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Ask.fm Promotion Services

Why you need Ask.fm promotion services

A high level of competition between social media promoters in the same market makes them look for alternative directions. From the second tier platforms, they choose services with the most suitable target audience for ad campaigns. And if your product is aimed at the younger generation, then Ask.fm can become an excellent platform for your advertising subject promotion. But you can promote not only products. You can successfully advertise yourself as well, hoping for all sorts of publicity bonuses in the near future.

If you know little about this service, and the phrase “Ask.fm promotion services” is Greek to you, then MRPOPULAR will be happy to fill in the gaps. And then you will decide yourself whether you need promotion services for this very interesting social network.

Successful promotion on Ask.fm

For a better understanding of promotion services strategy on this original network, you should understand what we are dealing with. In other words, let's find out what the Ask.fm ranking algorithm likes.

  • Relevance. This refers to how topics are reflected in the profile name. Users, who look for a specific answer, type a topic into the search bar. Then the system selects accounts that it thinks are competent, judging by their name.
  • Number of followers. There are no surprises here. The size of your audience plays a major role in promotion on any social platform.
  • Verification. The efficiency of Ask.fm promotion services may greatly increase if you use the internal verification option. The algorithm gives priority to these accounts.
  • Number of questions and answers. This parameter shows the total number of questions you’ve asked with your answers. It is a priority for the algorithm to select which answer to show at the top.
  • Activity. This metric measures the frequency of your actions. They can be different. It estimates how quickly you answer a question, how many friends you share it with, etc.
  • External activity. This concept includes all the actions and reactions of other Ask.fm community members to your content. They are expressed in likes on your answers, shares, etc.

Various methods of Ask.fm promotion services

In this section we will try to fit both methods of self-promotion Ask.fm without using promotion services and options using various legal and not very techniques. However, MRPOPULAR immediately warns you that we can guarantee your account safety only if you order our services. While you should use the information below only at your own risk. Since the network’s security algorithm, although simple, is extremely strict. Therefore, any mistake on your part can bring down your hopes for promotion by putting your account in a long-term ban. Next are the techniques of account promotion without using Ask.fm promotion services sorted by their efficiency.

  • Contact MRPOPULAR. We are starting with this point not because we are narcissistic and we have a very high self-esteem. You may not believe it, but our experts constantly monitor our competitors’ offers. They also study all kinds of bot programs, cooperative services by their efficiency and security criteria. They also conduct self-promotion experiments without using Ask.fm promotion services. If only you knew how many of our accounts fell into an eternal sleep during these experiments to understand the most effective and safe ways, a combination of which we offer to our customers. After evaluating and comparing with competing services, we can confidently put our Ask.fm promotion services in first place. You don’t believe us? Well then, you will have something to compare with, since further on we’ll present you methods that require a lot of effort and a huge amount of luck.
  • Freelancers. This method consists of purchasing the services of freelancers through various online marketplaces. Yes, these will be real people, although you can’t rely on the quality of their Ask.fm accounts. And we remind you that for a sudden increase in followers or activity from empty profiles, you can get banned. And if you still manage to find a small pool of people with perfect profiles, then their services will cost much more than those offered in the first paragraph.
  • Collaborative services (sites/applications for services exchange). This method is based on the principles of mutually beneficial help in particular issues. You perform required actions for Ask.fm promotion services and earn points or internal tokens, which you can then spend on ordering such services for yourself. Although this method is quite safe, it may require so much effort and time from you, that a working day in the mine will seem like a day off.
  • Links on other resources. The point is to post links to your content or Ask.fm profile on other social networks and forums. This may work, although the results won’t be as good as with the methods described above. You will need to choose resources where your links won’t look thematically out of place. Otherwise, you will get the opposite effect and you can forget about profiting from Ask.fm promotion services. But the time and effort costs are somewhat less than the option above. However, you should also include paid advertising here. If you make an advertising post and use the option of paid promotion on social networks, then the result will be slightly better. However, as you might have guessed, your expenses will shift from “a lot of work” to “a lot of money.”
  • Apps for Ask.fm promotion services. This method is not safe and requires having some prior knowledge. You risk to get banned because of the program’s inability to accurately mimic human behavior. In order to achieve the best possible behavior of a real user, you will have to figure out the settings that should help you bypass the network’s security algorithm.
  • Mutual following. This method is the most ineffective, in our opinion. It consists in finding users in a similar position. You react to their content in the hope of some reaction back. For example, you like someone’s response, then follow the author and wait for a follow back. As you can see for yourself, this is an unpredictable and time-consuming method. However, it can be called organic and the safest.