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Telegram Promotion Services

Is it possible to do self-promotion on Telegram?

First of all, we will try to debunk some misconceptions about Telegram’s audience. There are still people who fondly believe that this messenger is used by a small community solely because you can’t hack it. Yes, it’s true, but today the social networks are so overloaded with useless visual and advertising information that users who care about the quality of what they consume are increasingly choosing Telegram. For this reason alone, Telegram makes sense. As a whole, this platform provides everything that is an indispensable attribute of large social networks. In addition, the instant messenger audience is constantly growing, therefore, using Telegram promotion services is becoming more relevant and promising.

But still, there is a number of differences that make self-promotion on Telegram completely different from the way this process is carried out on the “older” brethren. Firstly, the service doesn’t have targeted advertising services due to the lack of the very concept of “news feed”. For the same reason, there is no ranking of posts on Telegram and the topic search is difficult. A group can be found only by its name, which makes this characteristic feature its most important. Only users who were recommended your group and got its contact can follow your channel.

For these reasons, using Telegram promotion services should be done by a completely different strategy, not like on big social networks. But this platform, completely devoid of unnecessary noise, allows you to store and share an unlimited number of files of any format, to blog, and thanks to the unique open software interface to create useful bots. The latter feature is becoming increasingly relevant and popular since the functions that software assistants perform greatly facilitate the interaction of users with the services offered on the channel. Telegram promotion services can significantly speed up your progress, but more on that later. For now, let's look at some numbers that may convince you that promoting a Telegram channel can really help you in popularizing your ideas or product. By tradition, we’ll also provide some interesting facts from the history of the project.

History of creation and popularity of Telegram.

The story of the creation of the project could be a movie plot. The founder of the project, Pavel Durov, who had created VK, the number one social network in Russia, told in an interview how the idea of creating an ultra-secure messenger had arisen. According to Pavel himself, at that time, and the year was 2011, he had some problems with the authorities. And after another visit of their representatives, he had to urgently send a message to his brother.

Considering the fact that the authorities really love reading messages of their citizens, the future founder of Telegram thought of a new messenger, which would not let them do this. Fortunately, the aforementioned Pavel’s brother Nikolay was an excellent programmer. So on August 14, 2013, the cross-platform instant messenger so popular today came into existence. Of course, promotion services were not relevant at the time of the birth of the service. But users liked the idea of privacy so much that the audience began to grow at an incredible pace and soon telegram channel promotion services became a vital necessity for many.

And about popularity:

  • Telegram is actively used by more than 200 million people monthly.
  • The number of user growth in August 2017 was 500 thousand per day.

Several ways to accelerate a Telegram channel promotion.

As stated above, Telegram doesn’t allow you to create pages. But let those who hoped to arrange the promotion of their product through this multifunctional messenger not get upset. You create a channel for such purposes, then in order to attract followers, you have to use Telegram promotion services. This format of increasing recognizability of a product has an indisputable advantage: reaching the audience. If, for example, about 10-15% of followers see your post on Facebook, then among your Telegram audience this figure is close to 95%. Therefore, Telegram promotion services seem really useful. And now in detail.

Title. The importance of choosing a name was already discussed at the beginning of this article. We’ll only add that users who choose the right ones from the set of existing groups are first to see the name that best matches their needs. Therefore, try very hard to match the search criteria to the maximum. You need only the correct, specific, accurately reflecting the point of the group name. Then your promotion will run like clockwork.

Post size. The messenger format assumes that your followers wouldn’t like long texts. They’ll read several lines most likely and then their attention will be switched to more digestible content. Therefore, using Telegram promotion services will be useful if you learn how to create catchy and attractive first lines. And this is only when the text does not exceed 500-600 characters. If you feel an urgent need to tell a longer story, then use the following technique: place the article on third-party resources or resort to the services of Telegraph, a service specially created for long texts by the messenger developers. But do not forget about the description that will appear on the devices of your Telegram subscribers. The catchiness and attractiveness of these lines should be prioritized. Only if these conditions are met, using Telegram promotion services makes sense.

Posting frequency. The promotion highly depends on the number of your posts per day because the very “messenger format” regulates the frequency of posts. It should be between “the channel is dead and I should unfollow” and “well, I’m tired of the spam and I should unfollow”. Telegram promotion will be efficient if you post at least once in two days, and no more than three a day. Such a balance, according to the “gurus” in the user psychology of this wonderful messenger, will be the most optimal.

Using Telegram promotion services to build audience. There are not many ways how to do this, but they all work fine. First, at any cost, get the phone numbers of your potential followers. This can be done in other social networks or in some other way. You only have to send them an invitation to join the group. If they use the messenger, of course. Secondly, try using Telegram mutual promotion. To do this, you need to find the groups that best fit your subject and agree on advertising the channel among their followers. Not for free, of course.

Group catalogs. Be sure to register your group in all possible catalogs. Telegram catalogs are sites that list groups by subject. It’s easy to find them. Google them. Using Telegram promotion services will be hard without them.

Advertise your channel on other social networks. If you have a large number of followers on other social networks, your channel promotion will go faster. It is enough to place a link to the channel in some well-written post.

Chat in supergroups. There are so-called supergroups on Telegram, where communication between users takes place in the chat format. Promotion using advertising posts in these groups is quite effective. But then again, you will need to negotiate with the moderators, and maybe for money. Yes-yes, fast promotion isn’t free!

Everything, absolutely all of the above tools are used by us in MRPOPULAR. With us, Telegram promotion services will seem to you an inexpensive, but very exciting attraction, where the pleasure comes from the steadily growing number of your followers. And the latter is the promotion of your ideas or product.