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Buy VK Friends (VKontakte)

What you can achieve by buying VK friends

VK has long held the first place in terms of the Russian audience reach. This is why promoting yourself or your product is so effective in this friendly and easy to use social network. But as you’ve already guessed, you can’t just get an account, post a photo of your product, and expect a huge influx of new customers. And if you are going to promote a personal page, the situation is even more complicated. The only way you to succeed is to buy VK friends.

To put it bluntly, if you don’t intend to spend a lot of free time and energy on promotion and are ready to entrust this difficult process to the pros, contact MRPOPULAR right away. We will do everything quickly, efficiently and for a small price. Are you ready? Then do not read further, place your order immediately. But if you want to save money and you have an infinite amount of time and energy at your disposal, then you will surely need some tips on how to gain new VK friends yourself without buying them. Read about these methods below. In the meantime, here are some statistics on the social network number one in Russia.

VK’s audience in Russia.

In our opinion, VK is the most user-friendly social network. If you compare it to Twitter, which is considered the fastest and easiest to learn, then VK is not that much easier to use. However, the latter’s possibilities in terms of buying new friends or promoting a product are much wider. This is due to many useful features and, as already mentioned, a clean and simple interface. These are the two factors, which made the social network so popular in Russia. Here are some impressive statistics to confirm it:

  • 97 million active users per month
  • 6.5 billion messages per day
  • 1 billion likes per day
  • 9 billion post views per day
  • 550 million video views per day
  • 1st place in terms of the mobile audience retention
  • 77% of users of the entire Russian mobile audience

There is no doubt that you should take advantage of this reach of Russian Internet users. And the main tool to do this is, of course, to buy a lot of VK friends. Is it possible to carry out this kind of work yourself? Sure, but your progress will solely depend on the amount of sacrifices you make. The first among them will be your free time. Well, let’s talk more about that...

What you can do yourself

The key to any promotion is your activity. As we said many times, get ready to dedicate all your free time to this difficult task. Let's say, you are. Then, here are some simple tips to help you.

  • Creating a page/group. This is where you establish your base to start buying VK friends. Your page is your face and representation on the virtual spaces of VK in particular, and the global web as a whole. Therefore, you should approach filling out your profile information seriously. The photos should be in high quality and preferably done by a professional photographer. Your style should reflect the essence of your page. If we are speaking of a group, then this advice is even easier to understand. Regarding your personal profile, find some photo portraits made by famous photographers. Study how these artists manage to convey the character of a person. Got it? If the answer is yes, then start with your profile pic by making it resemble at least a bit the masterpieces you saw. As soon as you achieve this, your self-promotion without buying VK friends will bring at least some results.
  • Information and page description are equally important for promotion. The style and accuracy of a description can say a lot about a person. If a group is created for an organization, then you must include all the necessary details. A personal profile should include elements of poetry and understatement. This gives you an intriguing and mysterious look. If you manage to interest your guest with the first lines, your self-promotion will work even without buying VK friends.
  • Content. It's simple: the more interesting the content of your posts is, the more people will reach you. Do not forget that people perceive primarily visual information, so try to accompany your text with colorful images. Don’t forget about the style of writing as well. If you write, for example, for teenagers, then write like a teen. This will surely attract many of them. Some will follow you. You only have to confirm their friend requests.
  • Sending requests. You have filled out your page/group perfectly. The description is easy and interesting to read. It’s possible to get the essence of your mini-community by reading the first line. The photos are simply wonderful. Now it’s time to start sending out requests because you are one hundred percent sure that as soon as they see the header of your page, your self-promotion without buying VK friends will be impossible to stop. Sure? Let’s go. We choose accounts related to your topic and with a lot of followers. The friend request should be accompanied with a welcome message explaining why you sent it. Read the “Content” section again here. It will be useful. But you need to be very careful with free mass request services done by non-professionals. In addition to being repulsive, the system’s AI quickly finds and bans overly active users. So messing around with buying inactive VK friends is not a very smart idea.
  • Buying new VK friends with guarantees. Many people probably already know that the social network itself offers targeted advertising. You are required to select the target audience according to a location, pay money, and your advertising post will be shown in the news feed of users who don’t follow you. However, the average Internet user of today is so tired of ads that they often simply don’t pay attention to it. But this method is nevertheless “guaranteed” because there is some kind of effect from it. You’ll find out whether the service is really useful after the first test.

The second method we’d like to mention is various contests with valuable prizes. It’s even better to combine the events with the first method. In this case, more people will know about them. Is it really effective for your self-promotion without buying VK friends? Yes, but it costs a lot of money. But there is always an alternative! The best one, of course, is MRPOPULAR.

MRPOPULAR is here to help you

By contacting us, you can forget about all the problems above. We will do everything for you and we offer guarantees for our work. In terms of price/efficiency, buying VK friends with our services is much more efficient than using all the methods combined we’ve listed above. Once you decide to use our services, you will gain a lot of “real” and active friends in a very short period of time. Contact us, we are always happy to help you.