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IGTV Instagram



Instagram TV Promotion Services (IGTV)

IGTV promotion services in the near future

Not long after social media promoters got ecstatic about the latest Stories news, Instagram developers introduced another great tool for them. While they are still figuring it out, they obviously already understand its potential. Indeed, more recently we’ve been reading many articles regarding the use of “stories” as unique advertising presentations, and... in the summer of 2018, Instagram executives shocked everyone with the launch of IGTV. Imagine, a young eagle, shifting its paws, finally decided to jump from a cliff to soar to the farthest heights, and suddenly it got a couple more wings. It is perplexed. A careful joy from feeling new perspectives.

While most reserved Instagram promoters are still deciding between only two advertising tools, the rest have already started loading viral videos onto their channels. Not without reason thinking that preliminary Instagram TV promotion services are necessary.

What is IGTV?

IGTV (Instagram TV) is an add-on platform optimized for watching and sharing long videos in portrait mode. The latter property is especially controversial since most viewers are not very fond of it. You can get the grasp of how bad it is by watching numerous videos with curses against these “vertical cameramen”. However, the developers do not seem to be bothered by this at all. They are confidently moving towards their goal: to challenge YouTube in the mobile segment of the viewing audience.

Instagram’s generals strategy has a fairly solid foundation, as the number of viewers watching video content on phones is growing rapidly. But most experts are still bothered about why the developers refused to use such a cool feature as using the app in landscape mode. There were even jokes on this subject, like “they made it specifically so you could see the whole body of a girl when taking a selfie”, etc. It is no secret that using IGTV promotion services will certainly not be very different from promoting an Instagram account, and using the most exciting parts of the female body is still a part of the strategy here.

IGTV’s similarity to traditional television is its another characteristic feature. You do not need to select a video clip and press “play”. A video will play automatically as soon as you select the tab you are interested in.

Next we will provide you with statistical information on IGTV in order to help those interested in advertising and using promotion services to understand its capabilities and limitations.


Format: vertical orientation 9:16

Video file format: mp4

Possible video duration: up to 10 minutes for all users, up to 60 minutes (the last figure is only for verified accounts or those who use promotion services)

Maximum file size: 650 MB for a video up to 10 minutes, 3.6 GB for a 60 minute one

Minimum FPS: 30 frames per second, maximum: 60 fps

Minimum vertical resolution: 720 pixels

IGTV app tabs:

  • Recommendations
  • Following
  • Popular
  • “Continue watching”

IGTV promotion tactics

Considering the information above, you can already guess that IGTV promotion services are a continuation of promoting the account itself. However, there are still some things to consider here. Let's start with the first menu item:

  • Recommendations. This section is the holy grail of all social media advertisers, as using this tab goes hand in hand with promotion services, and this is how you mostly gain new followers. And to the delight of the aforementioned powerful relic seekers, “recommendations” dominate the IGTV.

It is not yet clear whether the principles of the IGTV ranking algorithm for promotion services differ and how a video ends up in the recommendations. However, given that there are restrictions on the video file size for accounts not using promotion services, we can assume that in this section, the priority is still given to the number of followers, views, likes, and any form of user feedback. Thus, we can most likely assume that IGTV promotion is not something you can do yourself, and it is part of your whole account popularization. Although as it often happens, one thing leads to another, and vice versa. For example, if your account is popular, then you don’t really need to use IGTV promotion services. In turn, if you make great viral content and share it through IGTV, you won’t have to wait long for new followers to come.

Videos of accounts you follow. Everything is simple here. However, to assess the IGTV promotion capabilities in this section, we will look not from the follower’s perspective, but from the content creator’s point. A video is watched by its followers. This is why increasing their number still remains the primary task of promotion.

  • Popular. This section is the quintessence of account characteristics. Your video becomes popular if you buy enough followers, you have a lot of views, likes and comments on your content. That’s why we can assume that this section is most demanding towards the content quality. This tab shows good opportunities for self-promotion depending on how viral your video is.
  • MRPOPULAR. We can draw the main conclusion regarding the use of IGTV promotion services from the information above. Promote your account while working on truly exciting videos. Moreover, if you are interested in implementing your advertising campaign through IGTV, then MRPOPULAR can offer you a very effective tactic based on this conclusion. We will thoroughly work on all the important parameters of your profile, as well as make a significant boost of views on videos you post on IGTV. This will give you a great chance to be among the biggest centers of attraction among Instagram TV viewers. Hurry up, as this platform’s huge wave of popularity has already appeared on the horizon.