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Buy Twitter Likes

How buying likes for Twitter helps grow your audience

Twitter doesn’t represent the ancient Roman Forum anymore, where each of the citizens could speak out what they wanted. From a platform for communicating and exchanging interesting news with friends, Twitter has become a powerful tool for shaping opinions, interests, and preferences of the masses. This is why Twitter promotion services are a relevant tool for many people right now. The more powerful an organization or a person that has an account on this social network is, the more followers they have. Thus, the more significant their every word becomes. But you can do it another way. We mean account promotion through likes. With enough of them under your tweet, you automatically become a celebrity.

Want to be like Katy Perry with her 107 million followers? Whenever she mentions a product she allegedly just bought, most of her followers immediately run looking for it in the shops. Want to start moving in this direction? Then buying Twitter likes is your only solution. This process is especially important at the initial stage of a career on this microblogging service. MRPOPULAR will be happy to assist. However, if you have enough time and energy, then you could try to do it yourself... It will take more than a year, though. But we, as always, do not impose ourselves. Therefore, we will share with you some tips, thereby providing a freedom of choice. We’ll talk about them a little later, but for now a few words about the social network itself.

What is Twitter good for?

The popularity of the microblogging platform is perfectly presented by the figure of 350 million active users. With such a large audience, buying Twitter likes will surely bring you significant results. Your acquired popularity can be easily monetized, especially if you promote a product. No less interesting is the fact that the team of Jack Dorsey managed to reach the aforementioned number in just 7 years. Now the statistics are as follows:

  • 1.5 billion registered users;
  • 350 million active community members who make a minimum of 1 post per month.

We need to mention the recent large-scale bans on the network to complete the full picture. But don’t worry, the relevance of buying Twitter likes did not suffer from this. The administration was incentivized to do this by a desire to get rid of many inactive, and simply fake accounts. Although the result of such cleansing was that the army of registered users diminished by 9 million. For us this is still good news, since as a whole, the Twitter community woke up and became more active. This means that the efficiency and relevance of buying Twitter likes have increased.

Some interesting facts about Twitter

  • The “bird” Twitter logo has been chosen by the project management for a reason, which you could already guess by the service’s name.
  • Twitter has been in the top ten most visited sites since 2011.
  • Since 2013, you can receive indulgence from the ministers of the Vatican via Twitter if you cannot personally attend the ceremony.
  • The only state that has its own social network account is Sweden. Each week, a curator is selected from the citizens of this country, who then manages the microblog.
  • Several “color revolutions” have been coordinated through this social network, which created the sociological term of a “Twitter revolution”.
  • After a series of studies, American psychologists likened the Twitter addiction to alcohol abuse.

How the post ranking algorithm works

Anyone who’s ever used Twitter, knows how unique it is. And it’s not even a matter of limiting the number of characters in a post, which inevitably improves the ability of its users to speak briefly and to the point. The unique feature of the social network is the hashtag system and ability to monitor trends. Also, we should mention its sleek interface and the way user interactions are displayed. But those, who are interested in promotion services, are interested in the ranking algorithm or, to put it differently, the mechanism for forming a news feed. Understanding how it works may greatly simplify and speed up the process of buying Twitter likes. In general terms, the modus operandi is as follows.

The first thing we’d like to mention is that unlike other social networks, Twitter does not force you to look at any advertising post in the feed against your will. The network’s AI makes it much more elegantly: it either shows what your friends retweet/like or sends you an “In case you missed” notification. And this is where it forms the most popular posts. This quality of a post, of course, is determined by how many Twitter likes you buy. And this is where the famous response time of the social network fades into the background. You can be shown posts made even a week ago, if the number of hearts under them is measured in thousands. In other words, if you want a huge number of users who don’t follow your account to see your post when you enter the site, then you can’t do it without buying Twitter likes.

What MRPOPULAR offers

We hope that we’ve somewhat managed to clarify the value of buying likes. Now, to emphasize the value of our help, we’ll say a few words about self-promotion on this wonderful microblogging platform. First, the network is famous for its speed, the news feed updates very often. This implies your high and constant activity as well. Self-promotion without buying likes takes a lot of effort on Twitter. And this statement is true, even if you do not take into account the quality of the content.

Are you versatile in your language? The only thing that’s left is to seek out on the Internet what might please or interest others. However, in the midst of fierce competition, you must do it first. Otherwise, your news will not be new at all, so to speak. Also, in order to somehow gain likes and followers, you need to constantly interact with the community. This means finding accounts with a large number of readers, constantly monitoring their activity, liking tweets in their feed, and humbly hoping for a mutual like or follow. And this takes a lot of time.

Promotion services with MRPOPULAR

In other words, you need to go on Twitter in the morning, and leave it at night in order to achieve at least some results without buying likes. MRPOPULAR takes this burden off your shoulders. For a very modest fee, our employees will become your inseparable friends within the Twitter community. We also have at our disposal thousands of active accounts which we use for our “real” buying likes services. But if you want to advance even more quickly, then for such cases we have special methods of mass promotion. You can’t do it without the help of smart bots. Anticipating the questions about bans, we answer – we’ve been offering the service of buying likes with the help of bots for years. The algorithms they work by were created by our experienced programmers, taking into account all the innovations on Twitter. Therefore, we can guarantee excellent results. Just contact us.