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Buy Twitter Comments

Why you should do promotion on Twitter

At the beginning of any advertising campaign, every self-respecting social media specialist looks into the statistics of a social network to choose the best. However, the best doesn't always mean more. We mean the total number of users here. Otherwise, all promotion campaigns would take place only on Facebook. The dynamics of audience growth of one or another virtual social space and the activity of its user community play a no less important role.

The 400 million Twitter community falls to Facebook's 2 billion audience of course. But all this is more than compensated by the blogging service’s popularization dynamics and the activity of Twitter users. This is why people are thinking more and more of promotion on Twitter. One of this process’ main tools is to buy comments for tweets. It works very efficiently. Why so, let's figure it out. But for now, in order to better prepare the reader by immersing him in the unique environment of Twitter, here are some interesting facts about this special and quite extraordinary social network.

Some interesting facts about Twitter

The “bird” Twitter logo has been chosen by the project management for a reason, which you could already guess by the service’s name.
- Twitter has been in the top ten most visited sites since 2011.
- Since 2013, you can receive indulgence from the ministers of the Vatican via Twitter if you cannot personally attend the ceremony.
- The only state that has its own social network account is Sweden. Each week, a curator is selected from the citizens of this country, who then manages the microblog.
- Several “color revolutions” have been coordinated through this social network, which created the sociological term of a “Twitter revolution”.
- After a series of studies, American psychologists likened the Twitter addiction to alcohol abuse.

Defining the principles of buying comments for Twitter posts

To buy Twitter comments is the process of increasing the number of comments on a particular post (tweet).

The first thing a user sees when visiting the web page or the mobile app is popular tweets. On Twitter, they are placed in the most visible places based on how popular they are, as well as the user's location. So the location is clear: it depends on the GPS data and can be adjusted by the user who may wish to see interesting posts from a particular region.

But you can manipulate popularity, since it is assessed by the ranking algorithm according to several indicators that can be changed by buying a decent amount of them. To determine the rank, as well as where the post should be placed in the recommendation feed, the aforementioned virtual admin uses the number of likes, views, reposts and how many comments people buy on a post. The importance of the last point is often underestimated, which is mainly why we decided to write this article.

Ranking algorithms on social networks are becoming increasingly complex. Moreover, the list of responsibilities they perform is constantly expanding. All this evolution is aimed at one goal: to pick up really interesting and popular tweets against the people who buy automatic services to get into the recommendations. Likes and reposts are no longer a problem for bots. People buy millions of them every hour.

However, the security system is not sleeping, which is why there are quite a lot of bans. But the number of autolikes and reposts that have broken through the scattered traps is enough to seriously affect the general statistics on Twitter. This is why the developers of ranking algorithms are starting to shift their attention towards comments. The devs think that meaningful comments under a tweet most accurately express the interest of other users. But only meaningful, since single words like "Ok" or even worse, plus signs easily expose disguised bots. In other words, buying comments on Twitter is a great way to improve the ranking of a tweet. But this process is quite difficult as it has to be done manually.

MRPOPULAR has found a solution

From all of the above, an attentive reader has probably concluded that in order to successfully buy comments on a Twitter post, you need a special tool, which is a large base of active accounts. You also need substantial staff who are at least able to read a tweet and write a suitable comment. Such resources are possessed by very few, and MRPOPULAR is among them. And if you suddenly decide to save a little and take a risk with bot programs, you should understand that buying automatic comments is almost immediately detected by the social network security system. Such an incident is almost 100% likely to lead to a long-term ban, which is something very unpleasant, especially at the very start of the promotion.