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Buy Twitter Followers

When your every word is heard by thousands of people

Twitter stands apart from other social networks, and the reason for this is its unique features. If we speak of the main ones, then perhaps it is the limit on the number of characters in a post. Everyone knows about it. But social media specialists are more interested in how fast the feed updates on this site. The way content is provided on this dynamic social network resembles a mighty waterfall, where thousands of letters of information, like drops, fall every minute on Twitter users’ heads, forming their worldview and, as a result, their preferences. The latter is the goal of any promotion, which have more in common with fun games on Twitter.

This fun atmosphere is made by several simple and convenient tools, among which retweeting is considered the most effective. By using this feature, your post appears in the feeds of users who clicked the “share” button. But how do you increase the amount of these people? That's right, buying Twitter followers is the shortest path to achieve this goal.

If the number of your followers is high enough, then the content you post on your account will be seen by thousands, and dozens of people will share it. Speaking of retweets, we think that you’ll agree with how valuable such a simple but very effective promotion mechanism is. We also hope that you’ll agree that there’s no point in using it without buying a sufficient amount of followers (or “subscribers”, if you’d like). However, it will be news for many that buying new Twitter followers is a determining factor in showing your tweets in the feeds of people who don’t follow you. This indicator is considered by the network’s AI as determining for the inclusion of your post in the “in case you missed it” section.

The most attractive posts from this list are seen by everyone who is close to you by interests and place of residence. In turn, how close your interests are is determined by the content of posts that your followers have responded to with any action. And as you’ve already guessed it, the more Twitter followers you buy for your account, the wider the circle of these interests is. This vast circle outlines the virtual territory of all your potential followers, who are ready to be bought. We will assume that we were convincing in explaining the need to buy a large number of new Twitter followers. And before we move on to traditional MRPOPULAR tips on self-promotion, let’s talk more about the site itself where these activities will be implemented.

Why Twitter?

When people rate the influence of a particular social network, then to assess the likelihood of a seed growing in the fertile soil, they turn to the number of users. Unfortunately, Twitter cannot boast of this indicator. In part, its community of 400 million fades in front of a two-billion-strong army of Facebook users. But all of this is more than compensated by how active Twitter users are. Indeed, belonging to a community based on such a unique social network implies having some character features and a special mentality.

Just to mention their ability to express their thoughts in a short and powerful strike of a post. But how about this fact: speed and convenience in coordinating mass protests through the social network served as the basis for the sociological term “twitter revolution”. But if such abstract notions are not interesting to some of our overly pragmatic readers, then we’ve specially reserved some numbers them for them. We hope they will help convince them of the value when you buy active Twitter followers.

The blog platform’s audience, as already mentioned, totals 350 million users. And this is still a very impressive figure. No less interesting is the fact that the team of the founder Jack Dorsey succeeded in reaching the aforementioned number of community members in just 7 years. Now the statistics are as follows:

  • 1.5 billion registered followers;
  • 350 million active community members who make 1 post minimum per month.

Speaking of more interesting facts about Twitter, which show how unique the Twitter community is, and for one provide another justification for why you need to buy Twitter followers.

  • The “bird” Twitter logo has been chosen by the project management for a reason, which you could already guess by the service’s name.
  • Twitter has been in the top ten most visited sites since 2011.
  • Since 2013, you can receive indulgence from the ministers of the Vatican via Twitter if you cannot personally attend the ceremony.
  • The only state that has its own social network account is Sweden. Each week, a curator is selected from the citizens of this country, who then manages the microblog.
  • Several “color revolutions” have been coordinated through this social network, which created the sociological term of a “Twitter revolution”.
  • After a series of studies, American psychologists likened the Twitter addiction to alcohol abuse.

Getting followers through self-promotion

On Twitter, as in all other social networks, content quality plays a major role in getting new followers. However, the original post format, the limit on the number of characters to be exact, will require you to show all your hidden talent in language. Yes, now these restrictions are not as severe as they were when the social network just launched. In addition, you can reply to your tweets to continue your train of thought, but you also shouldn’t forget about the old saying “Brevity is the Soul of Wit.”

This is why Twitter regulars rarely look at a replied tweet. But if you buy enough followers, there will certainly be those who are interested in continuing reading your brilliant thoughts and ideas. In short: the posts content should be catchy and concise. It is also a good idea to reinforce the post with visual information. Replying to your own tweets should be used only in rare cases.

However, you can avoid buying loyal Twitter followers using an old proven method. Namely, sending out requests of mutual friendship to users with a huge number of followers. In order to make a request that won’t immediately push away the recipient, you need to demonstrate even greater talent for writing.

Mutual following is probably the easiest way to get new followers on Twitter. But in this case, you can’t count on the audience quality. This process is carried out by adding to your post corresponding hashtags with the meaning of “I follow you and you follow me”. It is unlikely that those who seriously intend to use Twitter as an advertising channel will have success with it without buying followers. However, this method can really help you at the very beginning of your account promotion.

MRPOPULAR is the rational solution

MRPOPULAR offers you the solution to all of the above problems. With us, you get guaranteed results when you buy Twitter followers without putting any effort into this process and not wasting any of your time. We think that the price for the service will pleasantly surprise you. Unlike our closest competitors, we have a wide circle of regular customers, which allows us to keep the services costs lower than most offers on the market. And this, of course, doesn’t affect the quality one bit.