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Buy VK followers (VKontakte)

What benefits buying VK followers gives you

It goes without saying that VK is the most popular social network in Russia, and everyone who’s at least a little familiar with the Russian Internet knows that. But you could say it easier: VK is Russia, if we assume that the country is a community of people connected by relationships. The platform takes these connections to a new, simple, and convenient level, helping to share thoughts, beliefs, and popularizing the best of them. In other words, VK is an ideal environment for all kinds of promotion services and advertisement in the Russian segment of the Internet audience.

Do not forget that your product, whatever it is, is also a kind of thought and idea. This is why buying VK followers is the fastest way to introduce it to a lot of people.

And if you are primarily interested in the commercial aspect, we should add that the Russian social network number one has created a simple and convenient toolbox for goods promotion that foreign competitors could only dream of.

On VK, you can create your own online trading platform with a nice and clear showcase in a couple of clicks. Everything has been done so you can quickly respond to customers’ requests. Since recently, you can do this even by voice. And the last option completing the circle of commercial relationships is the ability to accept payments within the social network itself. That is why most Russian companies have long been present on the virtual spaces of the network. And buying a large number of VK followers is a synonym for the word “sales” for them.

Is it really useful to buy VK followers?

The popularity of the social network is growing steadily, not only within Russia. Thanks to a simple, intuitive interface, thousands of users from all over the world join the community daily. Today statistics looks like this:

  • 97 million active users per month
  • 6.5 billion posts per day
  • 1 billion likes per day
  • 9 billion post views per day
  • 550 million video views per day
  • 1st place in terms of the mobile audience retention
  • 77% of users of the entire Russian mobile audience

To better understand how they’ve managed to achieve such impressive results, i.e. why the overall amount of bought VK followers turned out to be so large, let's look back and take a look at the history of the project.

The social network launched on October 10, 2006. The story repeated itself. Pavel Durov, the mastermind behind the project, like his American colleague Mark Zuckerberg, at first wanted to create a convenient means of communication for the students. But the idea ended up being so successful that the audience growth exploded. It was joined by users of various social and age groups.

Just a year after its launch, VK bypassed the most popular Russian social network of that time, Odnoklassniki. Globally, the project took seventh place, overtaking Chinese and German top networks. Four years after the launch, in 2010, the use of VK promotion services reached staggering numbers: by the end of the year, the network had over 100 million active users.

It is not surprising that such phenomenal growth made the project a tidbit for the sharks of the Russian IT industry. In 2014, after a series of accusations, Pavel Durov was driven out of his position. And by the end of the year, VK was transferred to the management of Mail.Ru Group. Then, as it usually happens with management changes, there was a year of decline. Buying new followers became more difficult mostly due to technical problems.

But soon, they managed to completely eliminate all of these problems. Moreover, the huge resources of the new owner let the project transition to a whole new level. They introduced many new features, among which were video communication and a new interface. The network’s growth reached its previous level and even surpassed it, and buying VK followers became as easy as ever.

Several ways to gain VK followers if you don’t want to buy them

  • Visual. People form their first impression by the appearance. And it doesn’t matter what it is: a new product or the owner of a VK page, that is, you. Therefore, you should not save effort and money on high-quality photos. A photo shoot made by a professional photographer will help you gain followers for your personal page without buying them. You should use informative images if you want to quickly sell your product, which is high-quality pictures from different sides. All of the above fully applies to the profile image as well. Choose the most intriguing photo, and the interested user will unintentionally click it in order to satisfy his curiosity. This is how promotion on VK works if you don’t want to buy followers.
  • Verbal. Write something your audience may like, and your promotion without buying VK followers will definitely speed up. If you want to be popular among teenagers and succeed without using promotion services, then express your thoughts like a teenager. This is especially true for niche segments of the VK teen subculture, which requires you to know their slang. If you want to reach a wider audience, then try writing the way the most people can understand you. Of course, even if your thought is easy to understand, but it is not interesting, your promotion on VK won’t work. So: write about interesting things in an easy to understand language, and people will certainly reach for you.
  • Material. VK provides several paid methods of promotion. You can pay for an advertising campaign, and your page will automatically appear in your followers’ feed. Moreover, you can choose the geographical coverage. It can be small -- within your area, or you can expand it to the borders of your country. You can also buy virtual gifts and special sings, “hearts”. By giving strangers or marking their photos with symbols of approval you will succeed in your self-promotion if you don’t want to buy VK followers.

Increasing the number of VK followers is the best way to become popular

There is no doubt that it works, but is it really that effective? Yes, advertising is an efficient tool, but most are tired of it, so they usually don’t even look at it. Gifts, hearts -- all this is nice, but people are different, someone might just not like it and be annoyed by it, so self-promotion without buying VK followers will not be very efficient.

The most effective way to spread your thoughts or talk about the advantages of your product is only possible within the limits of a faithful audience of followers. Expanding it is the key to being heard. But what is the fastest way to expand your circle of friends on VK? The answer is simple: use specialized promotion services. Your number of VK followers will increase instantly if you decide to buy them.

Promotion services with MRPOPULAR

MRPOPULAR has been operating for many years, and during this time our service has established itself only on the positive side. For a modest price, your account will gain thousands of new real followers, which will increase the organic growth, i.e. it will accelerate itself. We can see the well-known “queue effect” here. When a person passing by without a purpose sees a large queue in a store, he or she gets interested in what they are selling. MRPOPULAR will help you create this effect quickly, which is important for new communities or businesses.