient way to expand your own audience. We often hear about the benefits of promotions carried out on social media platforms. To understand the degree of their efficiency compared to, say, giving out leaflets at the store, you need to compare the strength of connections between Facebook friends and acquaintances in real life. Understanding this will allow us to establish the likelihood of feedback, or a reverse response. After all, establishing such a connection with a potential client is the point of any promotion on social networks.

So, the virtual friendship chains formation is almost completely equivalent to the real ones, but they form much faster. A 2011 study conducted “IRL” demonstrates it. Statistics confirm the findings of Dr. Dunbar's virtual friendship. So, in real life, we also have an average of 2-3 “real” friends and the same 150 acquaintances. Isn't that an interesting coincidence? And now imagine that you buy a lot of meaningful comments for your Facebook post. In this case, everyone will be inclined to trust you at a subconscious level. Indeed, if there are many reciprocal passages, this means a post is interesting to people. It means that you have many “close” friends. Such person and his opinions can be trusted.

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