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Odnoklassniki Promotion Services

More about using Odnoklassniki promotion services

Odnoklassniki is the second most popular social network in the Russian segment of the Internet. Brand Analytics’ report for 2018 supports that. And although its audience size is still inferior compared to VKontakte, this disadvantage is more than compensated by the warm and cozy atmosphere that represents the very idea of its creation. As the name implies, Odnoklassniki was conceived as a means of searching and communicating with your school friends, classmates, and colleagues from your former jobs.

This concept could not but affect the average age of the community. Now the network is most popular among people from 26 to 45 years old. But such a peculiar framework does not in any way affect the pace of the social network’s popularization, which lets its management speak of a consistent number of daily users. Today, the number of loyal users per day is 45 million, and, more interestingly, the audience is slowly but surely expanding on average by 1.5-2 million per year.

We can take a conclusion from these quite decent stats and all the necessary social media promotion tools that Odnoklassniki is more than worthy to be a platform for your business plans or personal ambitions. This begs a logical question: do you really need promotion services and how is promotion carried out on this social network?

Is it worth to buy promotion services for Odnoklassniki?

As mentioned above, Odnoklassniki promotion services can become an excellent tool for promoting your product or personal image. Especially if the intended target audience meets the average age of the social network. The promotion process’s goals are similar to those of other services: the main task is to get into the tops of recommendations or the news feeds of users who don’t follow you. However, promotion on Odnoklassniki has one distinct feature. The thing is that account or group top lists formed by a search request, topic or recommendations are occupied by verified profiles, marked with the blue check mark.

The first advice follows from here. At first, think about whether you need to spend your effort and money on Odnoklassniki promotion services, when you can solve the verification problem once and for all with a big sum of money. Well, for those of you with a limited budget, MRPOPULAR has prepared with great care the recommendations below, which will probably come in handy.

Promotion on Odnoklassniki: general tips

The ranking algorithm on Odnoklassniki is similar to other popular social networks, although it is slightly simplified. This is why its promotion and popularization methods have similar principles. So, you can safely draw analogies between the methods of popularization of the service we are talking about and its direct competitors.

By our long tradition, we share this information with you since we believe that you should always have a choice. Carefully study the following tips, and depending on your ability to implement them, choose one that suits you best. And if you have difficulty making a decision, then MRPOPULAR will be happy to advise you on any issue. After all, our online support team, which consists of excellent specialists, is our pride and the main difference from our disingenuous “colleagues.”

Self-promotion on Odnoklassniki

Let us explain this to you right away. We deliberately omit such basic use of Odnoklassniki promotion services, such as properly filling out a profile or group information and making interesting, relevant to the topic content. Every promoter will tell you about this, but not many of them will be able to tell you about truly effective methods. Next, we are going to list the main methods of promotion on Odnoklassniki sorted by their efficiency.

  • Contacting MRPOPULAR. It will seem to many of you that including this point is a blatant advertising move or us bragging about our services. However, we can say without reservation that the Odnoklassniki promotion services developed by us are the most effective on the market. We use integrated solutions that are much faster and safer than the bot services used by our competitors. We’ve tried them. Do you really want to try them out too?
  • Collaborating with other beginner promoters in groups on the platform itself or third-party resources. It's simple: you follow them, and they follow you. You “like” them, they “like” you.
  • Sending friend request in DM. Your promotion on Odnoklassniki will go faster if you come up with a short but “catchy” text and send it to your target audience. However, you can do this action only 40 times a day.
  • Activity. This concept means commenting on posts and photos of popular people, as well as sharing links to your profile or content on other social networks and groups.