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Buy Twitch Followers

Learn more about buying Twitch followers

Twitch is one biggest players in the gaming industry. This statement is quite reasonable, given that there were 2 billion hours of streams watched in the first quarter of 2018. For your information, this is 4 times more than its direct competitor, YouTube Gaming. These figures clearly indicate the dominant position of Twitch in managing significant financial flows that are common in the modern world of video games.

However, the new broadcasting universe is not only made of game streams. Gamers’ interests expand sooner or later, and in addition to crushing virtual enemies, they get new hobbies, which they are more than happy to share with the receptive Twitch audience. There are many concert streams of small music groups, all kinds of amateur shows, and much more. All this helps close the circle of a modern teen’s interests, providing him all kinds of entertainment. This is what helps Twitch break all records in terms popularity growth. If you are familiar with the principles of video hosting platforms, then you’ve already guessed that buying Twitch followers is no less important than on other similar services. But the first one has much more interesting mechanisms for using buying followers services.

Content variety was achieved not only with the efforts of active members of the Twitch community. It is necessary to give credit to the system that attracts new streamers. Beginners serve as the foundation creating fertile soil for truly exciting projects to grow. The name of this online incarnation of a cozy greenhouse is the partner program. The fertilizer in this world of plants will be buying Twitch followers. How exactly it feeds the ascending roots of future super popular streams, we will describe further.

Twitch partner program through buying followers

In the hope of fast promotion and, as a result, decent income, many talented people choose Twitch as a platform to demonstrate their abilities to the public. This choice is based on simple and easy to understand monetization principles on Twitch for the hard streamer work. After receiving the “Let’s be partners” achievement, a happy beginner will have an opportunity to:

  • receive monthly income from paid subscribers
  • receive royalties from ads on his channel
  • rejoice over donations through Bits
  • sell merchandise in the integrated store

Surely many of you are already eager to find out what needs to be done to achieve this. Simply buying followers, as people do it on YouTube, won’t be enough. As we’ve said, in addition to interesting content, you need to become a partner through the achievement, to achieve which you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • stream for 25 hours during a month
  • stream on 12 different days during the same period
  • the average number of viewers of each broadcast must be at least 75

And, as we can see, if the first two points from the list are not that difficult, the last one can become a serious obstacle in the career of a beginner Twitch streamer. It can be a brutal disappointment at a full of enthusiasm start. The solution to this problem, and at the same time a strong boost, you guessed it, can be buying active followers on Twitch.

Follower is not a viewer yet

A little earlier, we did not call followers “active” by accident. Our most attentive readers have probably already discerned the discrepancy between the concept and the last condition in the “Let’s be partners” achievement. Yes, a follower is not a viewer yet, but the presence of the latter plays a paramount role in obtaining the desired admission to the partner program. Buying Twitch channel followers certainly plays a positive role in your promotion, however, hoping that all of your followers will watch your streams is quite optimistic. So, we briefly mentioned the significant difference between MRPOPULAR's Twitch service of buying followers and the same offers from our not always bona fide competitors.

Promotion services with MRPOPULAR

The fact is that the fundamental difference lies in the quality of accounts involved in the service of buying followers. MRPOPULAR have a sufficient amount of “real” followers who will not only provide you with the cherished number of 75 viewers needed to get the achievement, but can also actively support your stream with meaningful comments. This, as you can understand, creates a real interest in your content. Only if you buy these followers, will you be able to quickly overcome the most difficult period of your career on Twitch — its beginning.