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Buy Website Traffic

Buying website traffic is the next step after setting up your site

Popularity always bears fruit. The bigger it is, the juicier the desired fruit is. Moreover, this statement is true for all kinds of activities. However, you can see it in the virtual world the most. Top bloggers who receive hundreds of thousands of dollars for one ad line or mention of something are a good example of this.

Popularity is unpredictable. You can slip on a banana peel, and if someone uploads it on YouTube, the next morning you risk waking up famous. But such cases are one in ten million, and there’s no point in waiting for such luck. The only thing left is to work. Fortunately, you can earn fame, but you will have to pay for this process by consistent and hard work.

However, it’s not all that bad. Publicity is similar to a flywheel in terms of dynamics. It is difficult to give it rotation at first, but then you only need to push it slightly, which will give it more and more acceleration. So with the help of some analogies, we have identified the most difficult and costly period of promotion — the start of buying various services. The choice of services you need to buy depends on the subject of popularization. In this case, we are going to explain how buying website traffic affects its promotion.

A few words about buying website traffic and its impact on ranking

Buying visitors, or in other words, traffic for a website, positively affects the visits counter. This process is necessary for two reasons.

  • First: increasing a website’s position in search results, which provides the website most of its visitors that gave the search engine a corresponding query.
  • Second: improving a website’s popularity, which is the main choosing factor for advertisers in placing banners and planning various promotions.

As you understand, both of them bring decent income. In addition, buying website traffic is needed to give the necessary rotation to the flywheel we talked about earlier. Let’s take a closer look at the impact of buying website traffic on ranking, and then we’ll say a few words about how to make your site attractive for advertisers.

Traffic factor in ranking

We’ll clarify right away that the counter of visits / views is no longer a priority for getting a site into the top of search results. Moreover, this factor can no longer be considered consistent. Since the fact of site visiting is not that important right now, unlike the visit time and other behavior features, which we’ll discuss later. Search engine security algorithms take this information into account and constantly evolve to get better at countering bots.

All this information does not come from the developers of the ill-fated algorithms. It is the result of enthusiasts’ researches. They all are the representatives of leading SEO agencies, and their income directly depends on understanding how to promote websites. Therefore, these wonderful people do not spare any effort on studying ranking algorithms by trial and error. As a result of their incredible efforts, we can construct an approximate picture of priorities for search engine algorithms:

  • Relevance: everything became much more complicated here than a couple of years ago, when you could easily buy website traffic. Your site’s text should not only contain words that correspond to the user's query, but also comply with the logic known only to the search engines themselves.
  • Links to the website published on other resources. The priority has not changed here, and the number of links to your site put on other pages is still the main factor for the ranking algorithm.
  • Time spent on the site: everything is simple here. The more time a visitor spends on a site, the more credibility the website has among search engines. By the way, MRPOPULAR completely mastered the method of adjusting the time of visits. The visitor’s behavior is 100% “real”.
  • Reliable commercial information: although this point may look complicated, actually the search engine checks the number of contacts of different types and their authenticity. This increases the site’s credibility.
  • To buy website traffic, it is an activity leading SEO researchers consider the most important for the visit counter. However, there are pitfalls here as well: various kinds of bots get blocked with ever higher accuracy. It’s time to remind you of MRPOPULAR, which uses the most efficient techniques and strategies that are indistinguishable from “real” visits.
  • Responsive design: having the mobile version of a website is very good for traffic boosting.
  • Original content: while looking for the best answer for your client, search engines research the topic and cut off later repetitions of the text.
  • Download speed: yes, the higher a site’s download speed is, the higher the website will be in the search engine’s search results.
  • Search query optimization: this parameter was created to assess how a keyword is related to the company’s brand that owns the website. The logical connection of the query words with the services listed on the site is checked as well.

Impact of buying website traffic through promotion services

It may be very beneficial to buy website traffic to assess your popularity among advertisers. Since besides the search engines’ analytical tools, online advertisers almost have no other checking methods. In this case, the visitor counter acts as a trigger to start a cooperation between the popular site’s owner and an advertising agency. Perhaps, many of you now doubted the veracity of our words, it’s understandable.

That's because very few people know the real state of things prevailing in the online advertising market. You can feel this pre-chaotic state by the huge amount of banners on every website, not to mention the hidden forms of advertising. And believe us, intricate advertisers always try to find a suitable platform to implement their promotions. This is why it is better not to expect that as soon as your site becomes popular, you will be immediately contacted for a partnership. Those who understand this do not just talk about buying website traffic, but look for ways to make this process as fast and efficient as possible.


As you can see from the principles of website promotion written above, this is not an easy task to do. In addition, the sharp reader probably already has doubts about buying website traffic through bots. We think that the information provided here must have arisen these doubts. Yes, we truly appreciate your prudence and will repeat it once again: buying bots and cooperative services can no longer be considered an effective tool for boosting website traffic. The reason is that soulless programs are not able to accurately copy human behavior. Besides, finding this artificial imitation is the goal of search engine security algorithms. And they are doing their job better and better, banning users who are too enthusiastic about using bots.

The service of buying website traffic is carried out by our company according to completely different principles and scenarios, where real people are at its core.