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Buy Instagram Impressions

Why you should buy Instagram impressions

Doing business on social networks implies having a large audience. An interesting Instagram account with a well-thought out style does not always guarantee success. Without views, an account does not exist for consumers. Information does not reach them; therefore, consumers do not see content, they don’t follow links and don’t perform the target action. There are two types of Instagram business accounts:

  • An entrepreneur showcases a product or service in an effort to interest a client.
  • A blogger creates content on Instagram to promote an account and attract advertisers. Advertisers pay this popular Instagram blogger to showcase a product or service to his loyal audience.

Impression statistics are important in both cases. But how can you increase this indicator?

The first option: launch an advertising campaign on social networks without resorting to promotion services. With a competent approach, advertising with the opinion leaders and large communities will bring the necessary impressions thanks to a multi-thousand audience. This option works, but it’s not perfect:

  • Advertising costs money. One post on Instagram ordered from an opinion leader with a link to your profile will not bring a significant result. What is needed, is a campaign that will require some serious investment. Bloggers with 3 or more million followers put their prices for an advertising post at about 15 thousand dollars. And the sky is the limit.
  • A blogger creates content on Instagram to promote an account and attract advertisers. Advertisers pay this popular Instagram blogger to showcase a product or service to his loyal audience.
  • The requirements for ads are getting higher. People have become more suspicious of simple baits and do not believe in flashy slogans like "You can buy the best t-shirts only from us!". The user must have Internet marketing skills, understand advertising strategies and come up with his own. Otherwise, the advertising budget will disappear without a trace, and Instagram will still remain unknown.
  • Instagram promotion will drag out for 2-3 months or longer.

Do you have this time? Do you have a professional resource to thoroughly work out a promotion strategy?

The second option is tied to buying impressions. What are the advantages of this method? Firstly, it’s the lower costs that are comparable to a bona fide advertising campaign on Instagram. Secondly, it’s the speed: a multiple increase in the number of impressions on Instagram goes from several hours to several days. The client “skips” the advertising strategy development stage by using promotion services.

A fast and stable growth of statistics by buying impressions will bring your account to the top and increase the rating among advertisers. If there is a demand for your product or service, consumers will evaluate your Instagram posts and perform the target action. This is why using the promotion services method is much more useful. MRPOPULAR offers to quickly and professionally promote your Instagram account.

Who needs to buy Instagram promotion services

The following categories of Instagram users may need to buy impressions:

  • Celebrities, famous personalities, public and political figures. Having an Instagram account is a tool for promoting a personal brand.
  • Small business. Entrepreneurs. Having an Instagram account is especially relevant for various beauty specialists; artisans; photographers; artists, etc.
  • Large companies. Large businesses are usually represented on all major platforms, including Instagram, and actively use Internet marketing tools.
  • Online shopping. Instagram’s format allows you to present the product range in an attractive, accessible, and stylish way.
  • Users, who need to urgently draw attention to a single post, news for example.

Regardless of your goals, an Instagram account with a lot of visitors can be a decent source of income.

For several years already Instagram has been an established ecosystem with certain principles of work and an audience. The service’s study showed that 60% of users learn about goods and services on Instagram. At the same time, 75% of them perform the target action after seeing a post. In terms of presentability, this social network has no equal. The advantages of the service in visualizing materials, clarity, social reach, are good conditions for doing business.

How the promotion services work

Our site has a flexible configuration system. The user selects the desired number of unique visitors for a specific post on Instagram. The amount of payment is automatically calculated. The transaction is done in two clicks. No extra effort required. During the day, the number of impressions reaches the mark indicated by the user. The user is free to choose the quality of the promotion (3 possible options) and the amount (indefinite). We take control of the rest and bring you the results you expect.

What are the benefits of buying impressions?

As already mentioned, the advantages of buying impressions lie in their price and speed. But what are the benefits of a large number of views? How does consumer engagement take place?

MRPOPULAR provides tools for a gradual performance increase of your Instagram account. You can order as many impressions as you see fit. Our site will ensure an incremental progress of your account to the top. You will not be banned for violating the service rules because you are entrusting the service of buying impressions to experienced professionals. The user plays the role of an observer and only has to deal with the end result.

There are two possible scenarios of how it goes on further.
  • An advertiser sees your post at the top. Your Instagram account is becoming an attractive advertising platform. The more impressions, the higher the price list for an ad integration you can ask. It should be noted that that the influx of new followers, impressions and reach increase on Instagram should be stable. You will have to use promotion services several times, but in any case this is cheaper than a large advertising campaign.
  • Another case is where you promote a product on Instagram. Here, the relationship between the number of impressions and content quality is more evident. Even the most well thought-out and structured Instagram profile is useless without a large number of impressions. And vice versa: you shouldn’t even think about buying promotion services without having an interesting and good-looking account at first.

Buying Instagram impressions is not cheating. Your life as the owner of a business on Instagram will be easier because you skip the difficult stage of the advertising campaign. Still, you shouldn’t forget about the remaining aspects of account development. Instagram audience analysis, identifying its needs, interests, lifestyle, aspirations, and fears, — all these things should be done as well.