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Instagram Promotion Services

A few tips to make your Instagram account promotion effective

Today, most SMM specialists speak of Instagram as of a phenomenon. The ground for such bold epithets was provided by a report from Buffer for 2018. In Social Media 2018 report, the achievements of leading social networks were described in a rather dry language, but many who are more closely following the competition among the big ten have seen some unexpected figures, which make it possible to predict Instagram’s bright future. In addition, there were recently revealed details about planned features of this already wonderful service. As a whole, the factors mentioned above can significantly make promotion on Instagram more crucial. But let's take a closer look at this data. Let's start with this report for 2018 and the figures contained in it which surprised the experts so much.

A better understanding of what awaits us in the very near future will help us adjust our efforts so that Instagram promotion becomes even more effective.

Instagram and its competitors in 2018

First off, let's rejoice with all the supporters of promotion through social networks - the number of our supporters has significantly increased in the report. So, 45% of all the surveyed companies called the cost of promotion through SMM channels effective and 29% called this process “extremely effective”. Over the year, these speaking for itself figures grew by 25-30%, which is very good news. However, the achievements of Instagram are the most interesting thing here, there is something you can really be surprised about. Among the companies surveyed, 70% of them use it as a means of promoting their product.

If you compare it to 2017, this is a 20% increase which is an impressive year over year figure. Instagram promotion services grows at a rapid pace not only because Instagram is simple and cool. From the same report, it is clear that 85% of companies prefer video content in their SMM advertising. Could this be the reason for the urgent reformatting of Instagram in the direction of short videos, the so-called Stories? There is no time to understand which one was the first and which one was the second, it’s better to dig deeper into this and other planned features in order to understand how they can help you in promotion of your Instagram account.

Short videos are a fresh trend in SMM advertising

When it comes to video, more specifically about promotion through videos, almost everyone thinks of YouTube, but the situation has been changing for a long time. Moreover, a change is already noticeable. And although the classic video hosting is the leader, it clearly should be cautious. While its position seems stable, YouTube has almost twice users Instagram has. However, speaking of the latter, it has already thrown out a challenge, marking the beginning of a period of confrontation in the field of video content. All this can drastically change the attitude towards promotion of Instagram accounts and products through SMM channels, and here's why...

Let’s slow down a little in order to look into the recent past. The fact is that Instagram developers have long been preparing to take the throne of the current king of video content. Not so long ago, the conspirators provided an ability to shoot and share short videos on the service, and in response to the requests of its users, as the length of videos was significantly increased, so promotion on Instagram spiked. Either in response to numerous positive responses, or simply by being carried away, the developers went even further and offered an interesting format of 15-second clips with a lifetime of exactly 24 hours.

SMM specialists liked this option so much that soon a good half of advertising content was wrapped under Stories.

Yes, that’s how ingenuously the new option was called. This format proved to be extremely effective to promote Instagram projects. But that's not all. Instagram promotion services were greatly supported by another new feature - IGTV. In fact, those are the same live broadcasts and video blogs that we are used to on YouTube. For the video monopolist, this clear signal made it impossible to ignore the challenge thrown out at it.

Apparently, active Instagram users have clearly identified their needs, so the development team has decided to fill the virtual space of their social network with video content to the maximum. Soon, another idea was born. In the new features announcement published in late 2018, all publications on the platform were said to turn into some sort of Stories. But let’s look closer at this fact and its influence on the Instagram promotion services.

Remember how you would make a successful promotion of your idea in front of a crowd of critically biased bosses? That's right, you need to make a presentation. Visual images greatly assist assimilation of textual information. After trying this idea in Power Point, Instagram developers decided to make its modern reincarnation, but with astonishing distribution possibilities through the social network. Isn't this a real find for those who want to make a quick promotion of an account or a product? Apparently, the efficiency of such instrument noted in time to impose its product on users forced the surveyed companies to concentrate their advertising efforts on video content.

So, a truly interesting time awaits us. Soon, an epic battle between the two giants will begin. On one side we have omnipotent Facebook which owns Instagram, and on the other side we have no less powerful and omnipresent Google which owns YouTube. But how will this affect the market of SMM advertising? How will the speed of Instagram promotion services change? Right now, product promotion on Instagram costs much less than on YouTube.

It is all due to the excessive saturation of the latter which means higher competition. In such conditions, promotion is difficult. This is reflected in incomparably large amounts of fees for popular YouTube videobloggers. According to estimates made by specialists in SMM promotion, at the moment from 0.07 to 1.5 USD is spent on attracting a subscriber on Instagram, while this amount is 1 to 4.5 USD for YouTube. From all the above reasoning and facts, you can make one definite conclusion: if you have firmly decided for yourself to use Instagram promotion services and to promote your product through this social network, then you just can’t find a better time to do it.

Promotion with mrpopular

Well, as we’ve already said, it is impossible to start quickly from an empty and slippery place. Trying to promote your account without a certain number of subscribers is like planning to open your own bank without any initial funds. MRPOPULAR is always happy to help in such situation. We will provide you with promotion services, that is, a sufficient number of subscribers, likes, comments, and reposts so that you can continue to safely promote your product in a responsive and active Instagram environment. MRPOPULAR is a very experienced company, so we can guarantee results. Instagram promotion services start with us! Contact us, we are always happy to help you.