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VK Promotion Services

VK promotion: how do you do it efficiently?

Behind your tired back are hundreds of hours spent at your computer. You’re very annoyed that your VK promotion is going very slowly, but you still don’t give up, your pride won’t allow it. “How so?” you ask yourself for the hundredth time. “I have a great product, I'm so cool, I'm so witty”. And so on. To give up is shameful. Moreover, after the colossal work is done,1 most likely the problem is not the lack of effort, but in the wrong methods. Or, if you dig deeper, misunderstanding of the point of the issue makes it so you can’t break through to the next level of promotion of a VK account.

Suppose you did everything right: the page layout is perfect, the information is clear and understandable, your text is an example of classic literature and speech culture, and the images you use are comparable in quality to the best works of photo artists, but your VK promotion is not there. But are you sure that your great content can be assessed by a lot of people? They need to see it at first. So before getting sad over a small number of likes, take a look at the view count. If the number clearly does not represent the scale of your work or talent, then you will feel crushed.

VK promotion won’t happen by itself. You need a launch pad for a high jump and only a sufficient number of followers can become this tool. Moreover, the definition of “sufficient” means a number far greater than a few friends from your college or office.

VK promotion services will help you get the number of your followers to thousands. So we hope that we have understood the main cause, which even despite your efforts is a significant obstacle hindering your initial VK promotion.

Promotion through contests and polls

Let's say you have 1000+ followers on VK, your page is perfect and the posts meet the needs and expectations of your audience. However, your damn good product or edgy and super-interesting articles do not cause the expected response, the promotion is frankly sluggish. In other words, the view counter and the number of new friends per day stay the same, as if resting on an invisible border. What is the matter? It's simple: you have reached the so-called “limit of activity” of your audience. This natural phenomenon can be explained by the fact that all interested among your friends and friends of your friends already react to your publications automatically. They read your brilliant post or like a photo of a super attractive product, but do not do anything else.

And for your VK promotion to progress they need to at least sometimes share your posts. Shake the audience with a simple trick exploiting the eternal human desire for free stuff: a giveaway. But don’t be bummed out by the forthcoming expenses for the purchase of a promotional gift, its value is not as important as the process itself. With regard to polls, then in itself this technique is, of course, not so effective for using VK promotion services, but using it as an announcement before the contest will warm the audience.

For example, you can ask the question on a page or in a group: do you want to win this prize? This will not only arouse interest, but also show how many people can potentially participate in your event, allowing you to plan it more carefully.

Organization of a VK giveaway

For starters, we advise you to carefully read the rules of organizing a giveaway. As you can see, your immense desire to boost your VK counters is significantly limited by the administration. Therefore, planning such an event will require a considerable amount of imagination and creativity from you. So you want to give away some valuable prize. According to the rules, you can’t just ask for a like and follow, but come up with some kind of condition or riddle.

For example: “what product from our store was sold two months ago with a 30% discount” or “what I wrote about rapper Jay-Z after his concert”. Then in order to better organize the event and choose the winner, you need to give some answer options. Your VK promotion will accelerate only because interested users will study your page up and down. We hope the basics of organizing giveaways are clear to you, so now some technical details.

  • Transparency. To increase trust and, as a result, your further use of VK promotion services, we recommend selecting the winner as transparent as possible. To do this, do not hesitate to post a video of the entire process.
  • Clear conditions. In order to avoid unnecessary questions before and after the competition, try to state the conditions as clearly and as easily to understand as possible.
  • Prize. You need to take seriously this one because you can spoil the previous work of VK promotion services with it. State as clearly as possible who and for what will receive the prize, and how exactly it is given. If there are several items, explain how prizes are determined and for which place this or that item you give. Disputes over possession of a prize can badly affect your VK promotion.
  • Duration of the giveaway and choosing the winner. It’s a very important point where people make many mistakes. Designate, and most importantly, do not forget the temporary intervals of the giveaway and choosing the winner. Accuracy should be up to a second, otherwise follow-up claims that may cause damage to use of VK promotion services cannot be avoided.
  • Choosing the winner. As mentioned above, designate the time up to a second. Explain clearly the rules and the mechanism of choosing the winner.
  • Winner. This is the most delicate moment. The main thing is not to offend anyone, otherwise you risk facing a wave of negativity, which will nullify all the use of VK promotion services. Explain everything in as much detail as possible. If the winner will be selected by a program, then indicate its name and give the link. If the winner is determined by the jury, list all its members. Just to be safe record everything on video and put it on the page.
  • Location. During the giveaway, do not forget to specify the location in which the conditions apply. For example, if you are unable to deliver a prize to another city, be sure to include it in the rules who can take part in your event. You can forget about your VK promotion if there is a wave of negativity from offended winners from another region.
  • Delivery and additional costs. Don't forget about this! Clearly explain in the rules who will pay for the delivery and whether participation in the competition will require additional costs. Misunderstanding may offend someone, and the latter is dangerous for using VK promotion services.
  • Receiving the prize. To confirm if they want to pick up the prize, feedback is required from the winner. Specify for how long they can claim it. Otherwise, they question of giving the prize may risk to hang for a long time, which can also have a negative effect on your use of VK promotion services.
  • MRPOPULAR. At the beginning of the article, we mentioned on purpose that for a good start you need a decent amount of followers. In other words, giveaways and polls make sense only when the VK promotion has already reached a certain level. MRPOPULAR can easily help with that. Contact us, and for a small fee, we will provide you with a level of freedom on VK at which you will be able to show your creativity and dedication.