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Tumblr Promotion Services

Why do we need Tumblr promotion?

Tumblr is a very specific and therefore original microblogging platform. As in other social networks, users can follow their favorite blogs and see their updates in their feeds. A huge part of the content of the network is occupied by all sorts of pictures, videos and GIFs, besides, Tumblr is incredibly popular among the teens. That is why Tumblr is considered the birthplace of most famous Internet memes. So, everything’s alright with entertainment in the open spaces of the service, but first of all, we are interested in whether you need Tumblr promotion services and if the efforts and means spent on promotion will bring results. Let's wait a little with the answer, especially since it’s not that evident yet. For now, it’s worth to get acquainted with this unique network closer.

The basic idea of Tumblr is in its simplicity. Perhaps this factor became the main reason of the young age of the audience. In confirmation of their commitment to the new generation, the developers have added a thorough page personalization. By the way, Tumblr promotion should start with this. All the content is divided into seven types: text, quote, link, chat, photo, video, and audio. If you take an average blog, it consists of a small amount of text, thickly diluted with all sorts of gifs and pictures. Therefore, you could say that Tumblr is a visual social network. If you like this characteristic, then promotion on this social network may be useful to you.

Like in most other social networks, there is a sufficient number of tools for interaction between users and promotion of their content. You can follow your favorite blogs on Tumblr with displaying their content in your news feed. You can also leave a sign of approval (like), make a repost (reblog) of a post with your comment and image, or without. These options allow you to use quite traditional methods for becoming popular without using Tumblr promotion services.

But along with the usual features, Tumblr has some unique ones. One of them is the so-called “message queue”, which allows you to post publications at the appointed time. According to the developers, such a useful trick will allow to “keep the blog active and interesting for a long time.” It’s also a great tool for promotion on Tumblr.

Another thing we might like is an integration with Twitter and Facebook. It means that a link to a post in Tumblr automatically appears on these social networks. In other words, such cross-platform support allows Tumblr to be included in a joint promotion strategy.

Tumblr Audience

There is something to talk about here. The fact is that Tumblr has the label of inclusivity. In other words, the community of this social network is saturated with a large number of non-standard, creative, and sometimes extremist personalities. So, for example, the network has become a favorite place for communication between English football fans, artists and creative people of various radical art trends, as well as left-wing activists. If your idea or product is out of the ordinary, then Tumblr promotion is the best option for you. As for the total number of users, then on a global scale it is comparable with Instagram. This is enough to answer positively to the question about using Tumblr promotion services. More specifically, in the spring of 2017 over 340 million blogs were registered on the network’s servers, with the main audience being young people under 25 years old.

If you have not yet decided whether you need Tumblr promotion services, then perhaps the following interesting facts will help you decide.

Most English-speaking Internet users in all related surveys rank Tumblr among the most important sites. Such famous characters as Dat Boi - a frog on a unicycle, as well as most popular Internet memes appeared in the vast virtual space of this social network. Tumblr is the official platform for communication between fans of the Marvel universe, of the series Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and many other iconic Hollywood franchises. Want to communicate with these interesting and extraordinary people? Then your knowledge of English and using Tumblr promotion services won’t be excessive at all, as well as doing it professionally.

There are a lot of fashion-oriented blogs on the hosting, so you can find many accounts of various fashion brands there. If your theme is similar, then Tumblr promotion services will be very relevant to you.

History of the Project

Tumblr appeared in 2007: the era of rapid development and an emergence of social networks. It is also not surprising that the young twenty one year old American David Karp became the founder of the service. Since the need for virtual communication at that time was at its peak, and young people were constantly looking for the “perfect” social network. After a very short period of time, a very stable community of users formed around the platform. That’s when Tumblr promotion services became relevant.

Since 2009, the service began conquering mobile devices. As always, the happy owners of iPhones had it first. But the android fans did not have to wait long, in less than a year they were already happily checking their Tumblr feeds on their devices.

In 2010, the application became available for owners of the very popular BlackBerry smartphones.

May 18, 2013, the project was completely bought by Yahoo for $ 1.1 billion.

Tumblr, MRPOPULAR and self-promotion

We hope that you have received enough information to make an informed decision about using Tumblr promotion services. If your answer is positive, then welcome to the MRPOPULAR website. But we cannot not say a few words about self-promotion on this wonderful platform. But in this case, let us limit ourselves to general tips since promotion on Tumblr with the exception of terminology is almost identical to this process on other social networks. We’ll only remind you that the social network allows you to thoroughly personalize your page. Start with this, show your artistic taste because it is appreciated by the majority of users of this community. Then, as usual, it is necessary to actively develop relationships with other users, and your promotion will definitely speed up. It all seems simple, but behind a few lines of our instructions lies long and tedious work. Therefore, once again, we will recommend you to contact the MRPOPULAR website. We know all about how to safely and quickly promote your account. And most importantly, it costs very little money. Contact us, we are always happy to help you!