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Buy OK Friends

Buying OK friends is the basis of promotion

Experienced SMM specialists value precise promotion campaigns much higher than the broad ones. The point is in the high efficiency of the former because its conversion while addressing a most specific target audience can exceed all the expectations. Almost the same can be attributed to people who have personal ambitions for their promotion.

You need to choose a social network where you will be heard. First of all, the main distinguishing characteristic of your future audience is the average age. And no communication service can boast about such clearly defined age parameters such as OK. Recent studies have shown that the community of this network is most clearly restricted to 26-45 years. And if you are targeting these exact people, then given the extraordinarily warm environment, OK is your choice.

Well, we’ve determined the social network. What’s left is to promote your page. In this process there are no noticeable differences between platforms and buying friends is a guaranteed and fundamental tactic of advancing and improving your publicity on any social network. However, for a better understanding of your further actions, in addition to abstract advice, you need to know pure statistics which we are glad to present to you.

How popular OK is

According to the last year report from Brand Analytics, OK is the second most popular social network among Russian Internet users. There are more fans of VK overall, but do not forget about the unique environment of OK which makes communication much more trustworthy. And this trait will be definitely useful for an unobtrusive promotion of any product. To justify the need to buy OK friends, here are some more interesting numbers:

  • The monthly audience of OK in Russia is 45 million people.
  • 75% of users prefer the mobile version. By the number of active users, the social network ranks 3rd in Armenia, 4 - in Azerbaijan and Russia, 5 - in Kazakhstan, 7 - in Ukraine, 27 - in the world.

Self-promotion on OK

According to an already established tradition and in order to not deceive the expectations of our potential clients, MRPOPULAR gives you an alternative to promotion without buying OK friends. This choice is expressed in effective advice on how to independently carry out this difficult process. The effectiveness of these techniques was personally checked by our employees who also saw how unpleasant side-effects in the form of time and efforts were. Therefore, we can hardly be called altruists since the majority of those who have embarked on this difficult path will soon feel an urgent need for the service “Buy OK Friends” from MRPOPULAR. In the meantime, while the shrewdest of you will be welcomed by our warm embrace, let’s talk about self-promotion on OK.

  • This method will require a lot of time and energy since you will have tocontact a lot of people directly. If there should be no problems with your real friends, then requests for friendship to unfamiliar users may cause considerable difficulties. Many are simply repelled by such unheard of, in their opinion, arrogance. Groups on OK for mutual promotion may help you, and you should first try your luck there.
  • Interacting with users with similar goals on third-party platforms will significantly boost your friend counter on OK even without buying friends. The principle of such platforms of mutual help is simple - you are friends with me, and I am with you. However, a significant disadvantage can be a security algorithm that limits the number of requests per day, besides, no one guarantees eternal friendship. Therefore, if you decide to follow the path of promotion without buying friends, then be prepared for acting in multiple directions.
  • Active sharing of links to your publications and profile on other social networks and thematic public pages will boost your page even if you don’t buy friends, but this process is also likely to absorb all your free time.

As the most perceptive readers see the prospects of their possible labor costs more clearly, self-promotion on OK to gain friends is possible, but almost insurmountable for amateurs. Others can try while we’ll humbly wait for you until you contact us.