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reviews Facebook



reviews Facebook



Buy Facebook 5 Star Ratings

What buying Facebook 5 star ratings can give you

Facebook may not be as viral as TikTok or Instagram, but surprisingly, almost everyone has an account on it. The point is in the global popularity of Facebook and the image of "a social network for grown up and wealthy people." Anyway, getting a 5 star rating on Facebook is the base for advertising products on the Internet.

Let's find what the user rating on Facebook is, why you need exactly 5 stars, and why you need to buy it.

Facebook page rating

This is the same statistical parameter as views, likes, unique visitors, etc. Rating is stars under the account name. These stars are put by users who visit your page. The average rating is displayed: the sum of ratings divided by the number of ratings.

The stars’ benefits are obvious: greater audience reach, general statistics, frequency of visits. Your account gets recommended to users, and it positively affects your business performance.

How to get a 5 star rating without buying it

If you visited the MRPOPULAR website, then you must understand the difficulties described below. However, you may have doubts whether you should buy our services, so it makes sense to discuss alternative page promotion options.

The basics of online promotion on Facebook are no different from other social networks. Targeted ads, advertising with large communities and bloggers, activity and quality content — these are the basic principles of promotion. If you don’t buy ratings, the first two points are hard to fulfill. Targeted ads are more expensive than buying third-party services. The prices for advertising from popular bloggers may be significantly higher than even the most optimistic budget estimates.

If you are a novice blogger or entrepreneur who has just started his path on Facebook, then promotion without buying services can be an almost impossible task. Why almost? You have a chance if you:

  • Recruit a team of: copywriter, social media manager, marketer, designer, content manager;
  • You yourself master the above activities at a professional level;

This is a blow in any case: either to the finances, or to time and nerves. You don’t really want to deal with promotion. It’s a boring job that requires patience and being meticulous. Bloggers are usually creative people. Buying promotion services is relatively cheaper than any advertising campaign and certainly wins in terms of price and quality.

What getting a 5 star rating gives you. Why should you bother so much for it?

Facebook 5 star rating benefits:

  • Increases user activity. Since the page appears in the recommended section, people get interested, visit it and do some sort of activity. It may be shares, follows, views, and comments.
  • Increases your rating among the advertisers. After buying ratings, you won’t need to look for an advertising platform anymore. Less popular bloggers will contact you themselves.
  • Entrepreneurs get the opportunity to put together their target audience and adjust the business model for it. It is much easier to release a product for the needs of a clear, well-defined social group. This kind of demand is much easier to satisfy.

Facebook audience consists, on average, of much older people than Instagram. This is how it is almost everywhere. Popular pages belong to either the representatives of large companies, journalists of popular publications, or representatives of the high society. The image of Facebook is a social network for “sophisticated” snobs. When creating a blog, you need to take this moment into account and either make use of it, or take a different approach against these stereotypes.

Buying 5 star ratings will show your blog to a multimillion audience. You shouldn’t forget that the English-speaking segment is the biggest. If you did well in English at school, why not achieve the international level? A page with 5 star ratings will popularize the blog from New Urengoy to New Caledonia.

How to buy Facebook 5 star ratings on MRPOPULAR

At MRPOPULAR, we offer the service to buy the rating of 1 to 5 stars on Facebook. Not everyone needs a high rating. For some modest users 1 star is enough because this is not a negative rating. A negative rating is the lack of stars.

Select a service, provide a link to a Facebook page and indicate the number of ratings. When you buy a service, it completes during a day. The service’s speed reaches 5 thousand ratings per day, which is in any case faster than the meaningless and ruthless Internet promotion through begging for shares. It is up to you to determine the feasibility and the number of bought ratings. We will patiently fulfill your desire, while competently bypassing Facebook’s algorithms. Your page will definitely not get banned. It is very difficult to work poorly with our experience, no matter how hard we try. This is why our quality standards are very high.