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Twitch Promotion Services

Twitch promotion services are a direct path to the partner program

Perhaps no online service offers such clear and understandable tools for monetizing good content as Twitch does. The partner program is a necessary achievement for a beginner streamer, a pass to an elite club, where its content will be recognized at its true worth. And this recognition is expressed not only in abstract praise, but in real money, which, you will have more than enough for a comfortable existence with a proper quality Twitch channel.

Understanding this, many Twitch users, who consider their shows worthy of mass recognition, are typing “Twitch promotion services” into their search bars. Their aspirations are understandable since you can build a more or less decent career on the platform only by having all the knowledge on this subject. Are you one of those people? Then you are at the right place because further we will share with you all the efficient methods of promotion on Twitch. But first, let's cover the basic concepts.

What is Twitch and how popular it is

Twitch is a live streaming platform. The service’s main topics are video games, original music shows and card tournaments. In general, everything that’s interesting to watch online and that is created by amateur creative teams. In addition to streaming in real time, you can watch recorded content. This feature puts Twitch in the same position with YouTube, the competition between which is becoming tougher, especially on the subject of gaming.

For reference. In the first quarter of 2018, a total of 2.4 billion hours of game streams were viewed on both platforms. Individually they look like this:

  • Twitch: 2 billion hours;
  • YouTube Gaming: 481 million hours.

As you can see, Twitch promotion services are becoming more and more popular, even more than the same process on the eminent red and white video hosting. We will justify it in more detail and numbers.

Twitch audience

Right from the start, look at this amazing fact: in January 2018, the peak number of viewers on Twitch was 179 thousand. It’s more than the super-popular news channel CNN had. The general statistics are also indicative: during the same month, the simultaneous (!) number of visitors per day averaged 962 thousand, and the daily audience in monthly terms reached 783 thousand.

The official statistics came out soon after that, where the Twitch management with a calm face confirmed these incredible numbers. According to the report, 15 million people used the service every day. This is why the next amazing indicator looks quite believable: 355 billion hours of streams were viewed during the year.

And after such a blindingly bright demonstration, do you still doubt whether you should use Twitch promotion services? You don’t? Then find out how you can do it at the lowest cost.

Twitch promotion and related questions

First, we need to make a short, but important digression. After reading it, some of you will save yourselves from trying to understand the text further.

The decisive rule in any public attention attraction area is to be interesting. In live streams, this principle takes on a new meaning because in addition to good content, the commentator’s image also plays a significant role. Indeed, which of us would listen, for example, to a stuttering or carelessly dressed television presenter? And if he talks about something boring as well, then your hand will automatically reach for the remote. You shouldn’t even think of Twitch promotion in this case. That’s why we tried to highlight the main conditions, according to which, you can start using Twitch promotion services. So, you have potential if:

  • you have a photogenic and easy to remember appearance. Otherwise, you should think about some kind of character.
  • you have a clear and competent speech not deprived of jokes. Having a sense of humor is also necessary in this case.
  • you have your own style of presentation, which in combination with the points above, creates the streamer’s charisma.
  • you are going to broadcast only what’s really interesting. For example, if we are talking about a game, then you need to be a real pro since giving tips about it, is what the majority is interested in.

However, it’s still early to give up if you don’t match the points above. Don’t give up on promoting your Twitch channel. All these problems can be dealt with, or rather we can teach you to deal with them. Find the most charismatic streamer you can, carefully analyze his style of his communicating with viewers and imitate it. There is nothing shameful here since with experience, your borrowed foundation will gain your own individual features, and no one will be able to accuse you of plagiarism. In the meantime, before you start promoting yourself or your channel on Twitch, try your new image with your real friends. And this epithet is not mentioned here by chance since only real friends can point out all your problems and flaws.

Various methods and services of promotion on Twitch

We deliberately did not use the phrase “self-promotion” in the title above since further on we’re listing all kinds of methods: paid and relatively free. Depending on the degree of your enthusiasm and how big your wallet is, you are sure to find the one that suits you best. However, MRPOPULAR always warn in such cases that the most effective strategy for promoting a Twitch channel is based on a balanced combination of different methods. Such a recipe can be easily prepared by our specialists. Therefore, read the tips that follow, analyze their feasibility, and please contact MRPOPULAR with any questions on promotion, we are always happy to help you.

So, we present to your attention the most effective methods and services of promotion on Twitch.

  • Buying and exchanging restreams. Buying restreams is your personal advertising campaign, and using Twitch promotion services will go much faster. It's simple: find top bloggers in relevant topics and offer them to advertise your channel / stream. This can be done in two ways: by a pre-roll on their stream or by a simple mention with a link to you. This method may be the most expensive, but its efficiency is worth the money.

Sharing restreams or views works much worse, but if your funds are limited, then this process can significantly improve your Twitch promotion, although you will have to sacrifice a lot of your time. The point of this method is to work closely with colleagues of your level. First, we find the same beginners among thematic streams participants from popular streamers. We establish contacts and agree on advertising each other. The methods are the same as described above: pre-rolls, restreams, direct links. The latter is especially effective if you want to promote a Twitch channel.

Mutual promotion and use of promotion services can be done not only within the platform itself. You can try your luck with third-party services since there are enough of them. You’ll have to register on sites like TurboTwitch and watch streams of others. You get points for this, which you can spend on buying views from the same site for your own stream. And as you’ve already understood, in this case you’ll have to spend even more time than on an exchange of restreams among colleagues on Twitch. However, the terms of service and transparency of such services are ambiguous. These same factors could make you consider Twitch promotion services.

  • Direct Twitch promotion services. Yes, yes, we have competitors. However, with full responsibility we warn you from our disingenuous colleagues, which there are a lot of... Most of them use poor-quality bots for their Twitch promotion services. This could get you banned or reset your statistics.
  • Promoting streams on third-party resources. This use of Twitch promotion services includes buying advertising on all thematic sites, groups, etc. The higher the popularity of a resource is, the more the administration will ask for promoting your stream. However, one banner placed on a Counter Strike forum, for example, can bring you a huge number of views. Therefore, this kind of promotion services will pay for itself. A more budget option of this promotion technique is announcements in all kinds of groups, social networks, etc.
  • Giveaways. This method of Twitch promotion services is very efficient, especially when you already have a decent number of followers. Try to use people's basic interest in winning prizes. Giveaway some gift online, and you will see an influx of new users who love free stuff. That is the main factor for Twitch promotion.