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Buy Instagram Reach

Buying Instagram reach is something you should really consider

You probably already know what a powerful advertising platform Instagram is. We specifically omit self-promotion, since further we will focus mainly on the use of this wonderful social network for commercial purposes. So we should definitely mention the following indicators that this popular and attractive photo/video content sharing service boasts of:

  • Half of all the brands in the world are represented on Instagram. According to the forecasts of SMM experts, this figure will exceed 70% in the next few years
  • More than 96% of the US fashion industry companies have their accounts on the network.

The platform managed to reach such impressive statistics only because it provides its users with a unique format of interaction with ads, which is on another level than that of its closest competitors in the world of virtual communication. Thus, buying Instagram reach is a low-cost, but very effective method of your product advertising.

Now let's find out what this term means on Instagram. In fact, it is very simple. Reach is the result of your promotion work. It is expressed in the number of users who saw your post. It doesn’t matter how it happened: perhaps, your close friend or follower saw the post in your profile. Or maybe the hashtag you’d put caught the eye of somebody. Or you bought so many likes that your post managed to stay in the recommendations long enough. A lot has already been said about the ways that make your product popular. They are part of our technology, which we use when you buy Instagram reach. This article is specifically devoted to its result: increasing the audience reach and several ways of self-promotion to increase the indicator that is so important for effective advertising. That is if you don’t want to buy Instagram reach yet, of course.

For reference: the results of buying Instagram reach is an indicator that can only be viewed in a business account. Also, such account must be paired with Facebook. Only then you will be able to see the data on the number of views of both an individual post and the page as a whole.

What Instagram reach affects

Active users of this wonderful social network are probably aware that the developers have recently introduced a new ranking algorithm. After the first tests, it was found that the number of followers and likes on a post is now clearly not enough to increase the audience reach. They haven’t officially explained how the system works, and the same goes for promotion services. Zuckerberg’s PR people limited themselves to the epithets “smart”, “advanced”, etc. But its users didn’t stop there, so soon they found the basic rules by which Instagram’s AI ranks posts in the feed. So, the new ranking algorithm gives priority to posts if:

  • people who also know you on Facebook commented or liked your photo
  • you (your nickname), your hashtag or photo description were found using the general search system
  • your Instagram post has been commented or rated by the same people more than once
  • users who have repeatedly commented on/liked your posts reacted to your post
  • your post has received a sufficient number of likes/comments within the first two hours of publication
  • your post is being promoted through the internal paid advertising

Thus, buying Instagram reach will make almost no sense if you do not have a sufficient number of real followers who actively interact with you. But this main principle did not stop the most hardcore users. Instagram enthusiasts began to unite in closed communities, where they actively engage in mutual following.

So is it possible without concentrating on certain well-known methods of promotion to make the overall Instagram reach increase at a steady pace without involving specialized services and buying it? Yes, it is possible, but we should say right away that its growth rate won’t impress you. But since it has become a tradition for MRPOPULAR to give such advice, here you go.

Self-promotion and reach increase

  • Blocking inactive followers. As mentioned above, after the new algorithm was introduced, such users affect negatively the promotion of your posts to the top. Buying reach may get inefficient, so although the overall number of followers will decrease, you should definitely block bot accounts, low-quality advertising accounts, and so on. Thus, the activity of your followers will increase, and the AI will perceive it as a good sign and shift the priority towards your content. We should mention here that MRPOPULAR has a huge staff of real employees who will like or comment on your posts with pleasure. When you buy reach from us, we’ll gladly complete your order.
  • Popular hashtags. You should not get carried away too much with global trends and make a long chain of very popular at the moment tags in the description. Your post risks being lost in the sea of similar posts in this case. And the algorithm is not very fond of this technique either and lowers a post’s ranking. Buying reach gets even less efficient. Try to choose a hashtag that is the most relevant to the topic of your post. Trust us, there will certainly be interested people and they’ll be happy to respond to your newly made content.
  • Provoke a discussion. We’ve talked many times about the content quality. It is the basis of promotion. But, as there’s a new boss in town, which is Instagram’s new algorithm, we have additional advice on posts format. Not only should they be of high quality, they should also provoke a discussion. This means that the text should contain some question or understatement, which you promise to finish in the next post. In other words, intrigue people in any way possible. Speaking of exclusively commercial pages, contests with prizes or polls will be incredibly effective. You’ll be surprised how your promotion without buying reach will work.
  • Variety of content. Try not to focus too much on just photos. Even if you learned to take stunning pictures worthy of awards in international photo contests, mix this content with a video or a live stream. And then try the new social network feature: make a post with a GIF animation. This will not only raise interest in your followers, but also, as they say, please the almighty algorithm. It, in turn, will bless your post, which will add a couple of points to its popularity.
  • Targeted advertising. It's simple — pay a lot of money and your post will take for a short period of time the tops of user feeds, selected on thematic and geographical principles. What's next? Promotion is no longer needed? Not at all! As the hype disappears, you’ll suddenly remember that you can buy Instagram reach. But you will again be forced to pay a significant amount of money so that at least someone sees your advertising post. If you don’t care about your money, then this approach is definitely for you. However, we recommend something more effective...

Promotion services with MRPOPULAR

MRPOPULAR advises a combination of methods. From the point of our experience, we at MRPOPULAR allow ourselves to argue that the best strategy for keeping the progressive growth of your Instagram audience is to combine buying reach with targeted advertising. The latter is especially important at the initial stage, but its efficiency significantly lowers almost instantly after. But with us, you are protected by an army of real active followers accumulated using our service.