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Buy Instagram Reels promotion and boosting services

How buying promotion for Reels on Instagram can boost your page

There are many ways to promote your page on Instagram. For example, using the official targeted advertising or buying ad posts from bloggers. However, there are alternative ways that are not only cheaper, but also more effective. Today we will talk about buying promotion for reels in order to get into the recommendations of the social network.

First of all, here’s some basic info. Instagram Reels are short, quickly made videos. Their maximum duration is 60 seconds. The design and features of Reels largely coincide with the content on TikTok. The head of Instagram Adam Messeri said that platforms develop at a frantic pace thanks to videos. And this is why the social network has adopted short videos similar to TikTok and YouTube.

How Reels help to promote your profile on Instagram

The recommendation feed is generated based on user preferences. For example, if someone watched a couple of videos on recipes, their interests will be taken into account by the smart algorithms of the social network. This means that food videos will be included in the recommended content that will be shown to such a user in the future.

If the chosen topic is popular on Instagram, and you regularly post new interesting Reels, some of them may be recommended to tens or hundreds of thousands of people. Then, many interested visitors will go to your page. And this is not only an increase in the number of followers, but also an increase in activity in the form of likes, views, comments. If it is a business, then is it is an increase in sales.

In order for your Reels to be recommended to the target audience faster, you can buy promotion for it. You should buy complex promotion. That is, not only fast views but other stats as well, which there are quite a lot of. After the initial promotion is completed, the social network algorithms will begin to rank the videos more efficiently showing them to more people. In addition, the more reactions to the Reels there are, even if they are fake, the more trust and interest among real users there will be. This is the so-called herd instinct, when people follow the opinion of the majority and prefer the choice of society.

What Instagram Reels stats can be boosted

  • Reach: the higher it is, the more people your video will be shown to, and it will get into the TOP of recommendations faster. On MRPOPULAR, you can buy reach from 100 to 10,000 per day.
  • Impressions is the number of times your video has been shown to the social network users. Reels ranking depends on the number of impressions. MRPOPULAR offers to buy cheap impressions from 100 to 10,000 per day.
  • Saves is the number of times a video has been added to users' bookmarks. Of course, only the users themselves see the saved content, but the algorithm is also aware of these actions and takes them into account when ranking Reels. As in previous cases, you can buy from 100 to 10 thousand saves per day.
  • Likes: surely we don't need to explain what they are. They are a thumbs up icon next to the video which means that you liked it. The more likes there are, the better the content is ranked by the social network. You can buy Reels likes on MRPOPULAR, which can be boosted from 100 to 10K likes every day.
  • Views can be easily confused with impressions. However, views are a more reliable indicator. One view is one person who watched the video. And one impression is “maybe I saw it, maybe I didn’t”. You can buy views like other stats with MRPOPULAR from 500 to 10,000 views per day.

How to boost Reels on Instagram

In addition to promotion services, you need to pay a lot of attention to the video content. Only videos which can attract most users get into the recommendations feed. This is why you should take into account this factor while recording Reels. Consider the mass character of your content. Especially, if you want to attract as much organic traffic and followers as possible and not limit yourself to a hundred people by the criteria.

If you don't have a lot of ideas for Reels, try checking out trends on Instagram. Usually these are some kind of dance moves, humor or public challenges. For example: "Can you do that?", and the person shows how they do something that few people can. If people are interested, they begin to repeat it and record similar videos. As a result, it becomes a trend. You can look into it and make something similar, but your own.

Reels need to be posted on a regular basis to be included in the recommendations. A single video, even if it is interesting, is unlikely to get into the feed and become popular. Record videos every day, buy cheap likes, impressions, fast views, reach and saves for the most promising ones! All these actions will help your Reels end up in the recommendations feed and promote your Instagram page.