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Buy Twitter Retweets

How buying retweets for Twitter helps grow your audience

Twitter is a very dynamic and no less interesting social network. The short message format forces users to show their ability to clearly express their thoughts, while the continuous flow of information keeps the audience in constant attention. These features endow the Twitter community with unique characteristics. A very high level of activity is one of them. The same quality pushes advertisers to take active steps in the direction of this network, promising quick and numerous responses to a product they promote. As already mentioned, Twitter is a very special social network, and so are its methods of promotion. The number of subscribers (followers) is very important here as anywhere else, of course. It is the size of an audience that allows both to successfully promote a product and to keep growing the number of potential consumers. Its difference from other social networks lies in the tools used to increase this very audience, among which buying Twitter retweets is the most effective.

The advantages of this promotion method do not end there. Mass retweeting allows your ad post to be seen by a lot of users who do not follow your account. You could say that you can easily share a post on other social networks as well. However, it would not be entirely true since only Twitter doesn’t require initial settings for repost visibility for various groups of your followers. Only here does a large number of retweets instantly raise your post to the tops of news feeds of the “twittering” community. If these arguments aren’t enough for you to understand the enormous value of buying a lot of Twitter retweets, let's take a look at the popularity of the service itself. It determines the number of people who can potentially take part in your promotion.

How popular Twitter is

The number of 350 million active users may put an end to any doubts about the need to buy a lot of retweets on a Twitter post. However, we’ll give some more surprising numbers and interesting facts to convince and educate our readers even more.

The first fact speaks of stunning dynamics of the social network’s growth. After all, the aforementioned number was achieved in just 7 years. Now the general statistics are as follows:

  • 1.5 billion registered users.
  • 350 million active community members who make at least 1 post per month.

Some interesting facts about Twitter

  • The “bird” Twitter logo has been chosen by the project management for a reason, which you could already guess by the service’s name.
  • Twitter has been in the top ten most visited sites since 2011.
  • Since 2013, you can receive indulgence from the ministers of the Vatican via Twitter if you cannot personally attend the ceremony.
  • The only state that has its own social network account is Sweden. Each week, a curator is selected from the citizens of this country, who then manages the microblog.
  • Several “color revolutions” have been coordinated through this social network, which created the sociological term of a “Twitter revolution”.
  • After a series of studies, American psychologists likened the Twitter addiction to alcohol abuse.

Self-promotion on Twitter without buying retweets

We could not help us but highlight this topic, since it has already become a good tradition when we, a promotion service on social networks, share with you advice on self-promotion. The first thing you need to understand is that a good tweet does not need any promotion at all. Imagine, for example, that you took a pic of some Hollywood celebrity doing something obscene. You are guaranteed to have several tens of thousands of retweets after a few minutes you post the photo on Twitter. Therefore, the following information will be useful only to those who decide to promote less “viral” posts, which are mostly advertising ones. Buying a lot of retweets is simply necessary for the content of this kind. Keep reading to learn how to do this.

  • Tweet quality. This characteristic of your publication is fundamental if you decide to self-promote without buying retweets. As you already understood from the text above, Twitter, being a hyperactive and impressionable community, loves virality. Therefore, try to provide a photo or text with the so-called “wow effect” as much as possible. We won’t tell you in detail how to do this. We’ll only recommend that you get inspired with fresh trends and try to imitate them using all of your creativity. And you won’t even need to worry about buying retweets.
  • Hashtags. Suppose you managed to create not just a viral tweet, but a powerful bacteriological weapon. But how do you incorporate it into the organisms of Twitter users? And although the latter may not boast of a strong immunity to informational epidemics, this will not be easy, especially if you have very few followers. In such circumstances, you just have to learn how to use hashtags properly. Find themes that will raise hype and add a popular hashtag to your tweet. Then your post will get to the general platform for discussing hot news, and someone will definitely pay attention to it. However, if the content does not remotely relate to the hashtag theme, it may annoy the users.
  • Visuals. Don’t forget, Twitter’s original direction of being a text-only service is long gone. The platform has already provided everything necessary to use photos/videos in your tweets. People are primarily attracted by visual information, so if you want to become successful without buying retweets, it will be great if you provide your tweets with bright and catchy pictures, GIF-animations or short videos.
  • Activity. Many people do not realize the importance of posting time. Since Twitter is a very dynamic social network, this factor is very important. On other, slower social networks, it may take half a day for a post to reach the bottom of the news feed. On Twitter, this happens almost instantly. Therefore, determine the most active hours of your potential audience and “feed” them with your content at the right time. More eyes will be able to see it and you’ll become popular without buying retweets.

But this paragraph isn’t only about how active of twitter community is, yours is much more important. So, since you’ve decided to do self-promotion without buying Twitter retweets, then get ready to sacrifice a lot of time. Your personal activity primarily implies a direct and persistent involvement in discussing other users’ tweets. This way, the chance of your tweet to be seen and retweeted increases significantly.

Promotion services with MRPOPULAR

Basically, these are all the tips on how to self-promote without buying Twitter retweets. Let us remind you, what will probably upset some of our inattentive readers, that all the techniques described above refer only to tweets that have signs of virality. Even the most talented people are unlikely to be able to make such creative content consistently. Therefore, you’ll have to look for other, more effective ways. Attention!!! The curtain opens and MRPOPULAR enters the stage. Our experience, resources and excellent specialists allow us to guarantee you results if you decide to buy a lot of retweets. Your tweet won’t get lost among many “empty” accounts, since all the thousands of our profiles are constantly maintained in an active state and have a considerable number of followers. Contact us, we are always happy to help you!