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Buy Facebook views: how and why you should increase them

Buying Facebook views as a cheap way to promote videos

How often do Facebook users watch videos directly on the social network when they want to buy something or just have fun? According to statistics, the number of views reaches 8 billion a day. It is clear that there is much less users, but even a few million people is a pretty serious amount. So how do you reach this audience? What should a video look like, how to optimize it, and what promotion methods are the most effective and inexpensive? Let us tell you then!

Video requirements and optimization tips

A video uploaded to a user's feed can be from one second to 240 minutes long. The maximum possible file size is 4 GB. The aspect ratio can vary from 16:9 to 9:16. The most common options are full-screen 16:9 horizontal video and 4:5 vertical video.

As for the video optimization, it can be done similarly to YouTube. Without it, buying Facebook views will be inefficient. Give your video a title that will make viewers want to click and watch it. But be careful, the titles should not be clickbait, otherwise you are likely to have a high bounce rate.

In the description, you should describe in detail what your content is about and how it will be interesting or useful to users. At the end, include a call to action. It could be following you, a share or a like on the video.

Don't forget about the tags too. They should be on the topic and relevant to your video. For example, if your video is related to social media management on Facebook, add this tag: increase Facebook views. It can be any other tag that will match the published content.

If there is speech in the video, create and add subtitles in the SRT format. This is necessary so that users can understand what the video is about when previewing it in the feed. After all, according to the stats, about 85% of videos are watched without sound. If there are no subtitles, the views retention will be reduced since people will not be watching your video but continue scrolling through the feed.

Which factors influence the success of a video on Facebook

It’s not hard to buy views or shares for a video. However, such promotion is not a guarantee that a video will go viral and be viewed by millions of users. Still, there are official recommendations from Facebook analysts:

  • The length of the video should be up to 10 minutes. This length is preferred by 77% of social network users. But there may be exceptions, which are found out by studying the target audience and its reaction to the content.
  • It is better to post panoramic videos: they are more popular. The point here is not that people usually buy more Facebook views for panoramic videos. It's just that panoramic recordings evoke the strongest emotions in people. As a result, the greater the response is, the more popular a video becomes.
  • Vertical videos are more suitable for mobile devices. Many users watch videos from their smartphones. This is why the vertical orientation is more preferable. They don’t need to rotate the device and then turn it back to continue scrolling the feed.

What else affects video promotion? For example, continuous watching. And no amount of money can buy it. This is when a person watches several videos in a row using the autoplay feature and Facebook algorithms select the next content based on the user interests. According to social network analysts, 65% of millennials do this.

How to increase video reach on Facebook

Avoid Plagiarism

Create original content that cannot be found anywhere else, especially on Facebook. The social network admins do not encourage the use of other people's materials and can ban an account for plagiarism very quickly. Even buying Facebook views is much safer than posting other people's videos on this social network.

Increase engagement

The viewers’ comments and shares greatly influence the video promotion. The more activity there is, the more users will be shown this video.

You can use a call to action in the video itself and in the description to increase your user activity. You can also ask friends to leave a few comments under the video, preferably provocative ones. Then, your audience will not be able to remain silent and will start a discussion, which will increase engagement.

If you don’t have anyone to ask, you can simply buy comments using MRPOPULAR. It's fast, inexpensive, and moreover, you can specify what exactly needs to be written.

Add preview trailers

In order to attract the user from the very first seconds, you should add a preview trailer. This can be a separately recorded short video or a fragment from the next video.

Is it worth it to buy views on Facebook

Yes, if the video cannot start its path to success organically. Or when you need to quickly promote the video and not wait for weeks until it starts to be shared by the masses.

You can buy promotion services on our site. Here are the benefits of doing this:

  • Choose from 3 packages with different view quality and different prices.
  • Guarantee of safe promotion services, especially for high quality.
  • Promotion starts within half an hour (you won't have to wait for your turn for days).
  • High speed of increasing views: about 4000 per day.
  • The minimum available for purchasing is only 1000 views.

If you are not able to promote your video on your own, buying Facebook views with MRPOPULAR will help you! Order any of the packages, but remember that the higher the quality is, the safer for both the video and your account it will be.

Trust the professionals who have been promoting videos on Facebook for years and know what needs to be done, what limits should be adhered to and how to do everything for A+!