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Buy OK Comments

Buy OK comments: the significance of page activity

The popularity of OK is growing steadily. It’s quite difficult to predict this growth since the network’s audience is increasing by at least the number of graduates after every prom. Today, the total number of network users is estimated at 100 million, of which 45 million live in Russia. This makes it the second most popular social network in the country. However, OK is of great interest to social media promoters not only because of the community’s size. They are captivated by a unique atmosphere that stems from the very clearly defined average age of its fans.

People from 26 to 45 years old have a special mentality that promotes calm, well-thought out, and respectful communication. This is the feature that can be taken as a basis for a subtle advertising strategy that will provide a great level of conversion. And if you take into account the fact that at this age people have the highest purchasing power, OK becomes a very promising platform for scaling up sales and even for building a personal brand.

If you agree with this statement, and thanks to our unintentional advertising of OK you’ve chosen it as a platform for your expansion, then you should start by creating and promoting your page. We will omit the first point as there are many step-by-step tutorials for this easy activity. But the second one is the topic of our article. More specifically, how exactly buying comments contributes to the promotion of an OK profile, page or group.

What you need to know if you want to buy OK comments

Buying comments is an action aimed at increasing the number of text responses under a post or another comment.

You can buy OK comments in two ways: simple and targeted. The first does not imply having any hidden meaning in the body of a comment. Its task is to simply increase the quantity. The second one is aimed at directing public opinion in the direction you want.

And if you can find a lot of offers on the Internet for the simple service of buying comments, the targeted one is something only professional social media promotion companies can do. Fortunately, due to having the base of many real and active accounts, MRPOPULAR is certainly one of them.

What are the benefits of buying comments on OK posts

  • Simple: improves post ranking by the number of comments and showing how interesting it is to the public. As for pages, groups or profiles, a large number of comments give the impression of activity, thereby improving its indexing in the internal search engine of the social network.
  • Targeted: in addition to the very effective promotion factors described above, comments can bring new life into a post. If a post is advertising in nature, then you can easily turn the comment feed into some sort of guestbook, which, as you yourself understand, can be positive or negative depending on your choice.

As you can see, buying OK comments that make at least some sense can make an advertising post accepted or refused by the public. Since this is the opinion of the majority that everyone pays attention to at first, when they read content and want to know whether they can trust it or not.

You cannot ignore all the increasing cases of dirty competition. It happens when in some area, the confrontation between peers of equal popularity using social tools as a basis for increasing sales reaches its peak. Some marketers do not refrain from using dirty techniques to smear the reputation of their colleagues. You must admit that it’s not very nice when you introduce a new product on OK, and there is immediately a stain on your first advertising publication. Banning and removing it is not an option since this action is recorded and can later become the reason for people to accuse you of inability to answer uncomfortable questions. The only thing that’s left is to drown the unflattering comments in the sea of positive comments.

MRPOPULAR is your reliable assistant

Surely for someone the situation described above must’ve been a rude awakening. Such life situations only confirm that the virtual platforms of social networks more and more resemble business relationships in real life. And unfortunately, you cannot avoid competitors using their dirty tricks. However, do not keep your head down because you have us. And buying OK comments is not a problem for us at all. Feel free to contact us with any questions.