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Buy Instagram Likes

Why buy Instagram likes?

Like is a common response to your post made by other users on social networks. Instagram provides a variation of feedback: a mark in the form of a heart that indicates your interest in a post. But buying likes on Instagram serves not only to improve the self-esteem of authors of these publications. A sufficient number of hearts under a post guarantees a place in the feed of the users who are not subscribed to the creator's account. What does it mean? It’s all simple: for as many people as possible to see your publication, it is necessary to provide a large number of positive reactions.

Do not forget a purely psychological fact: people are willing to look at a post with a lot of likes. It can be compared to how an existing queue increases with new buyers. They didn’t even plan to buy a product, but a crowd just interested them. There are also important bonus effects of buying likes on Instagram: many people who have seen a post, as long as they like the photos/videos, will want to subscribe to your account. And that will have a positive impact on the coverage of your next publication, if it’s eye-catching enough.

Some of these new followers will share your photo, which in turn will cause new subscribers to appear. The snowball of likes will certainly grow, but the essential condition of this process is the quality of the snow, that is - your content.

Why Instagram?

Instagram shows a phenomenal growth rate. Over the last year, the audience of this social network has grown by almost 40%, exceeding twice all major virtual communication services. In addition, the format of the social media and the characteristics of its community are just perfect for promoting a trendy product. As a result, buying likes on Instagram has recently become very relevant. And if you take into account their planned new features, then perhaps, you won’t find a more promising social network for selling your product. Even now, the social network's rates are compelling enough to give preference to buy IG likes on this social network. Here are the numbers:

  • in mid-2018, Instagram reached billion users
  • in the past two years, the number of use cases of the application and subscriptions doubled
  • more than 50 billion photos are stored on Instagram's servers
  • about 90 million photos/videos are downloaded every day
  • about 3 billion likes are put each day
  • users write about a billion comments daily

We hope that these impressive statistics have convinced you of the perspectives of this popular and trendy social network. Let us remind you of the immutable truth once again: you can’t get likes without an initial starting capital which you can acquire by buying likes. Otherwise, even if your content is super awesome, no one will see it. A massive number of likes for your start will be provided for you with pleasure by MRPOPULAR, and for a very modest reward. But if you are still full of illusions and excessive enthusiasm, then you can try to acquire likes on Instagram from scratch. Here are some tips for doing it. Probably many of you are wondering: why would a promotion service on social networks give an alternative to its services? And we respond, the faster you try to get likes yourself, the sooner you will realize your fault and contact MRPOPULAR. So, here are some tips on how to get likes on Instagram in an amateur way.

How to get likes on Instagram yourself

Original content.

Remember that you have decided to progress on Instagram, and this social network is known for its dynamism and diversity. Be original and eccentric, create content for an active and advanced community. Work on your page layout and, make everything good-looking and attractive. Photo/video content must be expensive. You won’t get likes if your videos are uncut and unedited, taken by a phone. Quality requirements are even higher for photos. Fortunately, Instagram has built-in filters and an editor. But in most cases, professional equipment and a powerful photo/video editor are the key to success in getting likes on Instagram.

Create your page in a corresponding way. Among the techniques described above which you also should apply to your profile picture, pay attention to your description. Your text must be informative, capture the essence and the direction of your page and, of course, written in accordance with the rules of grammar.


In the context of promotion in any social network this notion means that following the tips mentioned above is not enough to get likes in a sure way. It is necessary to actively interact with the rest of the community. Do not be lazy to visit popular pages and react to the publications located there. Likes only won’t suffice. Meaningful comments under posts won’t be excessive. People will surely appreciate that. Soon, as it is common in most social networks, you will be rewarded with a return visit with a mandatory subscription to your account. And after that, a portion of fresh likes will not avoid your posts.

Activity time.

Many people do not often take into account the temporary factor of an activity. As a result, they are surprised when growth of likes goes slowly despite their excellent content. The answer is simple: Instagram never sleeps, unlike people. Unfortunately, we are naturally endowed with this physiological defect. Therefore, try to post messages during peak hours, when most people watch the feed looking for something interesting. Only when your creativity is evaluated by a large number of users, only then will your profile become a success. Determining the right time rests entirely on you. To do this, you must take into account the time zone of your region, usual activity time of the local population, etc.

We hope we've given you some useful information on how to get likes on Instagram yourself. Perhaps, that's all about that. But as a goodbye, we will allow ourselves once again to remind you of the existence of our promotion service on social networks. MRPOPULAR will easily do all the work mentioned above. You will not waste the time you could devote to improving your content, looking for your own style and/or just communicating with your friends on this wonderful social network. But remember: the image is very important. It’s not just represented by your avatar, but to a large extent by a huge number of likes under your publications. We will help you buy Insta likes quickly and for a cheap price.