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Buy VK Shares

How to buy VK shares efficiently for your promotion

It is difficult nowadays to find a person in Russia who does not know anything, or at least have not heard of VK. If local lawmakers helped even the grandmothers learn about Telegram, then they surely know about the Russian social network number one. Among the domestic audience, the well-deserved popularity of VK is due not only to the fact of its origin, but also to a convenient, easy-to-understand, and simple interface with a wide range of options.

Some experts recognize the platform’s services high level of development and are sincerely surprised at the low prevalence of VK across the West. However, we don’t want to delve into political issues too much, and the article’s topic is still about how to buy VK shares, so here’s a couple of words and numbers about the social network itself and its loyal Russian audience. This all will help better understand how much value you can get out of buying a lot of VK shares for your posts.

VK in numbers

VK shares the first place with YouTube by the number of its users in Russia, which is 61.5% against 63%. A discrepancy of one and a half percent in favor of the video hosting can be considered a static error. And as a whole, both social networks are focused on different topics, which makes this comparison not exactly correct. After all, people visit YouTube to watch videos, and most of videos on the hosting servers do not always convey an idea or have some deep meaning. On the contrary, VK invites people to communicate with each other, and it is much easier to convey your ideas in the virtual spaces of this network. Apparently the latter, due to their national characteristics, draws the Russians in. Anyway, VK’s statistics look quite impressive:

  • Users watch more than 400 million videos daily.
  • 80 million people watch at least one video per month on VK.
  • 17 million posts made each day
  • People write about 27 million comments for these posts each month.
  • VK users send 6 billion messages per day.
  • 82 million people use the platform messenger per month.
  • 9 billion post views daily.
  • People put billion of likes on VK each day as well!
  • They buy 10 million VK shares in the same time.
  • 97 million monthly active users.
  • 1st place in terms of mobile audience use.
  • 77% of the entire Russian mobile audience.

Due to the huge growth of VK’s mobile audience, buying reposts is even more relevant. After all, this post criteria plays a major role in its ranking. Namely, the news feed priority, due to phone displays nature, attracts the attention of most owners of these devices. By the way, if we speak more of these statistics, then the VK mobile app shows much more reassuring figures. For example, more than 15 million Russians use it daily.

Yes, while the desktop users are leading by a small margin, there is a chance that this situation will change dramatically once the social networks are banned in offices. So far, the numbers look like this: on average, those who prefer the convenience of desktop computers spend 34 minutes in VK per day, and their more mobile colleagues do it 27 minutes per day. The prospects suggest that almost everyone who wants to use the network as an effective marketing tool will soon be interested in buying as many VK shares as possible.

According to these impressive figures, if you buy enough VK shares, your post will be seen by a lot of Russians. And this is the cherished dream of any product promoter or promotion campaign.

A share is news rushing at the speed of light

Share: repost, share, pass on

In any social network, there are only two ways to share your post among users you don’t know. The first is to make your content appear in the trending section of news feeds. The second is to buy a lot of shares to create a chain reaction. In this case, each participant of the process will share your post with their friends.

If your content is interesting, then some of them will surely repeat the action. And so on. The result will be an exponential growth of your audience reach. But this is not all. If you buy enough VK shares for your post, it significantly affects the ranking algorithm.

In other words, the VK algorithm judging by the number of shares, likes, views, and comments, increases a post’s priority in showing it to members of the VK community who don’t follow you yet. It turns out that buying a huge number of shares affects the ranking algorithm and vice versa. This fact once again confirms the need for a complex approach promoted by MRPOPULAR. Only a thought-out combination of the most effective tools can become the key to a rapid promotion on social networks. So, let us remind you once again: you will not give the best possible start to your post by buying only VK shares.

What you can do yourself for promotion

By tradition, we offer our potential customers a chance to learn about self-promotion without buying a significant number of VK shares. But unlike other characteristics of a successful post, for example, likes, it is very difficult to increase the number of shares organically. Your post should be really exciting for a user to click the “share” button.

You can impress the reader with your genius: any non-standard thought or proposition, original news with elements of virality, or a video with an amazing post. In other words, your content must be really outstanding, which, as you understand yourself, is very difficult to achieve. Apart from, of course, those rare occasions when you just get extremely lucky.

”But what about the #share hashtag?”, many regulars of social networks may ask. We answer: if your post is not a plea for help causing people to empathize with you, then this technique will not work to the extent you are counting on. Many people are already tired of seeing this clumsy call indicated by the hash symbol in VK novice users’ posts of and don’t pay attention to it. Don’t forget that VK promotion is mostly done to promote oneself or some new product. And posts of this kind are unlikely to cause pity or somehow surprise the readers. This is why self-promotion without buying new VK shares for posts that carry at least some advertising connotation is very inefficient.

Promotion services with MRPOPULAR

To bring your ambitions into life as quickly as possible, MRPOPULAR offer their assistance. In addition, the small amount of money that we ask in return is nothing in comparison with the cost of your own forces and means, and most importantly, with the amount of time spent on self-promotion without buying a lot of VK shares. We’d like to mention that our company has been helping people conquer the heights of social networks for quite a while now. During this time, we have gained sufficient experience to guarantee high-quality results. Trust us, this is not as simple as most of our competitors, who cannot boast such experience and resources as ours, say. But their motivation is primarily caused to raise hype and gain some easy money in the process. This is why you should trust the professionals. Contact us! We won’t let you down!