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Buy YouTube Views

How buying YouTube Views can help you promote your channel

Since popularity on social networks has become no less important than being popular in real life, there have been people who wanted to take this shorter and more dangerous path. To buy YouTube views is their ultimate goal. And this is why. For one thing, from the perspective of YouTube ranking algorithms, the number of views is a determining parameter for placing a video to the top of the search results or Recommended to users who are not subscribed to you. Secondly, buying YouTube views seems low-cost and quite safe for the beginners. But if the presence of such people is a usual thing, characteristic of human nature, then exploring this phenomenon can lead us into philosophical and psychological jungles. Therefore, to save your precious time, let's focus on the key issue, namely, what mistakes are made by the beginners who buy YouTube views.

For starters, some more words about the significance of the view counter for promoting your channel. Let’s begin with how buying views affects the search algorithms results. If you didn’t know, this is how the search on YouTube works: first, the word you type in the search bar is associated with the video title, then with the tags defining the subject, and then with the number of views. The video that meets these criteria best gets in the top. In other words, from a variety of content on the same topic and with similar headings to the searcher's request, the first video will be of the person who decided to buy views.

An even bigger role is played by the algorithms YouTube uses to select videos for the Recommended section. They analyze your preferred theme and select a corresponding video, relying primarily on the number of views. Therefore, the counter in the lower left corner is very important if you want to attract new subscribers.

If you consider yourself to be a brilliant creator and you are confident in the inevitable success of your creation on YouTube, then you should skip the next couple of paragraphs which contain some tips on self-promotion. However, if you admit a little bit that your creativity may not bring you the results you expect, then probably it will be interesting for you to keep reading.

And now, as promised, the time has come for... the “amazing” stories about self-promotion on YouTube by beginners. After reading tips from our direct competitors, we were a bit shocked. Practically on every site people were advised to increase their number of views by simply refreshing the webpage. The most technologically advanced “gurus” of promotion suggest using the Opera web browser, as this browser has the function of automatic page refresh after a specified period of time. Some go even further and try to popularize using paid apps in order to buy YouTube views for free. The overwhelming majority of such “well-wishers” doesn’t warn about the consequences, but some still find the remaining bits of conscience in their souls and carefully warn people about the chance of their channel being blocked due to such actions. We will say loud and clear: after several dozens of page updates from the same browser, you are guaranteed to be banned.

Yes, the amateur methods mentioned above could have worked, like, ten years ago. But now everything is completely different. Proxy servers that hide your IP address do not even help. The intelligence of the algorithm for preventing buying views on YouTube has become developed and just as merciless. And if you want to deceive it then you will need huge resources, for example, such as ours at MRPOPULAR.

What exactly is needed for this and what methods we use is a company secret. However, in general, we can say that without a dozen of thousands of active accounts and a serious computing power you are unlikely to succeed.

How to buy YouTube views “legally”

And finally, the section for those few who do not want to hear at all about any growth of views on YouTube, except for the organic one. For these individuals with high self-esteem we have some promised advice. But we’ll say right away, your video must meet the expectations of the potential audience and have all the signs of virality. We hope that you are filled with the trends and the aspirations of the people for whom you create your genius content. So, let's talk about how you can make your video viral. Of course, if you are lucky enough to record a landing of an alien ship or a truck that just caught fire, then you can forget about everything we were just talking about.

Just upload your video on YouTube and you are guaranteed to break the counter even without buying views. The situation is different if you are both the actor and the director, that is, if you initially plan to reproduce some kind of action and shoot a viral video based on it. It’s a shame that obscenity is blocked by YouTube, so you need something completely different than a demonstration of your body parts or how you use them. The potential nominees for the Darwin Prize have it easier, they can just direct the camera to their face and, for example, jump on a bungee from the 11th floor. But it is unlikely they’ll have enough health to make such “feats” become a constant storyline for a YouTube channel. We guess in this case our advice will be more helpful for you more than being reckless. Here it is:

  • Learn to exploit the most powerful of human emotions. It could be compassion, per se. Start taking care of homeless animals and your videos will surely do good without buying views.
  • Pay due attention to the technical aspect and editing. Because of the improving quality of mobile devices screens, YouTube started preferring videos with high resolution, vivid colors and popular music. For all this you’ll need a good, better professional, equipment and a powerful video editor. Yes, it costs a lot of money, but no one said promoting yourself on YouTube without buying views is an easy task.
  • It is very important to be able to write catchy video titles relevant to your subject. The same also applies to the description of the video and the choice of tags.

It is impossible not to highlight the very important problem of the "doldrums". It becomes especially critical when you make your debut video. The point is that no matter how interesting and viral your first video is, you need to start it by giving it an initial acceleration. Yes, we are talking about how you should buy views on YouTube again. But don’t be sad, if your creativity really corresponds to such loud epithets, then just posting it on other social networks will be enough. Of course, only if you have more or less popular accounts on other platforms.

That's basically all the tips we’d like to give to the enthusiasts of difficulties and self-promotion on YouTube. And for the rest of more pragmatic and reasonable people, let us repeat: MRPOPULAR can solve all these problems for you, taking in return a very modest fee. Moreover, the above-mentioned problem of the “doldrums” is practically insurmountable for novice video-bloggers without using the services which let you buy views on YouTube. Eventually, you will have to contact providers of such services. Therefore, the last and the most valuable advice: do not believe sounding promises, the more so, very low prices. Remember that YouTube's AI is sharp-eyed and cruel. So at best, you risk to see zero on your view counter, and at worst a ban for your account. Trust the professionals, only on MRPOPULAR.