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Twitter Promotion Services

Prospects of promoting a Twitter account

The format of Twitter attracts many fans of virtual communication in a specific way. The limitation of posts to 280 characters makes it necessary to display extraordinary talent in using a language, each post confirming a popular expression “Brevity is the Soul of Wit”. Also, thanks to a clear and quick system of hashtags, this social network is famous for its efficiency which partly explains why Twitter promotion services are in demand right now. It works like this: any newsworthy event is indicated by a hashtag in front of it, so by clicking it anyone can see the full picture of posts and comments related to this important event.

Depending on the number of actions, the hashtag moves to the Trending section. So, a user can easily find out what the Twitter community cares the most about currently. And since almost every influential person has an account on this social network, this remarkable microblog service has long been competing with the leading news agencies for the speed of information delivery. It is because of the speed, dynamism, its concise function of hashtags, and expansion around the world, using Twitter promotion services attracts many people who want to be heard. As we usually do it, below, we will tell you what you can do on your own to make your Twitter promotion faster. But first, here are some interesting facts about this trendy, unique, and popular social network.

Twitter's Popularity

“Promotion” or, if you like, “promotion services” is not a term of recent years. The process makes sense when a network reaches a huge audience. Twitter has got it set, but first, here’s some history. Twitter started working as a public service on March 21, 2016. The idea laid in its basis as all ingenious is simple and elegant. Initially, the founder of the microblogging platform, Jack Dorsey, had the need to exchange SMS messages with his staff. That is, in contrast to the traditional SMS services, it was necessary to make sure that a group of people immediately saw a message of a person they followed. The convenience of communicating this way was appreciated by many IT engineers who by their nature were not fond of long and enduring telephone calls.

After completing the Twitter server software, the gateways were opened for everyone to communicate. This is how the story of the victorious social network conquering the planet began, and Twitter promotion services almost immediately became relevant. Soon, every self-respecting politician, celebrity or socially significant organization considered it their duty to start a blog on the platform and began to do all they could to promote their Twitter accounts to expand their own audience. The Twitter community has grown steadily since then, and by now the popularity of the service looks like this:

  • 1.5 Billion registered users
  • 350 million active community members who have made at least 1 post per month

We can add to this that the site is among the ten most visited globally. As we can see, promotion on Twitter is less effective if we compare it to the audience of Zuckerberg’s social network, but fans of the first one are considered to be more active by default, which gives its advantages when promoting an idea or product.

Free Twitter Promotion

Username, background and avatar. These three key points are relevant for promotion on any social network. The importance of them for promoting a Twitter account is difficult to overestimate, so there’s nothing wrong in repeating ourselves again. The name that will be displayed in the URL, or username, must be as concise as possible. But the user nickname requires coming up with something original: make it catchy, easy to remember, and accurately reflect the main point of your blog. This approach is suitable for promotion on Twitter: just add the hashtag #following to your nickname. This will definitely give you some advantage at the initial stage, since it indicates to other users that you want to do follow for follow. And we advise you to not forget about the obligations with which you are burdened by writing this hashtag: follow back everyone who follows you, many may turn away from you otherwise.

A successful promotion of a Twitter account is no less affected by your chosen background and avatar. Put high-quality, processed in photo editors images that emphasize both your qualities and benefits of the goods you are promoting, if it is necessary, of course. Well, here’s another tip: if you are faced with the task of promoting a personal account, then do not shun away from exploiting the female beauty, put a photo of some pretty girl on your avatar. After you gain initial followers, you can change it.

Content. Although the current social network regulars in their majority do not seem to be carriers of exceptional intelligence, a person subconsciously feels the quality of content. Promoting your Twitter account will go faster if you publish interesting, relevant information, and if you do it without spelling mistakes. Be in course of what’s trending! Do not forget that trends set the tone on Twitter, so carefully monitor all significant changes in the mood of the community and publish what corresponds to these changes and your promotion will noticeably grow even without using Twitter promotion services.

Hashtags. Promotion of your Twitter account will speed up if you learn how to use hashtags. As stated a few lines above, you need to find topics which will raise the hype. But your efforts will be wasted when the super relevant information that you just discovered will not be provided with an corresponding hashtag. For example, during the discussion of the World Cup, it was appropriate to submit some relevant information with the labels #WCM2018 #WorldCup. This is how your tweet ends up on a common ground where millions of enthusiastic fans are eager to find at least some good news about their team. Some of them will definitely click the follow button and you’ll have a new follower, which will help you grow even if you don’t use Twitter promotion services.

Images. Don't forget that Twitter allows you to share images! This is often dismissed as people focus on the brief and poetic format for expressing their thoughts. But a person is primarily attracted to visual images, so if you want to boost the promotion of your Twitter account it would not be excessive to supplement your publications with eye-catching and easy to understand pictures. Gifs or short videos will be even better. Speaking of the example with the World Cup, for the best promotion your perfect tweet should look like this: relevant short news written without mistakes, corresponding hashtags, and a 10-20 second video or a gif of the moment.

Activity. Well, here’s not the most obvious advice: be active! Yes, becoming popular without using Twitter promotion services takes a lot of time. And it's not just about those minutes when you try to express your thoughts or feelings in a short and powerful burst of a tweet. Being active in the context of our advice implies energetic involvement in the discussion of other users' publications. So the chance of your creativity being seen and appreciated is greatly increased. Someone will want to continue enjoying the flow of your thoughts and will surely follow, and this is what you want for the promotion of your Twitter account.

MRPOPULAR. So these are all the tips for becoming popular without using Twitter promotion services. We were extremely sincere with you, as always. But in order to remain so until the end, we have to say that we deliberately dropped some online services for follow for follow. They make at least some sense at the very beginning of your Twitter promotion. But with the advent of the first dozens of followers, they drastically lose their meaning, moreover they start annoying you by intrusive DM’s. “Annoying” is not a word from our vocabulary, MRPOPULAR’s methods are precise, yet very effective. Trust us and soon you’ll see what a guaranteed Twitter promotion looks like. Contact us, we will not let you down!