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Buy OK Poll Votes

How to buy OK poll votes and promote your page

Buying poll votes is an effective technique to make users interested in your page. The point here is, of course, in human psychology. Polls attract attention by intriguing people: you want to know if your answer coincides with the opinion of the majority. Also, they meet almost the most important requirement of modern social networks users, which is the minimum of action. Indeed, you don’t need to spend much time reading a short question, and even the laziest person is able to click a proposed answer option. If a poll is able to respond to momentary trends and aspirations of the public, then it has every chance to become viral. As you might guess, of all the people who participate in this action, there will be those who will visit your page. Some of them even might become your friends. However, this is still better than nothing, given the friends of your new friends might be interested in your future posts.

If you still think whether you should buy poll votes on OK, this platform is more than suitable for such actions. And here's why: the total number of the social network users has exceeded 100 million, of which 45 million live in Russia. These numbers award OK second place in the competition for audience size. There are some reports that reveal an interesting fact: in terms of activity, which is expressed in the number of posts per capita, OK users outperform even super-relevant Instagram. Therefore, there is no doubt that promotion on this cozy and high conversion social network will give excellent results.

How to use polls as a promotion tool

  • Poll is a post format, where the asked question is accompanied by several answer options. You can create it easily and quickly. OK developers did a great job working on this option so even a non-tech savvy user can easily figure out this process.
  • To buy poll votes is a process of increasing the number of clicks on answers and likes on it. This is useful for better ranking a published poll, which means expanding reach to other users.

But we must mention something here: while writing this text, we imply that you already have a well-designed and active page on OK and you are just looking for additional ways to promote it. We want to emphasize this point since it’s not very smart to immediately start making polls on a new and empty page. You definitely shouldn’t buy poll votes in this case.

Suppose you come up with a question that would really captivate users’ attention. Then you should think of the answer options since the number of clicks on each one can give you valuable information. Suppose you bring a new product to the market. In this case, you can double the efficiency of buying OK poll votes. First of all, you can quickly share information about your new product. Secondly, you will receive accurate public feedback about the qualities of this product. Naturally, the more poll votes you buy, which in this situation is equal to the number of views, the more accurately it will be possible to evaluate the response of users to your advertising campaign.

Do not forget that polls are typically more shared than other posts due to their initial interest, which we covered at the beginning of the article. Buying various indicators can give it a powerful initial acceleration, and then the popularization path of such a publication will depend on how relevant its theme is. This will become an additional factor to accelerate your promotion on OK.

MRPOPULAR and how to buy OK poll votes

We hope that with this text, we gave you some idea about how you should buy poll votes. Surely now you better understand its value and efficiency as an OK promotion tool. We’ll only add that all the hopes you set on this process can collapse in just a moment, having come across the ruthless security algorithm of this social network. This happens when you buy the service of poll votes from unprofessional and amateur companies. The thing is that their tools are simple, and therefore easily detectable by the algorithm.

They mainly use simple bots for the service of buying OK poll votes that leave obvious traces. They serve as the evidence of your guilt, which is immediately followed by a ban. MRPOPULAR is a completely different company. We have at our disposal thousands of real accounts that are not only capable of safely completing the buying poll votes service, but can also leave meaningful comments on your posts. This is why the activity around your poll post will be absolutely indistinguishable from organic.