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Buy WeChat promotion services

How buying promotion boost on WeChat can increase sales in an online store or make you a popular blogger

More than 1 billion people use the WeChat social network. Most of them are residents of China. This helps them not just to communicate with each other, but also pay for almost everything, sell their own goods and services, learn about the latest news, read blogs and live a real virtual life.

The owners of the WeChat mini app accounts can promote their pages through official advertising. 1000 ad impressions cost about 5 dollars. However, when compared with buying promotion services prices, it is quite expensive. This is why many users of this social network prefer alternative methods of promotion.

Why Asia loves WeChat so much: a brief overview of the its features

WeChat is not just a social network or a messenger, but a living ecosystem within China. Its main advantage lies in the built-in WeChat Pay e-wallet. It is a mobile bank that can be used to pay for absolutely any goods, services, and even give donations to those in need.

Like Telegram, WeChat offers its users the ability to subscribe to interesting profiles. They are divided into 2 types: service and subscription profiles. The first are used by businesses, which use them to inform their clients about various news and process incoming requests. The latter are favored by opinion leaders and act as blogs where posts and photos are published.

Another interesting feature of WeChat is mini apps, which are implemented as HTML pages that can only be opened through this social network. Such pages often create a semblance of an online store with its own catalog of products or services. Visitors can take advantage of an offer by paying through WeChat Pay.

You do not need to go to China and open a Chinese bank account, or register a legal entity to start trading through the mini app. Any user of this social network can create an online boutique without any bureaucratic delays. And any other user can buy their goods spending just 1 minute on the whole process.

What promotion services can be bought on WeChat and how they will help business or blogging

Let's say you have a WeChat subscription account. You regularly post your thoughts, some kind of insider info, or expert posts on it. But you don't have a service page or a mini app because you simply don't need them. This means that you can't use internal ads and attract the target audience to your profile. So what can you do? You can try to buy promotion services, which will be both cheaper and more effective.

By buying promotion services, you can add subscribers to your account, views on your posts, likes and thumbs up, comments to create activity, reposts, etc. However, not many of the bought users will become your readers as they are mostly affiliate workers who are only interested in getting money for doing their action. But with these accounts, you'll be able to get real, targeted followers. They'll be genuinely active, comment on your posts, like them, share them with their friends. Why would they do that? It’s simple. Once they visit your profile and see the boosted stats, they'll think you're a popular blogger. Which means they should follow the example of the majority and subscribe to you like others have done.

As for online stores within WeChat, you can combine official advertising with buying promotion to boost their stats. The first will bring you real customers, while the second will convince them that the store can be trusted. You can even come up with something like reviews or questions from customers. For example, buy promotion services for the most frequently asked questions and, after a while, add answers to them. This is how you can remove any possible doubts and help make a decision in favor of the purchase of those who want to buy something, but are afraid to do it.

Where you can order promotion for WeChat

MRPOPULAR has one of the most extensive ranges of promotion services. Here, WeChat bloggers and entrepreneurs can purchase services for buying views, reposts, subscribers, thumbs ups, likes, comments, and even replies to comments. All these actions are performed by offers and real people.

To make an order, you need to select a service, decide on the quality category, then fill in all the required fields (usually 2-3 max) and make a payment. The order will start working within the specified time. This usually takes from a few hours to a day. Certain limits are also followed to protect your WeChat profile from the social network sanctions for buying promotion services.