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Buy Line promotion services

How a business can benefit from buying Line promotion services

The Line messenger is used by more than 220 million people in more than 50 countries. The largest part of its audience lives in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan, namely, about 180 million users. Moreover, in the Land of the Rising Sun, this app is installed on the devices of 88% of its inhabitants, which is surely impressive.

The messenger has a paid subscription. It is used by at least 7 million people, each of them having a disposable income. Such people can afford to buy things that are not necessary. If they are offered the suitable goods or services, they will be ready to purchase them without a second thought. In order to attract the attention of potential customers, you need to buy promotion on Line.

Which ways of promotion in Line are the most effective

We will not talk about official advertising in the messenger, as this is an expensive option with unguaranteed results. In addition, when a business is just starting a new channel for attracting customers, its owner is not ready to invest thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in promotion. However, it is possible to use alternative PR methods and boost key Line metrics.

Which metrics can be improved:

  • Views.
  • Followers.
  • Comments.
  • Shares.
  • Likes.

This messenger has a sort of news feed. You can publish your articles, photos or videos, share files, etc. there. Users can also join communities and engage in joint blogging. You can boost the stats mentioned above for all these posts and groups. How can this be useful?

Imagine that you are looking for an activity group. In the search, you indicate a keyword and look at the results. In one community, there are 10,000 subscribers, likes and comments on each post. In another, there are only 50 people and zero activity. Which group would you like to follow and read its posts? The one where there are more like-minded people and you can talk with them and exchange experiences, or the one where there is almost no one, and emptiness reigns in the comments? We believe that there is only one right option.

This logic is also followed by those entrepreneurs and bloggers who buy cheap promotion services for their community on Line. It is very important to give a good start to your business on a new site, so that in the future, real people who are interested in your products will pay attention to them.

What can be sold through Line with a guarantee of success

It all depends on the target audience that you choose as your potential buyers. If we are talking about the Japanese, then they are eager to purchase baby food, smartphones, skin care products, stationery, underwear and sweets.

But the people of Thailand are interested in other types of goods. For example, local spices, soaps, fruit juices, silk, massage oils, herbal teas. However, electronics, clothing and personal care products, beauty products can also be sold to them.

In Taiwan, people often buy kitchen utensils, bags, shoes and clothes, cosmetics, toys, watches, jewelry, etc. through instant messengers and websites.

Line is also used in the United States of America. 4 years ago, the number of users exceeded the mark of 3 million people. Although this is not as many as from Japan or Thailand, these people can become no less important customers for the business. If we talk about online shopping, then in the United States it is smartphones from Apple and Samsung, GoPro action cameras, Samsung smart TVs, FitBit activity trackers, Amazon Kindle (a gadget for reading e-books), smart lamps and electric dental Philips brushes.

Think about what products you could offer through Line and the preferences of which audience are closer to you! If you attract your target audience and make a competent offer with marketing tricks like discounts, you will achieve success in trading through Line in 2 clicks!

Where to buy promotion services for Line

You can buy cheap promotion services from MRPOPULAR. On this site, you can buy followers, likes, comments, views, and shares.

To place an order, just select the desired package, insert a link to the thing you are promoting, enter the amount of promotion and pay for it in the cart.