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Buy VK Comments

Do you need to buy VK comments for your promotion?

Talking about VK’s significance for Russia and Russian speaking countries will be a waste of your time. Today, every user of the Russian-speaking Internet segment has at least heard of this extremely friendly social network. However, in the light of our customers’ prevailing need to promote their products through the platform, it is worth recalling once again some facts, the understanding of which gives a better idea of VK’s capabilities as an advertising channel. Indeed, how can you start a costly social media campaign without knowing anything about the VK audience? Such an approach cannot be called reasonable. But since the article’s topic is buying VK comments, we suggest we speak not only of social network’s particularities in terms of promotion. We should also speak more of the first phrase from the article’s name, namely the very concept of “buying meaningful comments”. So, let's continue discussing VK’s diverse tools for promoting goods and services. And if someone has an inflated self-esteem, which is not a bad thing at all, then we will also speak more of options for personal promotion.

What VK offers for promotion

First things first, let’s answer the main question: is it worth to use the social network for promotion? If you are primarily aimed at the Russian market, then yes, of course. The Russian speaking population reach is so huge that you can be sure that much more people will see your advertising publication on VK than on its nearest competitors in social communication. In other words, the first thing the social network offers for promotion is its huge and active audience. We’ll give you a few surprising numbers that perfectly illustrate our words to support these facts. Try to wrap your mind around them, as this will help us in discussing the point and prospects of buying comments. So, by the middle of 2018, VK could boast the following indicators:

  • 1st place in terms of mobile audience use.
  • 77% of the entire Russian mobile audience.
  • 97 million monthly active users.
  • 1 billion likes a day.
  • 550 million video views per day.
  • 80 million people watch at least one video per month on VK.
  • 6.8 billion personal messages sent each day.
  • 9 billion post views daily.
  • 17 million posts made each day.
  • People buy about 27 million VK comments for these posts each month.

We can summarize the above only by repeating once again the indisputable truth of any more or less competent social media promoter: do you want to promote a product on the Russian market? Start with VK promotion services!

Improving the efficiency of VK promotion tools through buying comments

Personal promotion on the virtual spaces of the platform is carried out using the same ways as on other social networks. This list includes paid impressions, increasing the number of likes, expanding your own audience, buying new comments and other “classic” tricks. In the end, VK has been repeatedly noted by international experts as one of the most advanced services in terms of quantity and quality of options. Therefore, the aforementioned basic functions are not something worth discussing and focusing your precious attention on. As for selling and promoting goods within the VK community, everything is much more interesting here.

VK allows you to create a full-fledged online store in the group form in just a few clicks. And with an introduction of their own payment system into the social network, the “seller-buyer” circle of relations has been closed.

And if we focus on the topic of selling goods in a newly created online store, then buying a significant number of VK comments comes out on top. The developers, apparently, were guided by real life principles in giving priority to products with a lot of comments in the search system. It is not clear yet? Let us explain.

You probably saw people walking around the mall with blank faces suddenly change their facial expressions and behavior just by noticing a group of people near a store. They are suddenly genuinely curious about it, and the line grows with a new person, which attracts the attention of the next one. This is what the famous snowball effect is about. In the language of social media managers, the same phenomenon is called promotion or reach. Of course some will leave as soon as they see a product they are not interested in. But others will unwillingly buy it. Although the people who bought the product they didn’t need will be disappointed later, it has no effect on the seller’s well-being.

Apparently, by considering this herd mentality as the main cause of buying activity, the VK developers set up the network’s search algorithm to prioritize products that are most talked about. In other words, a user looking for sneakers, for example, will see first the model in the search results that has the most comments. Therefore, buying VK comments is worth doing first of all to increase sales through this social network’s groups.

It's time to remind our dear readers that you are on the MRPOPULAR website, which is the most easy-to-understand and friendly service for any kind of promotion on social networks. However, we are not going to advertise you our services right now. We’ll talk about it a little later. In the meantime, as our company’s traditions demand, we’ll talk about self-promotion without buying VK comments. You shouldn’t think of us as some altruists and that we give out our secrets for free. On the contrary, we are a commercial organization and we are not hiding it. We try to be as frank as possible. Unlike our competitors, who in the hope of inattentiveness of their visitors advertise free services and put their customers in a situation where it would’ve been cheaper to pay in the first place. All our traditional advice is just a choice, and in our opinion, it should always be.

But it would disingenuous if we didn’t warn that self-promotion without buying a lot of VK comments practically impossible. For this reason, here’s our standard advice on this matter: if you don’t own a huge number of fake accounts, the only thing you’ve got left is to provoke people.

We agree, it is very difficult, especially considering the article’s subject. Remember that we shifted the focus towards selling products through the default online store in a VK group? And how can you get people to comment by a simple product description? It is very difficult, but possible. You will need all your talent for writing here. However, there is a certain limit, and if you break it you risk turning your store into a comedy talk show. And this clearly will not contribute to the trust of potential buyers.

Promotion services with MRPOPULAR.

And now the promised advertisement. All the difficulties and problems described above will be easily solved by MRPOPULAR. We have a huge base of active accounts and we’ll gladly complete your order when you buy VK comments for your product from us. All comments will make sense and in no way will be perceived by the system as spam bots. And it all doesn’t cost much. Such amount may even be considered suspicious for a guaranteed result. Want to check it out? Contact us, we are always happy to help you.