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Buy Line likes

How buying likes on Line helps sell goods and services

The Line messenger is very popular among the residents of Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia. Just in these 4 countries, not counting dozens of other states, the app is installed on the gadgets of 180 million people. In total, this platform was chosen by more than 220 million users. Imagine the benefits that can be derived from selling goods or services even to a one thousandth of such audience!

But how can you convey your offer to the masses? Of course, you can set up targeted advertising by spending tens of thousands dollars on it. The results are not guaranteed and may not even cover the advertising costs. That is why aspiring entrepreneurs buy cheap promotion services. Not only do they provide a huge boost from the start, they also do not require large investments.

Which Line features will be useful for businesses

The app has a ton of interesting features. Among them, there are cloud storage of files, live stream broadcasts directly in the chat, adding users as friends through Shake by ID or using a QR code. Also, in the process of video communication, you can apply many face effects and filters. But the most important component of Line features is the news feed and the creation of groups.

Any product can be sold through a well-composed post. It should consist of a selling description listing the benefits of a product or service, a nice photo (preferably with infographics) or a high-quality video. Such a post can be placed in your feed, and in order for as many people as possible to see it, you can buy several thousand likes for it. Then the real audience reach will be guaranteed, and it will let you reach and attract a certain number of buyers.

If you already have some people in mind who are already on Line and who might be interested in your offer, then just tag them with @ in your post. They will receive a notification, see your post, read it and decide whether they want to order your service and purchase a product or just close the page.

How exactly likes make advertising posts more noticeable

The content feed of this messenger works according to certain algorithms. They rank posts according to their level of approval by other users. How do they usually express their reactions on the Internet? They either write a comment or leave a like. The second option is used much more often, as it does not require thought, nor time.

So, the more likes a post has on Line, the higher it is in the feed and it can be seen by almost all users who read this section. Some of them can become real customers, while others simply subscribe to account updates. But in the future they may also buy something from you or look at your other offers.

Should you always buy likes for advertising posts? As practice shows, posts that sell something are liked much less often than regular posts. If we compare the number of likes on a funny picture or a useful life hack with the number of likes on an ad publication, then the former will have an advantage. That is why posts that promote goods or services rarely naturally end up at the TOP of feeds, both on Line and on other sites. To fix this and increase the amount of sales, you need to buy promotion services.

Where you can buy cheap likes for the Line messenger

There are very few sites on the Internet that provide such services. One of them belongs to the MRPOPULAR social media agency. Here you can place an order to get likes as quickly as possible and choose a package according to quality characteristics.

Your order will be fulfilled either by offer performers (from low to high quality) or real people with the same set of filters. To buy the promotion service, select the package you are interested in, insert a link to the post and indicate the number of likes!

As soon as you pay for the promotion, our employees will receive a notification, get acquainted with the details of your order and put it to work. This usually takes about 6 hours. We can add from 30 to 100,000 likes per day to any post.