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Buy OK Photo Contests

Buy OK photo contests: a subtle marketing technique

OK is the second most popular social network in Russia. There is a saying which goes like this: “A Sacred Place Is Never Empty”. This is why it’s impossible to count how many promoters of all kinds there are in the virtual spaces of OK. They get attracted not only by the impressive audience of 100 million users. It has a unique atmosphere, which arose due to the age characteristics of its fans, and it is great for conversion. As a result, we can see an ever-increasing competition, which according to the laws of capitalism, stimulates the search for new means to ensure superiority.

Imagine a situation where you create an excellent page, promote it using the old proven methods, but the influx of new audience seems to reach an invisible barrier. It happens often because there is a limit in everything. The number of OK users interested in your subject is finite as well. In this situation, you need to come up with new solutions. Fortunately, the social network offers many non-standard ways of promotion. Photo contests are one of such little-known tools. However, it is also under the social network’s radar, which means that buying OK photo contests is an issue that requires careful consideration.

What is a photo contest on OK?

A photo contest is a periodic event that is held either in groups or by the OK developers on generally comprehensible principles. The point is to create a contest between photos submitted by users. The picture that gets the most likes wins. Photo contests are held by certain themes, which is not an obstacle to introducing an advertising element in a picture. You may have already guessed why you need to buy photo contests, but we will hear out your assumptions a little later. In the meantime, here’s a few words about the feature itself.

As you understand, in order to expand our own audience we are only interested in network-wide photo contests so we will not look into such events in groups.

Speaking of the former, the conditions for participating in them are as follows:

  • Any image that may not even correspond to the proposed theme can participate. The only thing is that the picture should not be against the network’s rules and cannot contain scenes condemned by public morality.
  • The winner is determined every day at 9 PM. The evaluation criteria is the number of likes on a picture.
  • Each participant is given 10 free impressions for initial promotion. The rest can be bought for OK currency, which is equivalent to real money.
  • The security algorithm strictly monitors if someone decides to buy likes for a photo. In case a user is caught, he is immediately withdrawn from participation. Keep this point in mind, further on it will be used to justify the benefits of MRPOPULAR.

Benefits of buying OK photo contests

All the tips on self-promotion on social networks are built around the page / profile design and improving its content. However, only OK photo contests provide an amazing opportunity to instantly introduce many users to the quality of this content. It is not difficult to assume that after winning a competition, your page will be flooded by a wave of new visitors. And some of them will definitely become your friends, which is basically buying reach.

Earlier we said that it’s easy to insert an advertising element in the image, and it’s easy to do it yourself. Let's draw an analogy with hidden advertising in modern movies. The amounts that manufacturing companies spend for a couple of frames involving their products are outrageous. This fact more than proves the effectiveness of this method. In our case, you can pose, for example, in clothes from an advertised couturier in the picture. Or you can pose smiling while holding a can of a popular drink. We hope you got the point of such an elegant advertising technique, as well as why you need to buy OK photo contests.

Advantages of MRPOPULAR

It's time to remind you that the security algorithm may ban you if you decide to buy likes in order to win a photo contest. The main markers that are monitored to detect this process are the quality of accounts used for putting likes, as well as their number per unit of time. If you can easily overcome the latter obstacle by correctly setting up auto-likes, then the account quality matter is almost impossible to solve for companies that have at their disposal only an old computer with a bot program. This is the main advantage of MRPOPULAR, which has a huge base of “real” accounts. Thanks to their availability, we can provide our customers with a fast, and most importantly, absolutely safe services of buying OK photo contests.