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Buy VK Views

Do you really need to buy VK views?

If someone tells you that they know how the VK post ranking algorithm exactly works, they are most likely lying. ‘And what’s that about the “main developer”?’ You would reasonably object. But we are almost completely sure that people with such an obvious mathematical mindset after many corrections and fixes often forget about the original purpose. So let’s save ourselves from all sorts of complex formulas and calculations, and place our confidence in numerous observations. And they say that buying VK views is almost as important as the number of likes under a post for the ranking algorithm.

Buying VK views also brings some benefits for your promotion. First of all, as a whole this term is synonymous with the notorious “reach”. However, from the position of our company MRPOPULAR, which, as you already know, is professionally doing promotion on social networks, buying views is something a little different. Our job is basically to increase the number of views under your post. And for that matter, it doesn’t matter what type of content it is, whether it’s a video or just text. The goal of this process is to increase the viral reach. It is easy to explain what this means.

  • Viral reach is the number of new users who viewed your post and who are not your followers yet.
  • Organic reach is the number of your subscribers who saw the post.

There is a slight difference between buying views and this notion. Considering that your content can be viewed by the same people several times, the number of views will always be a little bigger than the actual reach. However, as with many other paradoxical cases from the world of social media, one thing often becomes the cause of something more significant. Let us explain. But first, ask yourself a question: what comes first to your mind when you look at the huge number of views under a post?

Just imagine this scenario: you are just scrolling through your news feed, when out of many similar posts you come across a post with a huge number of likes. Yes, the red hearts are the first to get your attention. You are already half interested. But then, you turn your eyes a little to the right and see an impressive number of views. Unconsciously, you will definitely think that if so many people saw this post, then you should too. You should try to buy VK views at least because of this psychological effect. But there is a much more powerful argument...

Importance of buying views for the ranking algorithm

Here we will examine in more detail the importance of the number of views for getting your post to the top of the VK news feed. As mentioned earlier, multiple observations and experiments unequivocally confirm that the ranking algorithm takes into account the fact of buying VK views to calculate the priority to display posts. What place this factor has in the mathematical formula in comparison, say, with the number of likes, is quite difficult to answer.

However, you can argue that these parameters are very close. In other words, if you want to promote your post on the virtual spaces of VK, you should use a balanced combination of the number of views and likes. “What is the optimal balance?” you ask. There will be no answer, although MRPOPULAR have their own formula for success in this direction.

This is what distinguishes us from our closest competitors. Using an accurate mix of various parameters, we easily surpass new, and therefore inept, players on the social media promotion market. We had to try many versions to finalize this recipe, and it took us several years to do it. Here is a good reason for us to keep this accurate balance as a trade secret. Just remember this: if you decide to buy views or any other kind of promotion from us, then your post / account will be popularized as efficiently as possible.

And what can you do yourself?

And here’s a section for the enthusiasts and amateurs. By the good old tradition, we offer some tips on self-promotion without buying VK views in it. But tone down your enthusiasm, dear lovers to do everything yourself because we are forced to disappoint you. Self-promotion without buying views is one of the few parameters that is almost impossible to accomplish by one or several people, albeit very motivated.

You need resources for such a complex process, and not just temporary ones. First of all, you need a huge base of active accounts. And it is impossible to acquire such a luxury in just a few days. But if your desire to do self-promotion without buying VK views nevertheless defeated your rational thinking, then you will have to study in detail principles of creating viral publications.

Namely, this characteristic of a post is the key to increasing the number of views. And yes, let’s once again decide on the priorities. This is mainly about increasing viral reach (see above), as we assume that the organic one is already provided by existing followers. In other words, in order for your content to be viewed by a large number of new VK users, you must make it as viral as the limits of decency allow.

This is the only way to speed up this kind of promotion without buying views. It’s a shame that the style of such content often contradicts the very principles of social media advertising and can harm the company image. Therefore, you need to use your remarkable talent and ability to predict the audience behavior. If you got it all sorted out, then here’s a few additional tips:

  • Leave a link to your post in the comments of popular and promoted people. Since many people listen to every word spoken by a celebrity, there will be many users in the comment section. Someone will definitely click the view button. However, you need to understand that your content should at least be remotely related to the topic of the commented post.
  • Hashtags will help a lot your promotion without buying VK views. Members of the VK community often forget about this useful option. Mind you, it works, and quite well. Therefore, it is necessary to add hashtags to your posts.
  • Well, here’s a very desperate tip: add the “repost” marker to the video description or to the post itself. This is clearly not the choice of serious companies, since it does not contribute to the formation of a serious image at all, however this method is quite ok for personal accounts.

Promotion services with MRPOPULAR

Well, that’s probably all about the most effective methods of self-promotion without buying VK views. If they seem simple and easy for you, then go for it and you will probably manage to get... a couple of hundred views without buying them. But if you are serious about promoting your posts and are aware of the number of sales and views correlation of an advertising publication, then you need not hundreds, but thousands of VK views.

This is why you should rely on MRPOPULAR. We know exactly how to achieve excellent results. Moreover, the costs of our services are nothing in comparison to the profit from the increased sales you’ll get. Therefore, if you need to buy VK views, then contact us. The results are guaranteed! Trust us, many years of experience and a lot of happy customers allow us to say so. Check whether it’s all true by placing your first order.