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Buy YouTube Dislikes

Buy dislikes for a YouTube video is evil but effective

In our time, YouTube has become almost the only starting platform for many upcoming celebrities that do not have huge financial budgets. It costs much less to present your talents to a large audience here than on traditional media. The speed of viral promotion here is enormous. However, the lack of special skills can be a huge obstacle.

Those who cannot catch the attention or somehow hook up YouTube viewers are quickly forgotten, disappeared forever, as if buried under terabytes of new videos. Only a few get a chance for a breakthrough in their creative careers. And all this Darwinian mini-evolution on YouTube would be fair if likes or dislikes correctly represented people's attitude to content. But this is definitely not the case.

Developers of social networks endowing users with simplified evaluation tools in the form of approval buttons, etc. assumed that they would be used only by real viewers. With the rudiments of moral principles by default. But as it has been since the beginning of time, man tries new objects as weapons first. And since it is the buttons of approval / disproval that determine how talented this or that creator on YouTube is, this instrument of people’s will has not been spared this fate: its firepower is too great. By clicking "like" you can give additional acceleration to the development of a creator. Or you can do the opposite and get in the way of his promotion. This is not nice of course, but buying YouTube dislikes is increasingly used as such a weapon of unfair competition.

What this process can give you

The video hosting’s ranking algorithm is simple. Likes are the main criterion for evaluating how popular a video is. They are placed on one side of the scale; dislikes are placed on the other side. If a video gets a lot of positive ratings, then it is guaranteed to end up in the recommendations. In other words, it will be seen by many users who are not even subscribed to the video creator's channel. From here, like a snowball, new subscribers will start coming. In case you buy dislikes, there are opposite consequences. Let's simulate the situation.

Let's say the author is talented and hardworking. He puts out a great debut video. But unfortunately, its topic interferes with another, more popular and less decent YouTuber. It's no secret that popularity is quickly and heavily monetized on the video hosting. This is why our second character succumbs to his greedy nature and decides to eliminate a potential competitor, frightened by the prospects of his excellent content. He buys a lot of dislikes for the beginner's video. The shots are fired and... apart from failing to promote the video content he put his heart into, the attack victim suffers a psychological trauma by completely losing confidence for some time. Do you think we are exaggerating? Not in the slightest, we know much more sad cases.

Let's sum it up.

To buy YouTube dislikes is the process of increasing the number of negative ratings under a video in order to prevent it from getting into recommendations.

What this will lead to:

- The video will be seen only by the users who are directly subscribed to the creator's channel.
- Due to a large number of dislikes, YouTube management may send the video for additional check, which will make it unavailable for viewing for some time.
- The content creator will be disoriented and frustrated.

This section would be incomplete if we forgot to mention that you can buy YouTube dislikes as a means of counteracting. If this confrontation does begin, you can retaliate and cool of your competitor for a while. With a high degree of probability everything will end as soon as your enemy feels the first wave of the YouTube dislikes you’ve decided to buy.

Will MRPOPULAR do this?

Each of our employees treats these processes differently. However, together we are a team of professionals who value our reputation. If someone wants to unpleasantly surprise their competitor by buying of a lot of dislikes, then we won’t be able to stop them. Otherwise, this devious person is likely to turn to our less honest colleagues. As a result, the client will be lost along with part of our reputation. This is why MRPOPULAR does not care what kind of services you buy. We will be happy to provide you likes, but we will do the same with dislikes. By the way, about that.

Do not forget that the process of buying a surprisingly large number of dislikes is also checked by the YouTube security system for bot activity. And even such a seemingly simple process must be carried out in accordance with all the rules of countering the mentioned system. If you, for example, contact one of many unscrupulous providers hoping to save a buck, then you will most definitely simply pay for bots. As a result, you are unlikely to achieve the desired effect. Yes, you are not in danger of getting banned since your YouTube account will not be used while you buy dislikes. However, you are in danger of flushing money down the drain. Therefore, let us once again draw your attention to the fact that among a huge number of offers, you should only choose those of professionals.