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Buy VK Activity

Buy VK activity - is it really necessary?

VK is a maverick of social networks. It is a brainchild of Pavel Durov, now owned by Mail.ru. Over the years, VK has formed into an industry based on user activity. Any company has a presence on VK where they post the latest news, information about promotions and new products. For a community or a profile to be displayed by search engines, including the internal search for VK, you need a stable and high activity.

What is VK activity?

Activity consists of two indicators: unique visitors and audience reach. At MRPOPULAR there is an option to boost these two indicators.

- Unique visitors. It is important that different people visit a VK page. Visits to a VK page by the same person 3-5-10 times are also considered separate visits, so it is important to separate unique visitors. You can’t deceive the statistics by every day visiting your page yourself.
- Audience reach. Who is your target audience? What is their sex and age? What nationality? Broad audience reach implies an all-round community focus.

All these indicators form the general statistics of VK which VK algorithms and potential advertisers base upon.

What do you mean “buy activity”? I can do it myself!

Indeed, why would you need to pay someone for activity if you are young, strong, and active? There are lots of ways to promote yourself on VK. They won’t work though if you don’t invest enough or don’t advertise systematically. However, these are little things.

How to stimulate users’ activity on VK without buying it?
- Work out a concept. Why do you run a page, a public, or a VK group? You need an understanding of your goals, objectives, style and content plan for the next couple of weeks (and preferably a month). You are not the first to try to get income from social networks. The public is already difficult to surprise, even very specialized niches are occupied. Are you sure your concept will bring success?

- Set up targeted ads. An alternative to buying activity is a planned advertising campaign. VK offers an internal system for targeted advertising. A large number of impressions on pages of VK users costs money, despite the fact that this is only part of the advertising campaign. If an advertised post is not interesting, the banner will not attract attention, you won’t be impressed by the results. The activity won’t rise at all. Oh yeah ... They can still refuse you because the content of your community may not comply with the rules of service. Think about it. Maybe you should really just buy activity?

- Advertising in popular communities. Nothing new here. Opinion leaders, they are the same everywhere. Large communities on VK with a million followers will increase activity in a small public by 15 times in one repost. Ready to give 2-4 thousand for an advertising post on MDK? And if you need to advertise the Fresh Socks cafe-bar group then MDK won’t work for purely thematic reasons.

Buying activity is of course meh and ugly, but very often a user either has no desire to plunge into all the twists and turns of the VK marketing, or there is no budget to make decent promotion. Paying for promotion saves time and money, increases activity on VK by attracting new users and consistent visits.

Who may need to buy activity on VK?

VK is not only a social network, but also a creative platform. All categories of users may need to buy activity. Activity indicators help to make an image of the target audience. VK has advanced statistics tools that provide marketing specialists with enough food for thought.

Buying VK activity indicators will help both bloggers in promoting their art and businessmen in promoting their goods. Are you a freelancer who makes genius templates and can’t find a client? Create a group on VK with your name, buy activity and run a thematic blog. Bought activity will attract the real one and clients will come with it.

Any restaurant has a public on VK where there is information about changes in the menu. It's great if potential customers follow it and learn about interesting updates. But how will they follow it if they aren’t even aware of the existence of the public? Buying activity will raise the community in the ranking, and it will appear in the suggested area thanks to the all-consuming algorithms of VK.

How to buy VK activity?

MRPOPULAR offers the service of buying VK activity in three areas: unique visitors, audience reach, and general statistics. You just have to go to the site, choose the service activity emulation and choose the promotion according to your preferences and budget.

We will boost activity during 1-2 days without violating the rules of VK, safe for your account and the community. The task to attract new followers and customers will be completed.