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Buy VK Poll Votes

Buy VK poll votes: subtleties and details

VK is incredibly popular among the Russian-speaking audience, and there is a reason for that. According to social media specialists, the reason for its huge audience is not so much that the social network’s main language is Russian and it is based over there. But rather due to how high-quality the service itself is. Many of its closest competitors cannot boast such a simple-to-use interface and a set of useful tools. So VK can rightfully be called as one of the best in its segment. It is not surprising that when promoting a new product or just for gaining personal fame among the Russian-speaking audience, people primarily turn to VK as an advertising channel with a huge audience. Luckily for social media campaigns, the service offers a variety of useful options. Among them, unfairly deprived of attention, is the poll creating feature.

You can quickly expand the reach or wake up your page’s bored audience by skillfully using this simple tool. But as you probably already know, you need to buy VK poll votes in order for this to work. Otherwise, your content risks to be lost among thousands of similar posts on the bottom of VK news feeds. Posts with polls have shown to be extremely effective in attracting the interest of users who don’t follow you. The format of a question with several answers provokes a reaction, the desire to confirm your opinion by looking at the results after voting. The popularity of this type of posts stimulates the developers activity, who are ready to do everything to attract new users. Their contribution to buying various VK services is reflected in the recent 2.0 update. We will talk about this update a little later, but for now here’s some more general information about this interactive service.

Why you should include this technique in your promotion strategy

This great feature is able to shake up your friends list. Sometimes it can be useful for its intended purpose: to find out the opinion of people on some issue, which gives the necessary information to adjust the marketing strategy. But buying VK poll votes is more about expanding the audience, and as a result — your account promotion. Perhaps everyone knows that likes, reposts, and comments lead to a post being shared.

However, we are only talking about a “static” post, which you are supposed to read and forget about. Now imagine how all these promotion tools will work on a poll that already causes genuine interest by the sole fact that it exists. Our experience lets us say that in case you buy third-party services, the promotion speed of an “average quality” post with the same number of likes will be twice less than of that with a poll. It is also worth noting that quality is the first thing you should think of, otherwise you won’t get people interested. You will buy VK poll votes much faster if you ask a relevant or provocative question. The latter is especially effective since fast promotion on social networks is a synonym of a “provocation.”

Version 2.0

The feature’s new version immediately outstands with its new functions. They make creating such posts even easier and the post itself more interesting and more attractive. Of course, this is another reason for using VK promotion services. Now you can compile various ratings, discuss the question, you can even make your own lists and contests. But speaking of promotion, they added a useful option: statistical research. There are also new graphic features: now you can add a background either from existing illustrations, or use any image you want. This will undoubtedly help attract the users’ attention, which will help you a lot when you buy VK poll votes.

Its mechanics also underwent some positive changes. You can now indicate a poll’s duration, by the end of which no one can change their answer, as well as vote. This new feature stimulates the users’ interest on the principle of lost profit. In other words, a user will try to catch the poll’s deadline, which significantly stimulates the overall activity. In addition, now the participant is allowed to choose from several question options, which gives even more choice. Equally important is the new option to send invitations to view the results. That is a great reason to visit your page again. As you may have guessed, all this is great news for buying VK poll votes because the more people are interested in it, the faster the process goes.

The developers have not only expanded the feature’s capabilities and improved its appearance, but also tried to increase its spread into all channels of information exchange on the platform.

You can embed polls in conversations after the 2.0 update. This can be a very useful feature while you interact with your followers. VK promotion services get another source for its growth: private messages and group conversations. Another promising new feature is the ability to create widgets that you can easily integrate into any site. This is just great!

Tips for creating polls

MRPOPULAR’s main distinctive feature is honesty. It is what does not allow us to hide from you the advice on self-promotion without buying VK poll votes. We believe that you always should have a choice. So, here are some tips you might find useful. We’ll admit, however, that the sooner you try these methods, the faster you will contact us for professional help. So here it is:

  • Duration of polls. Do not forget about this new feature. It creates intrigue and gets people interested, which is good for promotion without buying poll votes.
  • Sending invitations to view the results. Be sure to enable this option. Additional visits to your page certainly won’t hurt it.
  • Target audience. A poll, like any other publication, should be as close as possible to the interests of your target audience. For example, you can’t ask which kind of bacon people like more if your page is about fitness. You make a mistake, and you can forget about using VK promotion services.
  • Design. The update brought the maximum personalization to your post appearance. Do not forget about it. The extra attention your images can get from users is good for the use of promotion services.
  • Anonymity. As anonymous polls were introduced, we can now adjust content to a specific audience even better. For example, if you want to deduce the popularity of a porn video via a poll, then it is better to check the anonymous voting option. Otherwise, users might be reluctant to vote.
  • Auto-posting. If you are serious about VK promotion, then you definitely need a strategy. The latter implies long-term plans, so it’s better to come up with several questions that will be posted on your page at a given time using the auto-post function.

Try, dare, learn from your mistakes... and finally contact us. MRPOPULAR will surely help you!