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Shazam Promotion Services

Shazam promotion services are your entry into the world of music

Shazam is truly unique. It’s not a simple music box with a bunch of tracks. The app can identify a melody that plays in your head just by singing it. This kind of inner music accompanies young and cheerful people most of the time, which makes this service more and more popular. However, it’s kind of superficial to view Shazam as a simple game like Name That Tune. Everything is much more serious and complicated.

The thing is that when you open the app, the first thing you see is the so-called “mix.” Or simply put, a recommendations page, where the order of content is formed by a ranking algorithm. It means that you can use its features to promote tracks to the audience. This is what this article is about. More precisely, how Shazam promotion services can help a musician’s career.

“Listen. Discover, buy and share your favorite music and TV shows. Follow artists and watch their Shazams and at the same time read their biography, lyrics, and personalized music news.” Perhaps, you can’t find a better description than the one on the official website. However, it doesn’t answer our main question: do you need Shazam promotion services and what can they give you? But first things first, a little bit of specific facts to a somewhat lengthy description.

What does Shazam do?

Shazam's first feature is identifying music with a single press of a button. Let's say you are in the store and hear cool music playing. But you have no idea what the track is called and who the artist is. Besides, your shyness doesn’t let you ask the staff. But it’s easy as one-two-three. Take out your phone, open Shazam, and the app will tell you exactly what is being played.

Additional Features:
  • Complete integration with Apple Music lets you browse their whole library and add selected tracks to a playlist. And the cross-platform principle allows you to save it in your Apple and Spotify accounts.
  • Read lyrics.
  • Auto-Shazam can identify songs in the background even after you close the app.
  • Shazam’s visual recognition gives you the info about posters, magazines, or books, marked with a special logo.
  • Recognition using a phone’s camera also works as a QR code decoder.
  • Sending notifications about the activity of the artists you follow. Their new single will not go unnoticed by you. The same goes for premiere videos, concert announcements, etc.
  • Selling tickets to the concerts of your favorite musicians.

As you can see, the abundance of features that cover the entire spectrum of the music lover’s needs makes the service more and more popular. For us, this means that it can become an excellent platform for expanding the audience of new artists. This is why Shazam promotion services are an obligatory component of promotion strategy in the music world.

What MRPOPULAR can offer for Shazam promotion services

As we already said, Shazam has a ranking mechanism that forms recommendations. Thus, if you manage to persuade this virtual host, he will announce your songs first. Speaking without metaphors, it would be very useful for a novice musician when many users around the world open the “mix” page and see his new track at the top. As you understand, the time from the moment people massively push the “play” button on Shazam to the moment he is on a world tour can be greatly reduced. So how does it work? Just like on other social networks.

Shazam promotion services imply the process of improving the stats of an artist’s account or an individual track to the level that the ranking algorithm requires to place it at the top of the recommendations. People usually buy followers and song plays to speed up the process.

Popular artists have no problems with followers. The same goes for plays, because when millions of people catch your every word, it’s not hard to get them. Promotion without using Shazam services is an impossible task for a beginner. Therefore, in order to avoid wasting creative energy and time, you should entrust Shazam promotion services to the professionals.

Promotion services with MRPOPULAR

MRPOPULAR has a huge base of active Shazam accounts. We do not spare money nor time on maintaining them in a “real” state. This amount of work lets us protect you from possible actions from the platform’s security system. In addition, our employees are full of enthusiasm, especially since they really love music.

So there will be no problems with promotion services. Yes, yes, we use real employees, whose behavior on Shazam makes sense, and therefore does not fall under the suspicion of the aforementioned virtual executor. The punishment can be severe, up to a ban. Such an unpleasant start on Shazam could fatally shorten the wings of a chick who just felt the wind of popularity born in the atmosphere of music.