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Buy OK Followers

Buy OK followers fast: benefits and methods

More and more people, who want to peacefully communicate with their real friends, choose OK as their social network. Social media marketers look at this cozy platform a little differently. They see it as a promising platform for promoting their products that meet the interests of the target audience with the age of 26-45 years. This is the age criteria that prevails among OK users.

As on other social networks, the main condition for a successful promotion of anything on OK is a sufficient number of accounts following your page or group. This is how you mostly share your publications, which contain an advertising component. Therefore, buying OK followers is the most important and fundamental step of any promotion strategy. We are sure that everyone will agree with these arguments. However, in light of the unprecedented popularity of VK in Russia, many people may doubt the feasibility of such activities on OK. To alleviate any concerns, let us give you a few surprising figures.

OK’s statistics.

We hope that the information below will be a convincing proof for you on whether you should start a promotion on OK and, most importantly, buy followers.

In terms of its expansion, the social network takes 3rd place in Armenia, 4th in Azerbaijan and Russia, 5th in Kazakhstan, 7th in Ukraine, and 27th in the world. Its monthly audience is 45 million people in Russia. What’s interesting is that the developers quickly react to trends and follow current innovations, which is why 75% of users prefer the mobile version of OK.

One of the most important indicators of audience activity is the number of sent messages. In October 2018, the total number of messages on various social networks looked like this:

  • VK - 1 096 392;
  • OK - 364 000;
  • Instagram - 304 960.

The number of original content creators for the same period:

  • VK - 36 453;
  • Instagram - 23 740;
  • OK - 15 800.

The numbers explicitly confirm the fact that the community of OK rightfully takes the 2nd place in Russia in terms of audience activity, expressed by the number of messages. In case something gets promoted, the internal “word of mouth” instantly delivers the news within thematically similar social groups. In order to have more access to such communities, you need to constantly buy new OK followers. We will be happy to tell you how to do it further on.

How to buy OK followers

First of all, we would like to say a few words about the needed approach to promotion. It should not be one-sided, which is expressed in the use of only one or two methods. For example, if you only buy followers and forget about likes, then you are unlikely to bring the expected results. MRPOPULAR will never get tired of advocating for a complex approach. And trust us, our vast experience has proved us right many, many times.

Of which components exactly your promotion strategy should consist of, we can tell only after a thorough analysis of your profile by our specialists. Certain decisions are made on its basis that form the subsequent strategy. If it’s all clear, then the following is a brief description of the most effective ways of self-promotion on OK without buying followers.

  • Properly filling out page or group information. You have to use hashtags in the description. This also includes choosing the name, which should contain SEO elements. For example, “Alex’s trucks” or “Batteries Paris.”
  • Getting followers without buying them through mutual promotion groups on the social network itself is a very efficient method, but it will require a lot of time and effort from you.
  • Using third-party resources, where you buy OK followers on a mutual basis.
  • Sharing a link to your profile or group on other social networks and thematic pages.
  • Sending invitations manually. This is perhaps the most difficult and slippery path because in addition to a significant investment of time and effort, you can encounter two problems. The first one is the security algorithm that limits the number of invitations to 40 per day. The second one is the users who get these messages may perceive them as excessive arrogance and in a fit of anger permanently ban you.

MRPOPULAR promotion services

MRPOPULAR is a great alternative to all these tedious methods and burdensome cares. When you buy real OK followers from us, you get a quick and safe promotion. Unlike our not always honest colleagues, we can guarantee you that even after a while all your new fans will stay and will be a guarantee of your promotion for a long time, as well as a reliable means of increasing trust from potential customers.