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Buy OK Reposts

Buy OK reposts: how to make advertising achieve your goals

Social networking OK is a gift for the social media promoters of a certain group of products. And this group is very wide, since the audience of the virtual communication service is very clearly defined by the age from 26 to 45 years. And as we know, this is the period of human life where the peak of purchasing power falls. Besides, there is a very comfortable, or you could say, extremely trusting atmosphere within the community, which simplifies communication with a potential buyer. However, if you start directly speaking with an unknown user, such an intrusive step can be very annoying. The same applies to targeted advertising, if you consider it to have the same direct appeal.

The thing is that the modern human is already overloaded with a variety of advertising information, which in most cases is ignored, and in others gets annoying. In order to act in the current conditions, you need to be smarter. For example, you can create a hidden advertising post on OK and buy a lot of reposts for it. Then, it will be seen by many regular users of this social network. In addition, the advertising component of the post will be reliably hidden behind the people who reposted it. But in order to help you decide if you need to buy OK reposts, let’s take a quick look at the platform where we will have to play the exciting game of promoting our product.

The popularity of OK

It is common for people, especially young people, to glorify their choice and not understand the choice of others. When we talk about older people, this phenomenon is even more significant. For example, there is nothing but their favorite service of short and meaningless videos for the TikTok generation. However, those who can at least a little understand the meaning of numbers, quickly change their minds when they see the basic statistics of OK. Let’s take a look at the achievements of OK and then decide whether you should buy reposts on this platform.

  • OK is the second most popular social network among Russian Internet users.
  • The monthly audience of OK in Russia is 45 million people. 75% of users prefer the mobile version.
  • By the number of active users, the social network ranks 3rd in Armenia, 4 - in Azerbaijan and Russia, 5 - in Kazakhstan, 7 - in Ukraine, 27 - in the world.

As you can see, the platform is more than worthy for advertising techniques, such as buying reposts.

For reference

If you buy OK reposts, you increase the number of cases where other users share your post in their profiles or groups.

What it can give you:

A post with a decent amount of bought reposts has the following advantages:

  • Becomes visible to users who don’t follow you. The post will be viewed by the friends of the person who shared the post and also by the members of his group, if it was reposted there.
  • Better ranking. The network algorithm considers each fact of a repost as users’ interest. Based on the number of reposts you buy and other important statistics, the post is then ranked in the recommendations. Thus, the more reposts you buy, the closer the post moves to the top.
  • A large amount of reposts has a huge psychological impact on the reader. People by their nature are primarily inclined to trust someone else’s opinion, and buying a lot of reposts can directly testify to that.

Self-promotion without buying OK reposts

It is almost impossible to carry out this process yourself. Due to its particularities, buying reposts is much more complicated than, for example, “harvesting likes”. If in the second case you only need to create a post with viral properties, then getting strangers to repost a publication is an almost impossible task. Yes, there are mutual help groups on OK. However, as it often happens, people may not be so nice to you in return when their own interest is satisfied. And if you don’t have many friends, then you can forget about self-promotion without buying reposts.

But it’s early to give up. Because you have MRPOPULAR successfully providing services in the virtual spaces of social networks! We have everything we need to make the service of buying reposts fast and safe. Unlike our not always professional competitors, we have a huge number of active accounts which are in groups of various topics. By accepting help from MRPOPULAR, you will be surprised at how fast your post gets reposted by the responsive and deep-pocketed audience of OK.